Raise5 - How to make more out of it using gamification

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This slide deck gives you the details of a gamification strategy that will help transform the business of Raise5.

This slide deck gives you the details of a gamification strategy that will help transform the business of Raise5.

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  • 1. Minimal Engagement, Long Term Gain How can you give Raise5 a new life?
  • 2. Raise5: A home for freelance fundraisers making a difference through their passions and talents. With a simple platform, it is an easy and relevant way for supporters to give back to nonprofits by donating goods and services online for anyone to purchase.
  • 3. What does the team aspire to do? Social good through all the generated funds from the people!
  • 4. What seems to be the problem? Developing interest in people Keeping them motivated over time Acquire and retain
  • 5. What is Gamification? Application of game techniques to nongaming environment How is it going to help? Increase loyalty Build reputation Change behaviour
  • 6. Types of people who use it – intrinsically motivated users People motivated by the purpose to create social good People who need more challenges to overcome People who just want to create and explore
  • 7. What could possibly motivate these users? Enabling them to sell more and more of their services Giving people the opportunity to interact with each other Status of being the “guru/master contributor”
  • 8. Solution 1: Reward people for uploading more types of services and also for the number of sales of each service. Give away badges as per different amounts of sales done. For instance, the usual bronze, silver, gold etc.
  • 9. Solution 2: Reward the top 10 scorers as per the leaderboard on a weekly basis. Something like interacting with their desired NGO/social organization or as simple as the tickets to a movie.
  • 10. Solution 3: Create a game wherein people need to collaborate and sell something to their customers. Eg: If a player wants to sell a beach villa, they need to highlight the positive points. For each innovative feature, they get more and more points and thereby you can win badges.