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    Music Video Music Video Presentation Transcript

    • Music Video Analysis
    • At The Drive-In
      • This music video is completely unique as all shots are recordings of live performances
      • This use of live footage shows the bands popularity and famous on stage presence.
      • This also shows that the band has not become commercialised and retains their original appeal.
      • With sharp crisp editing each shot is perfectly in sync with song making the video smooth and clear.
      • The tempo of the song and the action on the video increases together with dancing becoming more energetic and volume raising.
      • Also this music video develops the images of the lead singer “Cedric Bixler-Zavala” who is very physical during songs as he dances and completely becomes enveloped in his performances.
    • The Futureheads
      • In this music video the lyrics have a direct effect on the action in the video itself.
      • For example the musician howl as if “hounds of love” this is then followed by camera shots of wolfs.
      • as action unfolds the video repeatedly jumps back to the band playing the song in the forest.
      • These shots amplifying the action and make it continuous and clear to the audience.
      • the music video is based on the idea that the musicians are being chased by love, which has taken the metaphorical form of hounds.
      • The use of steadicams, bright lights and hand held cameras creates the idea of the chase.
      • In this music video the band performs as the video plays this style is used often in the rock genre.
    • The Airborne Toxic Event
      • This music video is about someone remembering his old girlfriend.
      • This is idea is created by focusing on an object and then changing the background to give the effect of a change in time as the room appears the same.
      • Now----- 
      • Then---- 
      • The Video also use shots within shot to shoe the change in time line
      • Also ghost figure of the band and the girlfriend appear
      • The ghost gradually became real as the tempo increase to signify that he is remembering
      • This song use panning shots to illustrate the emotion and although it is filmed in one room the action flows into different shot as the song comes to a climax.
      • The musicians play louder and harder the camera pans quicker and finally the whole room is revealed.
      • In the video the lyric have complete control the action. With the song seeming to be in the man head, as he writes the song itself.
      • Flashing light, sharp camera changes and closes ups to shows the emotions this video work hard to involve the audience. And clearly show the songs meaning.
      • During this music video there are a lot of close ups of the lead singer. These close ups develop the star image of the singer “Mikel Jollett” and give a face to the band itself. Like most other bands, the lead singer is the person the band is associated with.
    • THE END