Assignment #5 Research Of Newspaper Adverts


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Assignment #5 Research Of Newspaper Adverts

  1. 1. By Joanne
  2. 2. What Kind of Things Are In The Newspaper The ‘Metro’ has ... Adverts Gossip (Celeb’s ) Fashion Advice sections News Sports Technology TV Listings
  3. 3. What Kind of Things Are In The Newspaper The ‘ London Evening Standard’ has ... More news than the ‘Metro’ Less advertisements Business Economics TV Listings Ticket bookings Sports
  4. 4. How Is The Newspaper Organised/Structured The ‘Metro’ has many different sections ... Metro Focus  Life TV Metro Talk  Life Puzzle Metro Pleasure  Metro Business (1 page) Touch Tales Metro  Metro Property Life Films  Sports Life Weekend Life Travel Life Going Out
  5. 5. How Is The Newspaper Organised/StructuredNews comes firsthighlighting its the Entertainment comes aftermost important highlighting its importancesection but less in comparison with news
  6. 6. How Is The Newspaper Organised/Structured The ‘London Evening Standard’ has different sections ... News  Business Londoner’s Diary (News,  Television & Radio International, Featured,)  Games & Puzzles Home & Property (News, New Homes, Affordable homes,  Letters Holiday Homes, Design, Reader  Travel Promotion, Architecture,  Sports Outdoors, Our Home, Property Searching, Ask The Expert ...) London Life
  7. 7. How Is The Newspaper Organised/Structured These topics are last as This introduces Web 2.0 they are more suited toThese are the topics that allowing other to stress individual interestbring the most views and their opinions and viewsare also the more importantnews
  8. 8. How Much Advertising is in it ? Metro  For the ‘Metro’ more than 50% of the paper is advertisement  The newspaper in more Ads entertainment based News. etc  Their is no hard hitting news
  9. 9. How Much Advertising is in it ? London Evening  Unlike the ‘Metro’, ‘London Evening Standard’ is a News Standard centred paper  Their are some ad’s but way London more less in comparison to Evening the content of News Standard Ads
  10. 10. What Do They Advertise ? –‘Metro’ They advertise a range of  They mainly advertise different things from... offers or well known HMV offers companies M&S offers  Anything that is popular Carphone warehouse and not controversial offers Concert tickets British Airways
  11. 11. What Do They Advertise – ‘LondonEvening Standard’ They tend to advertise...  They advertise more O2 offers expensive products of Rolex watches which the some working class and upper-class T-mobile offers people may be interested Jewellery in buying John Lewis Skin care products M&S
  12. 12. Who Is The Target Audience –‘Metro’ The ‘Metro’ a reading age of 9 which means the language is simple enough for anybody to read Its aimed at early day commuters which ranges from school kids, teens to adults Kids may want it for the cartoons at the back and for the colourful adverts Teens may want it for the daily gossip from fashion, celebrates to reality TV Adults may want if for the diluted news on current affairs and also for the gossip and football
  13. 13. Who Is The Target Audience –‘London Evening Standard’ The ‘London Evening Standard’ has a high reading age of 14 has it has more complex words to suite to the working class and upper-class Its aimed also at early morning commuter to get their daily fix on current affairs on the move
  14. 14. Where Is It Available ? – ‘Metro’ The ‘Metro’ can be found at most of not all London under and over ground trains They can also be found on some London busses This newspaper is free
  15. 15. Where Is It Available? – ‘LondonEvening Standard’ The ‘London Evening Standard’ is also available at most if not all London over and underground train stations They can also be found on some busses This newspaper is free
  16. 16. My choices My choices for research of channel adverts are... BBC One Channel 4 Channel 5
  17. 17. Layout Design – ‘BBC One’ With clearIts on a simple temple with information in whitea prominent red to stand out from thebackground background
  18. 18. Layout Design – ‘Channel4’The use of adifferent colourallows the mostimportant The logsinformation to stands out tostand out inform views to know where the show will air The white background is prominent and loud Writing in black to stand also allows other things out from the background to stand out
  19. 19. Layout Design – ‘Channel5’The clearblack writingmakes itstand out The logo and title are clear The happy people makes it and eye-catching eye catching
  20. 20. Content – ‘BBC One’ Their is not a lot of content just simple text with a background and some animation around the words
  21. 21. Content – ‘Channel4’The place ofinformationhas its half of The logo isthe screen so it dominant but doesdoesn’t get lost not take away fromwith the logo the infobeside it
  22. 22. Content – ‘Channel5’A lot its goingin this. Thedominateaspect is theimage of thepeople (cast) The info is clear and stands out within the bright colours
  23. 23. Style Of Font – ‘BBC One’This font is ‘Calibri(Headings)’ whichis clear nothingfancy which isquite common on The ‘One’ is also‘Microsoft Word’ ‘Calibriimplying anyone (Headings)’ thecan watch bold reminds the views what channel its on as The BBC logo is the same BBC has many style as the rest only in sister Channels capitals and blocks to resemble their logo
  24. 24. Style Of Font – ‘Channel4’ This information is important but not in comparison with the This is in light other information blue again to visible in the small font stand out to remind people of the time The font is bigger now to stand out as it’s the most important informationThe font is all the some butthe URL is smaller to sendpeople to the relevant data formore information
  25. 25. Style Of Font – ‘Channel5’Its in capitals and its font is‘Calibri (Headings)’ the sameas BBC One which is clearand stands out from thewhite background The font used ‘Calibri (Heading)’ and in capitals making it clear and visable
  26. 26. Style Of Graphics – ‘BBC One’ The dark shading inThe animation of the cornersthe circle catches draws youryou attention attention tostraight away the centre of the ad
  27. 27. Style Of Graphics – ‘Channel4’ The pixilation behind the 4 allows not only for the four to stand out and be visible and make it seem 3D which goes on hand with what the program is about
  28. 28. Style Of Graphics – ‘Channel5’
  29. 29. Photo Manipulation – ‘BBC One’ No photo manipulation in this
  30. 30. Photo Manipulation – ‘Channel4’ No photo manipulation in this
  31. 31. Photo Manipulation – ‘Channel5’ The whole poster is manipulated to portray ha happy go lucky town and people enticing views to watch enjoy to escape everyday problems
  32. 32. Organisation Of Information – ‘BBCOne’ All the info isThe animation in the centrehelps draw of the ad withattention in is straight forward
  33. 33. Organisation Of Information – ‘Channel4’ With the logo having more than enoughAll the space on thewriting is on right hand sidethe left hand to inform whatside with all channel its onthe infoneeded
  34. 34. Organisation Of Information – ‘Channel5’Top left hand A dominantside giving some images of ainformation happyabout its new excited castlocation trying with theto use every perfectvisible clear backgroundplace is enticing to the eye Bottom right hand corner to catch peoples eyes when looking at the cast