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facebook statistics 101 how to uncover the hidden gems within facebook insight
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facebook statistics 101 how to uncover the hidden gems within facebook insight


AllFacebook Marketing Conference, June 5 in San Francisco …

AllFacebook Marketing Conference, June 5 in San Francisco

Published in Technology , Design
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  • 1. agora pulseFACEBOOK STATISTICS 101:HOW TO UNCOVER THE HIDDENGEMS WITHIN FACEBOOKINSIGHTSAllFacebook Marketing Conference, San Francisco, June 5, 2013agorapulse1
  • 2. agora pulseagora pulseAn average is not enough2• Let’s have fun together (the Reach Contest / iPad giveaway)• First thing first, let’s bust three of the biggest Facebook myths:• You are reaching 16% of your fans• Facebook dropped your reach in September 2012• Build tabs and you’ll be fine• 1 – Fan reach: What, Where, Why, How?• 2 – Engaged users: What, Where, Why, How?• 3 – Sorytellers: What, Where, Why, How?• 4 – Clicks: What, Where, Why, How?• 5 – Negative feedback: What, Where, Why, How?• Benchmarking with competititors: What? Where? Why? How?• Key Take aways
  • 3. agora pulseagora pulseThere is a a talentedFacebook marketer righthere in this very room!Do you know who she/he is?3
  • 4. agora pulseagora pulseAnd he/she deserves a new iPad mini!4
  • 5. agora pulseagora pulseLet’s find out!Enter the Edgerank Contest:http://barometer.agorapulse.com5
  • 6. agora pulseagora pulseTo find out, take your smartphone and go to:6
  • 7. agora pulseagora pulseHow is your page doing?7
  • 8. agora pulseagora pulseFirst, let’s bust someFacebook Myths…“ You will reach 16% of your fans”“ Facebook has decreased reach in 2012because it’s pay to play now”“ Build a Facebook tab and you’ll be fine”8
  • 9. agora pulseagora pulse“ Facebook Page posts reach 16% oftheir fans, on average ”9agora pulseYours is somewhere in between…Well, an average remains an average…
  • 10. agora pulseagora pulseFor Facebook statistics, size does matter10
  • 11. agora pulseagora pulse“ Facebook has decreased reach in 2012because they want you to pay for ads”Nope! It was just a bug affecting the display…
  • 12. agora pulseagora pulse“ Build a Facebook tab and you’ll be fine”1.5%Of your traffic happens on your Facebookpage…
  • 13. agora pulseagora pulse“ Build a Facebook tab and you’ll be fine”
  • 14. agora pulseagora pulseNow, the 5 metrics youneed to focus on(What they are, Where to find them and Why they matter)1 – Fan Reach2 – Engaged Users3 – Storytellers4 – Clicks & CTR5 – NegativeFeedback14
  • 15. agora pulseagora pulse1 – Fan reach“ Schedule your posts so you’llknow when your shit hits the fans ”(Arnold Schwarzenegger)15
  • 16. agora pulseagora pulse1.1 – What?TOTAL REACH =Paid Reach + Viral Reach + Organic ReachWhere Organic Reach =Fan Organic Reach + Non Fan Organic reach
  • 17. agora pulseagora pulse1.2 – Where?
  • 18. agora pulseagora pulse1.2 – Where?
  • 19. agora pulseagora pulse1.3 – Why?• Fan reach is the only metric you can’t cheat about• Fan reach is the only way to evaluate the quality ofyour fanbase• A low fan reach but good engagement rate is thesign that
  • 20. agora pulseagora pulse2 – Engaged users“ Engage the enemy before theydo”(Robert Patton)20
  • 21. agora pulseagora pulse2.1 – What?ENGAGED USERS=Clicks on content + Clicks anywehere else+Comments + Shares + Likes
  • 22. agora pulseagora pulse2.2 – Where?
  • 23. agora pulseagora pulse2.3 – Why?• Engaged users is a more “real” metric thanreached users because reached does notnecessarily means they have actually paid attentionto the post. If they have engaged, there is no doubtthat they have paid attention• Engagement has a direct impact on your edgerankand future brand visibility• Engagement is the real barometer of your contenteffectiveness
  • 24. agora pulseagora pulse3 – Storytellers“ Nothing beats a good story ”(Lewis Carroll)24
  • 25. agora pulseagora pulse3.1 – What?STORYTELLERS=Comments + Shares + LikesStorytellers are included in engaged users
  • 26. agora pulseagora pulse3.2 – Where?
  • 27. agora pulseagora pulse3.2 – Why?• TBW
  • 28. agora pulseagora pulse4 – Clicks & CTR“ A good CTR is a high CTR ”(Sergei Brin)28
  • 29. agora pulseagora pulse4.1 – What?CLICKS=Link clicks + photo views + video views
  • 30. agora pulseagora pulse4.2 – Where?
  • 31. agora pulseagora pulse4.2 – Where?
  • 32. agora pulseagora pulse4.3 – Why?• If engagement is the barometer of the interest yourcontent can generate, clicks (or views for videosand photos) is the real thing• If your posting business or product related videosor linked back to your blog or website, you want toknow if people have clicked / viewed them.
  • 33. agora pulseagora pulse5 – Negative feedback“ Bad publicity is better than nopublicity”(Robert Madoff)33
  • 34. agora pulseagora pulse5.1 – What?NEGATIVE FEEDBACK=Hide a post+ Hide all posts+Report as Spam + Unlike your page
  • 35. agora pulseagora pulse5.2 – Where?
  • 36. agora pulseagora pulse5.2 – Where?
  • 37. agora pulseagora pulse5.3 – Why?• Negative feedback is part of the engagementmetric but if engagement results in more complaintsthan praises, you need to know!• A negative feedback percentage higher thanaverage will hurt your reach over time• This can help you identify what’s wrong with yourcontent
  • 38. agora pulseagora pulseBonus 1:What can you learn fromstudying your competitors?“ A good competitor is a deadcompetitor ”(Rocky Balboa)38
  • 39. agora pulseagora pulse6 – Spy on the competition
  • 40. agora pulseagora pulseKey takeaways“ Keep It Simple and Stupid ”(Albert Einstein)40
  • 41. agora pulseagora pulseIf you have to remember 5 things:411. Fan reach is the only metric to look at if you want to assess the quality of your fan base2. Engaged users are the one who did something with your content, whether clicking on it orshare it in some ways.3. Sorytellers are your way to a better viral reach. But people will only react to your content ifthere is a reason to do so. Give them a reason.4. If your audience is engaged but does not click on your content, you probably just have togive them something to click on5. If your Negative feedback is above average, Edgerank will limit your viral reach pretty badly.Try another voice and/or test different content
  • 42. agora pulseagora pulse3 – Identify best (and worst) content
  • 43. agora pulseagora pulseThank You!Need Help? Log in tohttp://agorapulse.comContact me: emeric@agorapulse.com43326ST5830326ST8HL0