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JetBlue Case Study: Maximizing ROI via FB Advertising

JetBlue Case Study: Maximizing ROI via FB Advertising






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  • Thanks to All Facebook & the audience.Introduce myself and JoeProvide a brief outline of the presentation… quick abouts on both companies, some perspective on Facebook advertising, details on the JetBlue campaign, Q&A
  • Started at full service digital agencyStarted running campaigns in 2007Re-focused our business to be all Facebook all the time
  • Patrick: quick overview over next 4 slides of the evolution of Facebook
  • Needless to say, it’s a big opportunity for advertisersA quarter of time spent online at FacebookUser base has now grown to more than 750 millionThey seem to be now competing for ad dollars with a number of entities
  • When you look at the user base, it clearly dwarfs other social channelsBut more importantly, the data this week suggested that Facebook use is growing while overall online use is in decline
  • the global nature of Facebook and corresponding advertising is stunning.The USA remains the largest of the Facebook advertising market but it would be naïve of an advertiser to overlook the global nature of the business.Facebook users in more than 200 countries… even the Vatican City has 20 users suggesting that the Pope might be on Facebook
  • the differences between Premium and MarketplaceThe complexity of the Facebook and why services like TBG Digital exist
  • Huge opportunity however it’s a new and challenging channel due to both the volatility of the bidded environment but also addressing a dynamic environment where you have one-to-one communication with your customers and they also have one-to-one interactions with each other.
  • Patrick: Reminder here of why Facebook is powerful for brands. Real time communication/direct access to users/cost effective (in relation to TV Advertising)
  • Patrick: Facebook is a social network, the power of friends recommendation and endorsement
  • Facebook enables unparalleled targeting capabilities25 year old girl in SF vs. 45 year old father of three in Atlanta
  • Patrick: Facebook does work.
  • Patrick: Overview of how users have changed their habits online, what and how they now want to have an online experience
  • Social media is fundamentally changing the way we use the InternetIncreasingly, we areutilising our online and virtual networks to actively seek out trusted referral opportunities – and social is the main enabler of this.Recommendations are INFLUENCING consumer behaviourthe traditional marketing steps towards purchase have now had an extra layer weaved in due to social media.  This has changed from an old, static, on-way flow with a defined beginning and an end, to an unending circle of consumer behaviour and influence:BEGINNING Awareness –> Interest –> Decision –> Action ENDHowever, the Social Web has ushered in a new ‘cycle’ of marketing engagement:Needless to say, we can see that the power of social recommendation ensures that the consumer marketing cycle is now a continuous loop, allowing brands much more access to consumers rather than this typically ending at the point of purchase.
  • Patrick:This probably isn’t true, but it is important for Brands to understand how much they can get out of a ‘fan acquired’, particularly for long term ROI.
  • Joe - overview
  • Joe to complete and run through – background to the Facebook campaign, why did jetBlue decide to market the brand they way they did in this period. What were they trying to achieve in the market?
  • Joe: Please run through these points so audience can understand the specific context in which the campaign was born out of
  • Joe: Joe to run through objectives, explain their reasoning and how they were decided upon
  • Patrick: Explain the approach, the how/what/when and why’s of the campaign
  • Joe: Explain results, say why this is such an achievement; Explain what these results mean to jetBlue
  • Joe: Why is this position so important forjetBlue? What does this mean to the airline’s profile going forwards?
  • Patrick to lead Q&A with a leading question to audience; something like – Does Joe have any regrets about the campaign?

JetBlue Case Study: Maximizing ROI via FB Advertising JetBlue Case Study: Maximizing ROI via FB Advertising Presentation Transcript