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Terry Wohlers_Inside 3D Printing Melbourne

  1. 1. Inside 3D Printing – Melbourne, Australia Copyright 2014 by Wohlers Associates, Inc. 9 July 2014 • Melbourne, Australia The Next Frontier in 3D Printing Terry Wohlers Note:Note: Many images have been removed from thisMany images have been removed from this presentation because permission waspresentation because permission was not granted to distribute them. Othernot granted to distribute them. Other elements of these slides may alsoelements of these slides may also differ from those presented.differ from those presented. 27+27+ years in businessyears in business Published industry report forPublished industry report for 1919 yearsyears 2222 consulting projects in pastconsulting projects in past 1212 monthsmonths 60+60+ investor consultationsinvestor consultations in the pastin the past 1212 monthsmonths 1919 events in 2013events in 2013 ((23+23+ in 2014)in 2014) 2626 company/organization visits in 2013company/organization visits in 2013 AMAM’’s tippings tipping pointpoint The low and highThe low and high endsends of AMof AM GrowthGrowth trends and metaltrends and metal Next 45 minutesNext 45 minutes CreativeCreative design solutionsdesign solutions NewNew generation developmentsgeneration developments TheThe futurefuture TheThe TippingTipping PointPoint MomentMoment when an ideawhen an idea or trendor trend crossescrosses aa threshold andthreshold and spreads like wildfirespreads like wildfire AM:AM: Q3 2012Q3 2012 Source: Wohlers Report 2014Source: Wohlers Report 2014 2013: 34.9%2013: 34.9% AMAM products:products: 44.5%44.5% UnderUnder $5K$5K 3D3D printers: 104.2%printers: 104.2% $3.07 billion$3.07 billion NearlyNearly tripledtripled inin past 4 yearspast 4 years GrowthGrowth
  2. 2. Inside 3D Printing – Melbourne, Australia Copyright 2014 by Wohlers Associates, Inc. Source: Wohlers Report 2014Source: Wohlers Report 2014 MetalMetal AM system salesAM system sales 75.8%75.8% Source: Wohlers Report 2014Source: Wohlers Report 2014 AM for partAM for part productionproduction 65.4%65.4% Grown by 9x 2013: ~$1.1B, up from $644M Alan Meckler, PhDAlan Meckler, PhD Internet World inInternet World in the early 1990sthe early 1990s Sold toSold to PentonPenton Media for $274MMedia for $274M Source: 3dpfund.comSource: 3dpfund.com Alan Meckler, PhDAlan Meckler, PhD John MecklerJohn Meckler 3D Printing and Technology Fund3D Printing and Technology Fund CreativeCreative design solutionsdesign solutions DesignDesign methodsmethods and toolsand tools Part consolidationPart consolidation Topology optimizationTopology optimization Lattice/mesh structuresLattice/mesh structures
  3. 3. Inside 3D Printing – Melbourne, Australia Copyright 2014 by Wohlers Associates, Inc. TheThe unknownunknown Institutional investorsInstitutional investors GovernmentGovernment CorporationsCorporations AcademiaAcademia …… researchersresearchers IndividualsIndividuals Societies and associationsSocieties and associations PublishersPublishers InvestmentInvestment Courtesy ofCourtesy of XeryXery 50,00050,000 consumer 3D printersconsumer 3D printers AnnualAnnual productionproduction plans:plans: 20,00020,000 industrialindustrial ““FDMFDM”” printersprinters 5,0005,000 laserlaser sintering machinessintering machines 500,000500,000 tons of materialtons of material Source: James Yu,Source: James Yu, XeryXery AMAM growthgrowth potential?potential? Global manufacturing:Global manufacturing: $10.5 trillion$10.5 trillion 2% =2% = $210 billion$210 billion SummarySummary Interest in AMInterest in AM——an allan all--timetime highhigh ManyMany newnew--generationgeneration machine developmentsmachine developments Design and redesign isDesign and redesign is vitalvital Keep an onKeep an on activityactivity around the worldaround the world Growth isGrowth is strong, especiallystrong, especially metalsmetals Level ofLevel of investmentinvestment is unprecedentedis unprecedented wohlerswohlersassociates.comassociates.com