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  1. 1. Inside 3D Printing - Singapore Copyright 2013 by Wohlers Associates, Inc.1 Terry Wohlers Global Market UpdateGlobal Market Update 2 October 2013 • Singapore Note:Note: Most images have been removed fromMost images have been removed from this presentation because permissionthis presentation because permission was not granted to distribute them. Otherwas not granted to distribute them. Other elements of these slides also differelements of these slides also differ from those presented.from those presented. 2727 years in businessyears in business Published industry report forPublished industry report for 1818 yearsyears ~~70%70% of revenues: outside the U.S.of revenues: outside the U.S. 5555 investor consultationsinvestor consultations in pastin past 1212 monthsmonths 1919 industry events this yearindustry events this year AustraliaAustralia South AfricaSouth Africa GermanyGermany ChinaChina USAUSA New ZealandNew Zealand SingaporeSingapore Growth trendsGrowth trends Developments around the worldDevelopments around the world The futureThe future 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 2010 2011 2012 TechnicalTechnical advancementadvancement 28.6% growth28.6% growth Media attentionMedia attention 20102010 20112011 20122012 Source: Wohlers Associates, Inc.Source: Wohlers Associates, Inc. InvestmentInvestment New productsNew products StartupsStartups ResearchResearch AwarenessAwareness KickstarterKickstarter GovernmentsGovernments EventsEvents Personal usePersonal use Recent developmentsRecent developments TerminologyTerminology additive manufacturingadditive manufacturing 3D printing3D printing formal standardformal standard technical mediatechnical media scientific communityscientific community de facto standardde facto standard mainstream mediamainstream media everyone elseeveryone else We use the termsWe use the terms interchangeablyinterchangeably Google:Google: 203M203MGoogle:Google: 10.6M10.6M
  2. 2. Inside 3D Printing - Singapore Copyright 2013 by Wohlers Associates, Inc.2 Source: Wohlers Report 2013Source: Wohlers Report 2013 Industrial machine unit salesIndustrial machine unit sales 7,771 19.3%7,771 19.3% Personal 3DPersonal 3D printersprinters PersonalPersonal $200$200––$$5,0005,000 IndustrialIndustrial $5,001$5,001––$1.5M+$1.5M+ Source: Wohlers Report 2013Source: Wohlers Report 2013 Industrial Personal: 6.5% of $618M $$$ 346% 46.4% Source: Wohlers Report 2013Source: Wohlers Report 2013 Cumulative industrial AMCumulative industrial AM installations worldwideinstallations worldwide Most history,Most history, users, experience,users, experience, and knowand know--howhow Around the world in 25 minutesAround the world in 25 minutes Feb 2013 State of the Union AddressFeb 2013 State of the Union Address ""3D printing3D printing has the potential to revolutionizehas the potential to revolutionize the way we make almost everything."the way we make almost everything." Building a 3D printingBuilding a 3D printing ““ecosystemecosystem”” S$500M (US$400M) in a 5S$500M (US$400M) in a 5--yearyear advanced manufacturing programadvanced manufacturing program SingaporeSingapore
  3. 3. Inside 3D Printing - Singapore Copyright 2013 by Wohlers Associates, Inc.3 AeroswiftAeroswift 200 x 60 x 60 cm200 x 60 x 60 cm (79 x 24 x 24)(79 x 24 x 24) powderpowder--bed fusion system for Ti partsbed fusion system for Ti parts 5 kW laser:5 kW laser: 10x faster10x faster thanthan other laser systemsother laser systems Now building machine and expectsNow building machine and expects to complete it byto complete it by 20152015 ConclusionsConclusions and the futureand the future UniversityUniversity systemsystem GE, NASA, Nike, and many othersGE, NASA, Nike, and many others EntrepreneurshipEntrepreneurship: startup companies: startup companies HistoryHistory and strongand strong understandingunderstanding of AMof AM U.S. is a nation of businessU.S. is a nation of business--mindedminded innovatorsinnovators andand independentindependent thinkersthinkers Lost some of its edge in AMLost some of its edge in AM EasyEasy to start a new companyto start a new company AM: thousands of newAM: thousands of new companiescompanies andand businessesbusinesses 1616 in Europein Europe Industrial AM systemIndustrial AM system manufacturersmanufacturers 77 in Chinain China 44 in U.S. ((33 sold 35 systems in 2012)sold 35 systems in 2012) Source: Wohlers Report 2013Source: Wohlers Report 2013 $10.8B$10.8B $6.0B$6.0B First $1B:First $1B: 20 years20 years Second $1B:Second $1B: 55 addadd’’ll yearsyears AnotherAnother doubling indoubling in 3 years3 years Future size of industryFuture size of industry
  4. 4. Inside 3D Printing - Singapore Copyright 2013 by Wohlers Associates, Inc.4 Source: Wohlers Report 2013Source: Wohlers Report 2013 Production of parts for final productsProduction of parts for final products