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Week 8 Murray Newlands Presentation


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Marketing Through Influence
    Murray Newlands
  • 2. Who am I?
    • Murray Newlands
    • 3. Online for 10 years
    • 4. and other content sites
    • 5. Blog Clubs in London and San Francisco
    • 6. Advise content sites about monetization
    • 7. Run events around the world
    • 8. Author / Speaker about blogging and social media
    • 9. I run the Affiliate Marketing Awards
    • 10. Advisor to – content monetization company
    • 11. VP Media at Trancos
  • Publishers
    • If you want to get social media influence, find and connect and engage with individuals producing social media content
    • 12. They know how to MAKE and PROMOTE the best SOCIAL media content
    • 13. Bloggers are great at this
  • Influencer Marketing in Practice
    • I am going to try and give practical examples of influencer campaigns I have run and talk about them in terms of holistic campaigns
    • 14. There are many ways to do things
  • Conference Outreach
    • Social Media Marketing Conference to Prove Not All Brits Are BP (British Pigs)
    • 15.
  • Results
    • Ticket sales
    • 16. Increase in traffic
    • 17. digg, Stumbleupon
    • 18. Page 2 of Google for the term “Social Media Marketing Conference” at the time
    • 19. Interest from other bloggers in attending
    • 20. Additional blog posts
  • Blogs gateways SMM Marketing
    • 67 Re-tweets
    • 21. Conversation on Facebook
    • 22. Bloggers create and promote media, use their channels.
  • How did I make the connection?
    • I met Steve at a trade show
    • 23. Got to know him first
    • 24. Commented on his blog
    • 25. Offered him a press pass
    • 26. Sent him a relevant targeted copy
    • 27. Promoted Post, Twitter, Facebook, Blogs
    • 28. Thank you email, comment, Facebook
  • Connecting with influence Bloggers and online publishers
  • 29. Find where influencers engage
    • Search trade publications for the names of contributors and journalists as well as Google for influential bloggers.
    • 30. Find them on Twitter, Facebook and YouTube and see where they engage.
    • 31. Kym McNicholas SF Tech editor for Forbes said: if you want to get coverage, engage on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Find where influencers engage
    • Influencers often engage with other influencers. So your conversation on social networks is likely to be viewed by other influencers!
    • 32. They know that is the secret of their influence..
  • Get blogging
    • If you want to communicate with bloggers, start your own blog
    • 33. If you want your clients to get written about on blogs, then get them blogging
    • 34. You will understand them
    • 35. Join the Enemy – bloggers like bloggers
  • How to find bloggers
    • Google top fashion bloggers
    • 36. Top US fashion bloggers
    • 37. search fashion blog
    • 38. If they are good at Search Engine Optimisation, they will have an audience....
  • How to find bloggers
    • Google alerts for people blogging about your company, competitors and related products
    • 39. Brandwatch, synthesio, radian6
  • Go where they hang out and hunt
    • Bloggers subscribe HARO
    • 40.
    • 41.
    • 42.
    • 43. And more
  • Go where they hang out and hunt
    • San Francisco Blog Club
    • 44. London Blog Club
    • 45. Research meetup, plancast, trade blogs
  • How to communicate with Bloggers
    • Ask them to communicate with you. Add content to your websites asking bloggers to contact you
    • 46. Lots of bloggers want to contact companies and can’t find people to connect with
  • How to communicate with Bloggers
    • Be human and personal, but not matey
    • 47. Don’t send a press release right off
    • 48. Don’t ask for a link; you’ll sound like SEO spam.
  • How to communicate with Bloggers
    • Start now before you need them
    • 49. Find blogs in likely areas and comment, once every 2-3 weeks
    • 50. Follow them on Twitter
    • 51. RT their content if it’s good
    • 52. Do not stalk
  • Find out what they want and give it to them
  • Find out what they want and give it to them
    • Read their blog. You should be able to get an idea about how they like to interact with companies
    • 56. Do they have PR contact information?
    • 57. Give them something before you ask for something
  • Offer them things
    • An interview with your CEO
    • 58. Exclusive information
    • 59. Get them a press pass to an event
    • 60. Do a post on your blog site as a list of top 10 bloggers in the field
    • 61. An interview on your company blog
    • 62. Quote them on your blog and link back to them
    • 63. Quote them in your press releases
  • Offer them things
    • Give them prizes to run a competition on their site and build their audience
    • 64. Showing off new products
    • 65. Demonstrations of new products
    • 66. Small rewards for subscribers such as 5% off
  • Ask for referrals
    • Influencers know influencers and what they want
    • 67. Once you have one influencer, get them to introduce you to others
  • When it goes wrong?
    • Do not lie, use a false name, get your friend to make nice connects
    • 68. Influencers are great at using Google to find the answers
  • Pay to Play PR?
    • Pay Per Post lessons to be learned
    • 69. Ebuzzing now in the UK
    • 70. Promote Tweets
    • 71. Find real fans who will say nice things
    • 72. Make them disclose if being paid
    • 73. No follow links
  • Chris Brogan and Paid Posts
    • His first paid post caused a backlash
    • 74. Then there was no backlash to his second
    • 75. As long as it is relevant and disclosed?
  • Affiliate Programs and Influence
    • Affiliates create content sites to promote and sell products and services
    • 76. We have all searched Google and landed on wonderful reviews which we know are affiliate sites
    • 77. Plenty of influencers are affiliates
    • 78. You have to be careful but incentivising others to promote us can lead influencer uptake of your product!
  • Social Media Backlash
    • Influencers outreach should not cause backlash unless you mess it up
  • Social Media Backlash
    • FTC has clamped down hard on misleading publishers targeting healthcare
  • Questions?