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Ideas in 10 different forms, up for grabs

Ideas in 10 different forms, up for grabs



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Free ideas Free ideas Presentation Transcript

  • ideas for free
  • I love the internet.try tracking back it’s trail and you’ll seeinventions, small and big, cute and heroic,strange and stranger, brilliant and stupid.some reinventing their courses. some gettinglost. in this life called the internet
  • I am adding 10 more ideas to internet’salready burping appetite. they may beversions of an old, established habit. they mayalso be ideas that might make you laugh.they might also change the world. perhaps.I am giving them away. treat them as straypuppies if you must. pick them up, nurturethem, make ‘em shine. perhaps.
  • #1. Social Piggy-bankA piggy bank service that allows people to put inmoney online in one piggy bank and only redeem themoney on 1st of the year after. The amount is not visibleto either of the savers until the 366th day.
  • #2. A profile picture maskerSocial networks can safeguard profile pictures that aremasked in a way that when downloaded, takenscreenshots of or saved become unrecognizable.
  • #3. Global fashion poolOne platform which sources and supplies fashion from allover the world. Customers can pick and mix the ensembleby mixing fashion pieces from the variety listed on the site/boutique by buy them at a fixed price. Think Sushi bar forclothes.
  • #4. Musical storytellingMake people verbal DJs by allowing them to mix variousword and generate music using this unique applicationwhich converts feelings to music or the other way around.Create music and a poetry/prose will be generated basedon the words attached to the notes.
  • #5. Crowdsourced LiteratureCreate a global storytelling experiment where each personis only allowed to add one word to the story. Let the story becirculated around the world and publish the final book.(Conjunctions and prepositions are pre-filled)
  • #5. Carpool alertCarpool alert layers carpool information over google maps,tracks where you are and shows you carpool offers in yourarea (also allowing you to post), also providing youinformation on how much gas you’ll save and informationon how you’ll help decongest the city you live in.
  • #6. Recreate your cityAllow people to recreate the infrastructures of their citiesvirtually. Create a game out of recreating the cities. Whenthey play, they’ll see the faults. And when they see thefaults, they’ll realize that they’re easily fixable. Then takeonline offline.
  • #7. Karma pointsGive people a way to calculate and collect their karma points.Integrate this with Facebook and twitter. More positivestatements, compliments, birthday wishes increase their karmapoints. Make ‘being nice’ cooler. Then give people anopportunity to add bonus karma points by doing something goodin the physical world.
  • #8. Pimp my PowerpointA powerpoint pimper application that can bedownloaded on your computer. You make thepowerpoint, upload it in the app and it makes it prettier,smarter and cooler for you.
  • #9. Recipe exchange programA network of chefs and food artists across the world can joinin and exchange personally created recipes with others.Create a video exchange tool that allows a person fromMumbai teach someone how to make his/her own versionof the ‘Daal’ while learning how to make enchiladas fromsomeone from across the world.
  • #10. Free SchoolCreate an online school for people of all ages and connect themwith teachers of all ages and from across the world. Get theteachers to volunteer certain hours per week and get thestudents to sign up for the classes online. The virtual classrooms willhost lessons in learning new languages, history, art, literature,science and so on.
  • If you like any ideas, feel free to make them your own. Or give me a shoutout and tell me if you want me to help develop the idea further. Or write tome if you have an idea but don’t know how to get about developing itfurther.If you love the ideas listed here enough to sponsor my ticket to the Cannes, Iwouldn’t mind that either.
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