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Nuggets on the Indian youth

Nuggets on the Indian youth






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    Nuggets on the Indian youth Nuggets on the Indian youth Presentation Transcript

    • Some nuggets on the Indian youth
    • 20% of global youthpopulation is Indian17% of Global youth population isChineseOver 50% of India is young and the median age of thenation is 26, below the global average USA 37 UK 40 CHINA 36 INDIA 26
    • The cultural codes undergirding the Indian youth Seek opportunities Individualist that lead to yet collective dramatic transformations Technology‟s role extended beyond it‟s Modern yet function rooted Jumping with a safety net
    • “They seem self absorbed but deep down they love to bepart of groups”Antti Ohrling, Chairman, Blyk Media Individualist Standing out from the rest and being recognized is a critical yet collective motivation, especially for the young. Sunita Gogoy, an Asamese participant in the dance reality show, Dance India Dance on Zee TV confessed that her biggest motivation was to prove to skeptics back home that it was worth her while to put time and effort into perfecting her dance. Even in the remote villages today, youth have the need to stand out and be noticed. - Dheeraj Sinha USA Mexico Brazil Germany Russia Turkey China India JapanWhat will better increase yourchances of succeeding in todaysworld: Being true to who you are or 882 967 902 892 882 862 64 65 72 Being the person others think you 121 4 101 111 121 141 366 356 28 should be The Indian youth are highly motivated by limitless aspiration. The high aspiration levels, accompanied by a motto of “make my family proud” (as seeded by parents) not only makes the youth in India focused and career centric but also the most family oriented youth in the world. A recent Global TGI report states that India scores highest (76%) in the rating of “it is important my family thinks I‟m doing well”.
    • 18-24 year old Indians are being exposed to- and areinterested in- new experiences, they‟re still holding on totraditional values as well. In a sense, they want to Modernprove to the West the importance of the values they‟vealways held. yet– Lenovo 18-24 year olds Global Persona study by TheFutures Company rooted Youngsters do not simply consume a trend but filter it through a unique osmosis process (slow and time consuming) where it is treated with an Indian flavor and mixed with the finer elements of age old customs and then ultimately is readied for consumption. One of the finest example of this phenomenon is the way Indians create a unique ensemble with the ubiquitous denim jeans. The simplest combination can be a Kurta with wood or glass beads worn around the neck, a Swatch on the wrist, Levi‟s, Kolhapuri footwear, sunshine stones, a gold ring on the finger (gifted by the grandparents), a red charm thread around the neck or wrist and so on. It is an interesting and heady mix-trix of fashion, tradition, spirituality and family values. This mix-trix pervades every aspect of the lifestyle of Indian youth be it in food or fabric. Pizza retail chains struggled to get Indian youth habituated to pizzas until they came up with the unique chicken tikka pizza, paneer tikka pizza, tandoori pizza and so on. Coke came out with Coke and Samosa/Dosa combo. – Kaustav Sengupta, Youth Researcher
    • Youth in India reinvent ideas by adding their ownflavor to an existing habit or a need. They ventureinto new businesses by adding a modern/new twist to Jumpingan existing business model. For example, GunjanGupta, an award-winning furniture designer takes with asomething that‟s rooted in traditional Indian culture safety netand adds a modern, unique perspective to it.- Times Crest While they want to be entrepreneurs, they make sure they are armed with the right education and skill sets before they set up their own shop - AFAQS MTV Youth Report “In the choice of role models, youth are very different. Their role models are achievers from various walks of life. They follow those whom they can associate with. So, many often they look up to sports and film personalities. - MTV Youth Report
    • India buys into technology through all sorts of surrogatesand meaning systems but rarely only for technology itself.Marketing the graphic vision of digital technology, rich with Technology‟shigh tech imagery of circuits and chips and gizmos, will role extendedlikely not be as effective with Indian consumers, technologymust be presented as it will be used, interwoven with beyond it‟severyday life, as an enabler of new things and new ways of functiondoing old things.“I have what it takes to earn the respect of my peers. 400 GB of movies.”- MTV Play.in This is the generation that seamlessly integrates technology in their life that allows them to multitask for hours each day. If the generation gone by is wondering where this generation gets the time and energy for academics and social life; they amaze you with aplomb managing all of that and more. “Today, the youth has the advantage of technology and available options to do much more than many cam imagine - Aditya Swamy, Channel head MTV India
    • The younger India today is clearly seeking amuch more fertile work environment that offers a Seeknon-linear growth path; a job that brings them opportunitiesnot just money but fame and fun as well that lead to- From the book „Consumer India‟ dramatic transformationsToday‟s Indian youth do not shy away fromtaking shortcuts or exploring multiple paths;they are ready to do whatever it takes to reachtheir goals.- Consumer India The particular desire of today‟s youth is to be extraordinary in everything they do. Their dreams are non-linear and are being supported by high starting salaries, easy availability of finance and an ever expanding array of consumption choices. A middle class youth proclaimed that his dream was to own four apartments in all the four metropolitan cities in India. On being quizzed further as to how exactly he planned to achieve this, he had no clear plans but his confidence and optimism remained unfazed. - MTV Youth Study
    • @media_reveries