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  • 1. Using Listening Tools toMonitor Your OnlinePresence with LUKE BRYNLEY-JONES Director, www.oursocialtimes.com @oursocialtimes
  • 2. Who am I?
  • 3. AgendaWhat is Social Media Monitoring?Types of MonitoringWhy and What to Monitor?Measuring SuccessSentiment / Influencer analysisHow to MonitorPicking a Monitoring Tool
  • 4. What is Social Media Monitoring? Monitoring / Listening Analytics Measurement
  • 5. Types of MonitoringGoal1. Engagement - Monitoring for real-time engagement. Requires ability to respond, team-working and CRM.2. Research - Monitoring to gather information, trends, insights on an industry or market. Requires: data storage, management and visualisation tools.Scope1. Targeted - Pick a number of people, organisations, groups etc. and track what they are posting/saying.2. General - Pick a range of keywords and monitor who
  • 6. Why Monitor?UnderstandingMarketing campaignsMarket researchProduct developmentCompetitor analysisBrand popularityMarket sentiment
  • 7. What to Monitor?PR effectiveness: Mentions of yourbrand/products by “influencers”.Demand signals: What your target customers areinterested in: trending topics, popular keywords.Brand strength: Positive/negative mentions orrecommendations of your brand, products, staff.Product strengths & weaknesses: Comments onspecific features, positive and negative.Competitive position: Brand mentions in relationto competitive keywords (e.g. Dell / laptop)
  • 8. Measuring the ROI of Social Media
  • 9. Measuring Business Success1. Primary indicators: brand awareness, brand value, customer satisfaction, consumer trust & loyalty2. Secondary indicators: social mentions, brand searches, website visits, Likes, registrations, recommendations Create a Measurement Framework
  • 10. Sentiment Analysis
  • 11. Influencer Analysis mBlast.com PeerIndex.net Klout.com
  • 12. How to Monitor: Create a Query1. Pick an industry2. Pick a niche within that industry3. Write down all related keywords4. Write down related words you want to exclude5. Create a query (with an Analyst)6. Test and refine it7. Then STICK with it8. Benchmark...
  • 13. Why you need an Analyst
  • 14. Pick Your Monitoring Tool(s)Engagement or research?In-house or out-sourced?Sentiment analysis?Influencer analysis?Source targeting?Geographical targeting?Reporting requirements?Budget?
  • 15. Free Monitoring ToolsGoogle Alerts (google.com/alerts)Ubervu (ubervu.com)ViralHeat (viralheat.com)Alterian SM2 (sm2.techrigy.com)Nutshell Mail (nutshellmail.com)TweetDeck (tweetdeck.com)MarketMeSuite (marketmesuite.com)
  • 16. Full Service DashboardsBrandwatch (brandwatch.com)Lithium (scoutlabs.com)Radian6 (radian6.com)Sysomos (sysomos.com)Socialradar (infegy.com/socialradar.php)Visible Technologies (visibletechnologies.com)
  • 17. Full Service Monitoring AgenciesConverseon (converseon.com)Nielsen BuzzMetrics (en-us.nielsen.com)Synthesio (synthesio.com)Integrasco (integrasco.com)Market Sentinel (marketsentinel.com)
  • 18. SummarySet your goals and scopeAgree your measurement frameworkPick a tool (or set of tools) that meets theserequirementsPick a topic/keywords and create a queryRefine it and benchmark
  • 19. Thank youLuke Brynley-JonesDirector, Our Social Timesluke@oursocialtimes.com@oursocialtimeswww.oursocialtimes.comJoin me at Social Media Marketing & Monitoring 2011San Francisco, New York, London, Paris:www.oursocialtimes.com/events
  • 20. Questions?
  • 21. Thanks for joining us!