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  • One to watch. Emergen-C launched a campaign to get more fans by creating a video that was personalized for every facebook user by pulling in their status messages and incorporating it into the video. Users are then encouraged to tag their friends and have them watch the video, and share, and so on. However, with only 13k fans, the increase that Emergen-C hoped for a month ago has yet to materialize.
  • iJustine. Gets paid $20K per appearance. Has YouTube following. But she’s about her own brand. Not about getting her followers to engage in your brand.
  • Nick Cannon now asking $25 for Twitter Package. But…
  • Poor Taste. Dr. Pepper UK looked to further it’s tagline of what’s the worst that could happen with a fb app that would resonate with a teen audience. Using a contest that offered 1,000 pound prize, Dr. Pepper took over users status messages and posted highly inappropriate quotes such as ‘I watched 2 girls one cup and felt hungry afterwards’ (referring to a popular disgusting viral video). The mom bloggers got involved and launched a protest. Coke immediately removed the application and fired the digital agency (Lean mean Fighting Machine) as a result.
  • Nick Cannon now asking $25 for Twitter Package. But…
  • Nick Cannon now asking $25 for Twitter Package. But…
  • Nick Cannon now asking $25 for Twitter Package. But…

Aaron Shapiro's Presentation Aaron Shapiro's Presentation Presentation Transcript

  • Social-Driven Marketing Solutions
    October 1, 2010
    Aaron Shapiro
  • 2010
    Social Marketing Comes of Age
  • Why do some social media campaigns succeed… while most fail?
  • Reason #1
  • Bottom Line
    You can’t trick the public. Don’t try.
  • Reason #2
    If it can go wrong,
    it will go wrong.
  • Reason #3
    Speed wins.
  • Reason #4
  • Clients
  • Reason #5
    Free stuff
  • The real secret to social media success…
  • Create something you’ll want to share with your friends… that’s consistent with your brand message.
  • Does it pass the “I gotta share this!” test?
    (usually, the answer is no…
    but the campaign is launched anyway…
    and then people wonder why the “social” part failed)
  • If people want to share it, people will want to write about it, and the social message is amplified.
  • If people want to share it, people will copy it.
    Copycats welcome!
  • Don’t forget to measure it!
    Real KPIs, not just how many fans you have.
  • Thank you!
    45 Main Street, 2nd floor
    Brooklyn, NY 11201
    Call us.
    Phone: +1 718 625 4843
    Fax: +1 718 625 5157