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Published in: Education, Design, Business

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  • 1.
    • Questionnaire Results
    It is lucidly clear that the majority of our results are bias to the views of a younger generation; taking this information into account our documentary should be targeted at all ages but however include elements suitable for a younger audience, this effects its distribution time and content.lefttop<br />Although the results are not exactly equal, our documentary should be devised in order to be appropriate for both male and female viewers. <br />
    • From the results you can see that most people are interested in fashion. These results have given us more confidence because we know that our target audience are interested in the subject matter. 19050197485
    <br />
    • From this evidence it shows that Topshop/Topman would be very popular to include in our Documentary and also how much of our time we should dedicate to the High street. We now also know which trends we should explore in our documentary in order to keep it engaging for our target audience. 190500
    With the majority of the people we asked stating that they are influenced by what celebrities wear, we know now that we should include some archive footage of magazines and alternative media footage. -2190751851025<br />
    • -219075190500
    This was a pointless question as the results have not aided us in our research of audience or the subject of fashion. From this evidence it is apparent that we mainly need to concentrate most of our focus on the noughties, however it would be interesting to the target audience to explore other eras of fashion. These results strongly suggest that today’s generation take great pride in their appearance and fashion is of great importance to them. -2667006534785-2667003315335<br />
    • -219710323850
    This evidence implies that females show more of an interest to fashion within the media. In our documentary we can include clips of Rihanna to support our evidence in the documentary. Again this is another pointless question as the results have not aided us in our research of audience or the subject of fashion. -32569153610610<br />We asked this question in order to come up with the advertising side of the documentary. If we know which colours are favourite, we can then choose the colours that will engage the audience. What is your favourite colour? <br />Majority of Males: Green<br />Majority of females: Purple/ Blue<br />Asking this question to the audience gave us an insight to what channel we can put our documentary on. We can also then decide what when we can air our programme. <br />What is your favourite television show?<br />Females: Reality TV shows<br />Males: Comedy shows, sitcoms<br />Again, this question was useful as it proved to us that the group we have aimed our documentary at are interested in fashion. <br />How often do you shop for clothes?<br />Majority said 1 – 4 weeks<br />This again just gives us further knowledge about the target audience and how interested they are in the fashion industry. <br />Have you ever gone out of the UK to shop?<br />Majority said France<br />The items that the audience like more, this gives us further considerations about what we can include in our documentary. (eg, more footage of jackets/jeans)What is your favourite item of clothing?<br />Females: Dresses and shoes<br />Males: Jackets and jeans<br />We have to have a music bed in our documentary so asking people what there favourite songs are gave us various music genres to consider when we edit our documentary. <br />What is your favourite artist?<br />Females: Beyoncye<br />Males: Arctic Monkeys<br />This is further help from the previous question. <br />What is your favourite genre of music?<br />Females: R&B<br />Males: Indie/Alternative<br />A popular fashion type is spoken negatively, this shows us that our audience have a strong opinion of various fashion trends. Choose one word to describe ‘indie fashion’?<br />Majority of people answered with negativity and others said different.<br />
    • -123825-19050
    From these results we can gather that young people, as the majority of our participants are in the age range of 16 – 30, regard any value over £50 as expensive.These results give us the confidence that there is a potential target market for our documentary as people have stated that they would be interested in this subject. With our documentary being aimed at young adults, channel 4 tends to explore the more controversial subjects and distributes more daring content. From this evidence, we have decided to use channel four as our chosen channel to air our documentary. -1238254820285-857257344410-95252296160There are enough people that said ‘yes’ in this question. This implies that the media is highly influential on people and have a high opinion on what celebrities wear. <br />