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  1. 1. Question 2 -<br />How effective is the <br />Combination of your<br /> main product and <br />ancillary texts?<br />
  2. 2. My Digipak<br />
  3. 3. My Advert<br />
  4. 4. My Video<br />
  5. 5. The 3 inside panels of my digipak are all made up of one picture, I edited the contrast of the original picture, so the colours would complement each other more. I used the one picture to stretch across because I think it works more effectively than if I were to have used 3 seperate pictures.<br />The disks in the digipak were to be stored each side of the middle panel. This was because I placed the disks according to the branches in the image so it was more coordinated . A lyric book including special thanks and credits would be stored in the middle panel.<br />For my Digipak and I used sans-serif fonts. The colours included are mainly Greens, Blues, and Blacks. For the photos for my Digipak I used quite bright lighting, this was because I wanted the colours to be bright to attract attention. The white rabbit featured in the pictures links to Alice in Wonderland theme, the visual theme of my digipakis nature and freedom. My digipak shows a rabbit sat innocently, he then hops off towards stars, which I edited in to suggest the ‘new world’.<br />My digipak would be sold online on sites such as and and be available for download on Itunes. It would be sold in high street shops such as HMV. But it would not be sold in supermarkets. It would be priced at £12.99.<br />
  6. 6. I used the picture in my advert because I liked how simple it was, I then inverted it and carefully edited the contrast and colour levels because after researching into psychedelia and surrealism I found that images that related to these themes required you to look deeper to understand them or made the expected, unexpected.<br />I tried to make my image more unexpected by inverting it, this made the colours less expected as shading is lighter and it looks like the floor is glowing beneath the rabbit.<br />Because Vermilion Skies are a psychedelic group, I thought this might make the advert more appealing to the target audience but also attract attention from other audiences.<br />For my Advert I used the same fonts as I did for my digipak, and the colours included are mainly white, purples/blues and blacks. I edited the logo used in both my advert and digipak using a 3D, 2 panel effect on a new mesh from grey-scale. This branding along with the rabbit featured on both, provides a link between the digipak and advert.<br />I chose the quotes and sources of quotes based on my target audience and the media and publishing's that would appeal to them.<br />
  7. 7. The lighting use in my video isn’t very bright, this was to add to the entropy. However there are lots of different colours used in costumes, make-up and props which adds to the interest.<br />I slightly adjusted the colour on some takes to make them clearer or just to add effect.<br />The only text used in my video is at the beginning, and is a serif font.<br />
  8. 8. The house style of my music video has no obvious coherence to that of my digipak and advert.<br />There is however a subtle link between them, which is the Alice in Wonderland surreal theme. This theme is shown by the use of images of a white rabbit on the digipak, then inverted on the advert and in the narrative of the music video. The reason I did my work like this is because I expect my target audience to look deeper in order to find the link, rather than making it obvious and easy to notice straight away. <br />Originally I did plan for there to be more of a link between all of the texts I produced, but after plans with the band fell through, I made a plan B which was the rabbit, but unfortunately filming the rabbit and getting suitable shots for use in the video proved to be unachievable, so the rabbit was not featured in the video as we had originally planned. <br />The pictures taken of the rabbit were taken in same place that we filmed the video, however because of the nature of the shots taken and the lighting used, this would not be obvious to the audience. <br />I used key conventions in all of my texts, which I decided to use after research into similar products. From this research I learnt that a digipak should include: The band name, The album name, Track list, a copyright logo along with the name of the record company that produced the album. Similarly for the advert.<br />