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Chris Leigh-Lancaster_Inside 3D Printing Melbourne

  1. 1. The World’s First Commercial 3D Bioprinter Chris Leigh-Lancaster
  2. 2. Introducing Invetech A synergistic mix of biomedical, automation, high precision, fluid handling and user experience ... All the right ingredients for bioprinting! More than 30 years of product realization Page 2 Diagnostics Cell TherapyPoint of Care Consumer & Industrial
  3. 3. Introducing Invetech A diverse project mix Page 3
  4. 4. Making Human Tissue The community need – Organ/tissue replacement Page 4
  5. 5. Making Human Tissue The community need – Tissue for drug discovery Page 5
  6. 6. Printing Human Tissue Science fiction becomes reality Page 6
  7. 7. Making Human Tissue Step 1 – Cells are harvested aggregates and loaded into cartridges Page 7
  8. 8. Page 8 Making Human Tissue Step 2 – The Bioprinter prints layers of Cell aggregates and BioGel Extruded BioGel lines Cartridge with BioGel or cell aggregates 3D print nozzle
  9. 9. Page 9 Making Human Tissue Step 3 – Construct is placed into a bioreactor and incubated
  10. 10. The NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™ Key features Page 10 • 3 high-precision motion axes • Dual print heads for BioGel and cell layers • Thermal control of the BioGel • Semi-automated loading of print cartridges • An intuitive GUI for rapid vessel/tissue design
  11. 11. The NovoGen MMX Bioprinter™ Initial blood vessel printing on the Bioprinter Page 11 500 μm glass cartridge dispense tip BioGel structure containing BioGel and cell lines Blood vessel geometry within the BioGel structure
  12. 12. Simple Operation Intuitive graphical user interface (GUI) Page 12  WPF-based flexible GUI - customisable for future applications  Key focus is easy translation of simple tissue designs into real tissue  “mine sweeper” style designer for developing 2D geometric forms  Built-in scripting language for design of more complex 3D constructs
  13. 13. Simple Operation Cartridge loading & alignment Page 13 Before the Bioprinter …  Blood vessel printing took 8 hours or more With the Bioprinter – less than an hour  Cartridge loading & alignment took up to 45 mins With the Bioprinter - less than 1 minute Thanks to ...  Intuitive cartridge loading with precision alignment  Automatic positive displacement dispense  Automatic laser calibration of cartridge tip position
  14. 14. Precision Printing What’s needed for successful printing? Page 14  Positional precision of better than ± 20 microns  Re-calibration of tip positions for each cartridge  Smooth dispense of cells and BioGel  Bio-compatible operation 100 µm human hair
  15. 15. Precision Printing How it’s done … Page 15  Optical-grade robotic axes with single micron precision  Novel 3D laser tip calibration using custom interpolation algorithms  Closed loop micro-stepping motor control to minimize vibration  Designed for the bio-safety cabinet
  16. 16. From Science to Application A timeline from the first blood vessel Page 16 December 2010 First human blood vessel Time Magazine’s Best Inventions of 2010 Mar 2011 Partnerships with big pharma Nov 2011 Australian Engineering Innovation Award. Dec 2012 Autodesk partnership Feb 2013 Refined Bioprinters delivered to Organovo
  17. 17. From Science to Application A timeline from the first blood vessel Page 17 Apr 2013 First 3D liver tissue. Life span increases from 5 to 40 days Apr 2014 Contracting for 3D liver tissue toxicity testing The Near Future 3D tissue constructs replace existing pre-clinical trial methods for drug screening. Simple tissues start being used for direct surgical therapy
  18. 18. Alternate Blood Vessel Manufacturing Page 18 “Off the shelf” human veins for use in life-saving vascular surgery Humacyte Artificial Vascular Graft (HAVGTM)
  19. 19. Regenerative Medicine SCORE center at Scripps Clinic- Cartilage printing Page 19
  20. 20. Consumer Products Modern Meadow - Cow-less leather and meat Page 20
  21. 21. Cell Therapies Innovacell - ICES 13 and ICEF 15 Page 21 Argos Therapeutics - ArcelisTM Treating incontinence and cancer
  22. 22. Page 22Invetech confindential file: A3_3D Bioprinter - Inside 3D Printing Conference.pptx Photo: Timothy Hogan