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  • largely defined by the ad industry
  • · Structured, supportive workenvironment· Personalized work· Interactive relationship· Be prepared for demands, highexpectations
  • Casual, friendly workenvironment· Involvement· Flexibility and freedom· A place to learn\\Meal planning and dealsSchool suppliesChild care activity centers Computer kiosks that keep kids engaged
  • Jennifer Neeley 3

    1. 1. Marketing for the Generations<br />with JENNIFER NEELEY<br />
    2. 2. Defining MomentsThere are four generational groups we can target in the US<br /><ul><li>Greatest Generation: Born prior to 1946 (age 65-plus)
    3. 3. Baby Boomers:1946-1964 (age 45-63)
    4. 4. Generation X:1965-1976 (age 33-44)
    5. 5. Generation Y / Millennials:1977-1994 (age 15-32)</li></li></ul><li>Generation Y / The Millennials<br />
    6. 6. The Millennials / Generation Y <br />Characteristics<br />Calls To Action<br />Expect real-time communication, consider email “slow”<br />Visually-oriented<br />Need immediate gratification<br />Share information they consider valuable easily<br />Friends = family<br />Most likely brand advocates<br /><ul><li>Prefer to share via text and, to come extent, Twitter
    7. 7. Impulse buyers
    8. 8. Will share deals as well as event information easily; willing brand advocates
    9. 9. Internet or mobile coupons ideal
    10. 10. Battery chargers and in-store WiFi entice
    11. 11. They’re likely content creators</li></li></ul><li>Generation X / Gen Xers<br />
    12. 12. Generation X / Gen Xers<br />Characteristics<br />Calls To Action<br />Time considered a precious commodity<br />Actively use Facebook, MySpace and Twitter<br />Shop and price-check online<br />Use email and text interchangeably<br />Self-reliant and individualistic<br />Mistrust institutions<br />More than 80% of X-ers actively text or email friends deals<br />Deliver quick hit info and offers<br />Reduce pressure by offering little indulgences to make purchasing / engaging less onerous<br />Communicate ways to keep kids engaged – and parents free<br />‘Altruistic’ initiatives appealing<br />
    13. 13. Baby Boomers/ War Babies<br />
    14. 14. Baby Boomers/War Babies<br />Calls To Action<br />Characteristics<br />Make up one-third of those actively online<br />Regular online shoppers and big spenders<br />Like spending recognition<br />Most comfortable with email<br />Twitter is an untapped outlet: Boomers increased Twitter use 469% during 2009<br />Reach one and you can reach their entire follower base with product info and special offers<br />Cash-back savings programs (think Costco Business memberships)<br />Upsell! Areas of interest include:<br /><ul><li>Prescription medications
    15. 15. Insurance
    16. 16. Gifts for family
    17. 17. Entertainment
    18. 18. Travel
    19. 19. Discount wines by the case</li></li></ul><li>Optimizing For Boomers<br />Boomers are still vital and evolving even as they approach and reach retirement age<br />The three basic life structures of Boomers: identity, territoriality, and time<br />Boomers’ identity is essentially optimistic, meaning they have a vitality which makes them survivors, if not thrivers<br />As Boomers age being close to home range becomes more important<br />As people age, their nostalgic yearnings grow, making them more receptive to and long for positive memories of the past<br />
    20. 20. The Greatest Generation<br />
    21. 21. Greatest Generation<br />Characteristics <br />Calls To Action<br />Value-oriented: Want to discuss areas of interest<br />Spend most of their online time using email and message boards<br />Baby Boomer children influence adoption of technology<br />Asking for more social features the more they are exposed to gadgets such as mobile phones<br />Email and message boards are targeted channels to message about senior discounts<br />Messages need to be large enough to be seen <br />Special products addressing aging issues and special packs for smaller households are winners<br />Message about ways you cater to this age group, such as signage or on-shelf or on-cart magnifying glasses<br />
    22. 22. Commonalities: Media & Meals<br />On average, the typical American consumes more than 35 hours of media per week across the three screens of TV, Internet and mobile<br />Across the generations, people are turning to cookbooks, the Internet and TV for recipe ideas and less expensive in-home entertainment as budget-conserving options<br />Millennials are the most wired to the Internet, while Generation X favors TV and the Greatest Generation reads<br />As smartphones redefine customer media interaction, they present enormous potential for generating buzz around products, delivering timely product info and coupon codes, and building community through brand advocacy<br />
    23. 23. Questions?<br />
    24. 24. Thanks for joining us!<br />