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Gary Anderson_Inside 3D Printing Melbourne
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Gary Anderson_Inside 3D Printing Melbourne


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. Alternative 3D Printing Stocks You Should Meet Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo Melbourne, Australia Gary Anderson - Gary Anderson
  • 2. Disclaimer  This presentation is for entertainment purposes only and should not be considered investment advice  This is not an invitation to buy or sell any security  Consult your financial advisor before making any investments  I am not a registered investment advisor  Stock trading is inherently risky, including but not limited to loss of capital Disclosure  I may own any of the securities or options for the securities mentioned in this presentation and I may buy, sell, or hold any security or options at any time  I have not been paid for this presentation by any company or by any third-party associated with any company mentioned.  I am actively seeking an assignment as a consultant for Graphene 3D Lab (GGG) and may receive compensation at a later date.
  • 3. 3D Printing and Technology Fund (TDPNX) • Composed of 42 different companies globally • Diversification + broad 3D printing industry exposure • 63% of holdings are “pure play” 3D printing stocks • $2,500 minimum investment • Automatic monthly investments optional (DCA) Key Positives 1. Diversification + global 3DP exposure 2. Net expense ratio 1.5% (due to fund adviser waiving fees thru April 30, 2015) 3. Fund managers Alan and John Meckler “Inside 3D Printing” & industry insiders
  • 4. Top Ten Holdings as of 3/31/2014 • SSYS Stratasys Ltd. • DDD 3D Systems, Ltd. • ONVO Organovo Holdings • XONE The ExOne Co. • AMAVF Arcam AB • DASTY Dassault Systems • VJET Voxeljet AV • ADSK Autodesk, Inc. • GE General Electric Co. • PRLB Proto Labs 3D Printing and Technology Fund (TDPNX) More information: TDPNX gave BEST return of all technology mutual funds tracked by Morningstar for prior month, > 15% return.
  • 5. Groupe Gorge (GOE) • Based in France, 25 year history, 1,290 employees globally • Robotics, nuclear safety systems, flight and submarine simulators, engineering consultation • Trailing PE ~ 39 • 2013 EPS = € 0.52, or 0.75 AUD • 2013 operating income up 67% • Dividend (!) of € 0.32, or 0.46 AUD per share • Acquired “Prodways” 3D printing in late 2013 (1 EUR = $1.44 AUD)
  • 6. Groupe Gorge (GOE)
  • 7. Groupe Gorge (GOE) More information: GOE on Euronext Exchange
  • 8. MGI Digital Graphic Technology (ALMDG) • Also based in France, 25 year history, 1,290 employees globally • Core operations inkjet 2D printers • Trailing PE ~ 39 • 2013 EPS = € 1.10, or 1.58 AUD • 2013 operating income up 22% • Acquired “Ceradrop” 3D printing in fall 2013, an “Advanced materials deposition inkjet system” using additive manufacturing • Konica Minolta bought 10% of MGI in January 2014 (1 EUR = $1.44 AUD)
  • 9. MGI Digital Graphic Technology (ALMDG)
  • 10. MGI Digital Graphic Technology (ALMDG) More information: ALMDG on Euronext Exchange 2013 financials (PDF)
  • 11. ARC Group Worldwide (ARCW) • One of world’s largest metal injection molding (MIM) companies with operations in U.S. (Florida, Colorado), and Hungary • Extensive use of robotics in MIM operations • TTM PE ~ 40 • TTM EPS = $.41 USD, or $.44 AUD • 125% Revenue growth in fiscal year 2013 • Net income over last 9 months $4.4 million vs. $1.5 million USD • Launched 3DMT in December 2013, a 3D printing service bureau with one of largest capabilities for metals printing in U.S. ($1 USD = $1.06 AUD)
  • 12. ARC Group Worldwide (ARCW)
  • 13. ARC Group Worldwide (ARCW) More information: 2013 SEC filing
  • 14. • Graphene first isolated in 2004 • Pure carbon, one atom thick • Strongest and thinnest material known to exist • One million times thinner than paper • 200X stronger than steel, yet 6X lighter • Conducts electricity 30 times faster than silicon • Transparent and bendable • Impermeable to gases, even those as light as hydrogen or helium • Chemical components can be added to its surface to alter its properties New Play: Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (GGG.V)
  • 15. New Play: Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (GGG.V) • Trading should begin within 2 weeks • Listed on US OTC (symbol pending) and TSE (GGG) • 41 million shares fully diluted • $1.8 million cash, no debt • Management are “Graphene Gurus” with strong industry recognition • Have produced prototypes for functional 3D printing materials with graphene • Filaments are compatible with present-day FDM printers • Developing proprietary 3D printers optimized for multi-material printing Web site Investor presentation PDF
  • 16. Additional Information on Graphene • 'Miracle material' will be in your home sooner than you think (CNN) • How graphene might change the world (YouTube video) • Graphene industry news and articles ( New Play: Graphene 3D Lab Inc. (GGG.V)
  • 17. Questions? Access Links/SEC filings? Email: