Linking Jazz And Pop


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Linking Jazz And Pop

  1. 1. Linking Jazz and Pop
  2. 2. Jazz <ul><li>This genre was very popular around the 1930s to 1950s as I have previously explained there are certain factors which determine the image of Jazz performers, colours which are associated with the genre and instruments used. </li></ul>
  3. 3. <ul><li>The image of Jazz: </li></ul>
  4. 4. The appearance of Jazz In these old fashioned posters advertising Jazz, there is a common theme seen in colour, Imagery and in writing. These posters inform us the way Jazz was presented to the public. Comparisons They both feature traditionally, Jazz orientated instruments They are bold, relatively old fashioned posters (reflecting upon the era that they came from) They are both set in New York (America) which was one of the places that Jazz originated You can see the traditional attire of which Jazz is associated
  5. 5. Here are some more Jazz stars from around the 1930s – 1950s: Billie Holiday Sarah Vaughn Louis Armstrong Bing Crosby Bobby Darin The Platters
  6. 6. Here are some modern jazz stars: Michael Buble Harry Connick Jr Norah Jones Corrine Bailey Ray Amy Winehouse Robbie Williams Ray Quinn
  7. 7. Jazz continued <ul><li>From the images and posters prior to this slide there are many characteristics of Jazz. Mostly in appearance by the make-up, hair and attire. For example: </li></ul>Her hair is up in a sophisticated do, which suggests the maturity which comes along with the genre of Jazz, also reflecting the era it’s from. She is wearing an old fashioned dress, giving an insight to the traditions and expected Jazz appearance. This is the way in which you would look to sing Jazz, it was a special and traditional appearance, and is still that way in modern times. She is wearing long dark gloves, The tone and colour of them once again reinforces the maturity of this genre. While use of this traditional accessory once again reflects the period Jazz comes from. The overall atmosphere of this Jazz based image, with the stage and evident spotlight centred on Billie, gives a simplistic yet tasteful image. By using sparse materials and features it reflects the common image of Jazz, along with the reflection of the era its from. Billie Holiday
  8. 8. Modern Day Jazz Image His attire similarly to the previous image is very clean cut and traditional, wearing a suit links back to the Jazz era of origin. The dark colours of his outfit link to the idea of maturity which is common in relation to Jazz. The image of Jazz can differ and appear similar from two different time eras. Although many qualities are similar there are quite a few differences… Once again the background and lighting is very plain. Just a plain, stark, stage and a single spotlight complimenting the era its from and the maturity, of which Jazz in famous for. His hair (cut short) and gelled into position is also related back into previous times when hair do’s like quiffs and slick backs were fashionable. Plus his hair gives him a boyish, yet responsible persona. Michael Buble An obvious yet relevant contrast between the two images which portrays the different eras of which they are from is the fact that this image is in colour, while the other image is in black and white. This image is obviously more recent while the previous image originated from an older time period.
  9. 9. Pop This genre was incredibly popular in the 1990s and is still incredibly popular today, here are the portrayals, attire and colours associated with Pop.
  10. 10. Here are some Pop artists: The Saturdays Pixie Lott Cheryl Cole Girls Aloud Britney Spears Justin Timberlake
  11. 11. The Image of Pop Pixie Lott The colours used in this image are very vibrant, centring around those like pinks and purples. Showing how Pop is a younger genre from a more modern era. There are a wider range of instruments and equipment used like: a drum kit, keyboard as well as the microphone. Reinforcing the modern vibe and how there is a wider range of technology available to create the sound and present the music and artists in different ways. The outfit that she is wearing, with the sparkles, reflects upon the era it comes from and creates a really fun and more experimental vibe in comparison to the Jazz appearance. There is more use of lighting. There is more bare, sparse use of single spotlights, on the contrary there is multiple coloured lights found upon and around the stage. Her hair is being worn down, this contrasts to the Jazz image of hair being worn up in tight neat do’s. This gives a fun and modern view. The appearance reinforcing both the eras the images and music have come from and the way they can have influence of trends.
  12. 12. Creating Japop By joining and continuously mixing different features of the two genres, there is a way in which you can establish the whole concept of Japop. For example, using the colour schemes from either genre and placing them together or concentrate upon the image of each genre, through artists and their overall presentation to create an entirely new idea of an appearance containing evident features routed from both genres concerned. For example: pinks and lilacs which are commonly associated with pop, intertwined with deep maroons and violets which you may say follow the same colour pattern but make a considerable amount of difference in atmosphere and ambiance. Similarly the style and trends the artists are following for example the colours they are wearing and the features of their attire can determine their genre. To mix the two genres you could have an appearance, for example of a female artist in a long flowing dress (associated with jazz) coloured in pink (related to Pop). With their hair styled in an up hair do which really embodies sophistication ( linked back to Jazz) and finally accompanied by light pastel coloured make-up in the form of pink lip gloss and baby blue eye shadow ( referring back to modern times and pop). By carefully determining where the two genres are to be cross referenced, the Japop appearance can be achieved.