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MEDCARE Medical Travel announces "some"JCI Accrediated & A Class Hospitals in Istanbul / TURKEY..

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MEDCARE Medical Travel & ISTANBUL Hospitals

  1. 1. Contents: Page/s 4-49 Introduction of ISTANBUL 4 Istanbul with numbers 5 Where is Istanbul in the World ? 13 Istanbul Airports 16 Istanbul : European Capital of Culture 33 Climate of Istanbul 43 Turkish & Islamic Art Museum Istanbul Hotels 48 Istanbul Museums 50-59 Introduction of ISTANBUL HOSPITALS 53 Informations about Istanbul Hospitals Introduction of MEMORIAL HOSPITALS 54.58.59 Introduction of FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE HOSPITALS 55.66.67 Introduction of UHG CAMLICA GERMAN HOSPITAL 60-93 Introduction of DEPARTMENTS 61 All Medical Departments 72.73 Orthopedic & Sport & Spine Surgery 74/75 Cardiology & Cardiovascular Surgery 76/77 Oncology & Tomotherapy 78/79 Immunology & Hematology & Genetic Diseases 80/81 Urology & Urologic Oncologic Surgery 82/83 Organ Transplant & Hepatobiliary Surgery 84/85 Neuro & Brain Surgery 86/87 Physical Therapy & Rehabilitation 88/89 Nuclear Medicine 90/91 IVF Tube Baby & Gynecology 92 Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery 93 Molecular Tests & Genetics 94-96 Introduction of UHG ITALIAN Oncology & Surgery Hospital Page 2
  2. 2. MEDCARE is a Medical Company in Tourism Since 1991 but MEDCARE Medical Travel was established in 2007 to Combine High Standards Medical Quality with Historical & Natural & Cultual Richness of Our Country plus Turkish Hospitality… Chairman “Healthy & Happy Life..” Page 3
  3. 3. MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL “where 2 continents meet” “ ” Page 4
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  6. 6. “wher “ Page 7
  7. 7. Istanbul In the Northwest of the Turkey Added to the “UNESCO World Heritage List” in 1985 Was chosen as Joint European Capital of Culture for 2010 7th Most Beatiful City of the World * 3rd Most Beatiful City of the Europe * 23rd Crowdiest City of the World 3rd Most Beatiful Airport of the World 5th Most Beatiful View of the World** 20th Oldest University*** * Travel & Leisure Magazine ** Hideaway Report by Andrew Harper *** Istanbul University / 1453 Page 8
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  11. 11. Located in the Center of the Old World istanbul is one of the World’s Great Cities famous for Its Historical Monuments and Magnificent Scenic Beauties It is the “Only City in the World ” which spreads over 2 Continents MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL “where 2 continents meet” “ ” Page 12
  12. 12. ATATURK International Airport / European Side ( IATA: IST, ICAO: LTBA ) 29,757,384 Total Passengers in 2009 18,363,739 International Passengers in 2009 900 Daily Flights 100.000 Daily Passengers it is among the top 40 airports in the world in terms of total passenger traffic it is among the top-20 in terms of International Passenger Traffic. It is Europe's 9th Busiest Airport.. nd It is ranked as 2 in the category “Best Airport of South Europe” in the World Airport Survey conducted by Skytrax.. SABIHA GOKCEN International Airport / Asian Side ( IATA: SAW, ICAO: LTFJ ) 6.639.958 Total Passengersin 2009 2.092.285 International Passengers The airport is planning to host 25 million passengers by 2023. Europe’s 2nd largest Duty Free shopping area Page 13
  13. 13. ISTANBUL It has been the Capital of 3 Great Empires, The Roman Byzantine and Ottoman Empires, And for more than 1.600 Years over Emperors and Sultans ruled the World from here… Surrounded by the 5th Century Roman City Walls and stretching over 7 Hills, ISTANBUL is adorned by the Masterpieces of Turkish Art, the Great Mosques of the Sultans that Crown the Hills.. The City presents an Exquisite, Majestic and Serene Silhouette from all Directions. The Golden Horn, which is a very secure Natural Harbor, has played a Significant Role in the Development of the City.. “No Other City In The World Can Claim Such A Distinction..” bn Page 14
  14. 14. Between th the Century ( When the Ottoman Sultans acquired themselves the title of the Caliph of Islam ) and ( The First Year of the Republic ) Istanbul was also the Headquarters of Caliphate More Jews settled in Istanbul than any other Port, And here They built themselves a New and Happy Life after They were rescued from Spain by the Turks in the th Century.. Istanbul has always been a “City of Tolerance” where the and existed side by side. MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL “where 2 continents meet” “ ” Page 15
  15. 15. Page 16
  16. 16. istanbul As a Capital of Empires, The City was not only an Administrative, But also a “Religious Center..” The Patriarchate of Eastern Christians has been headquartered here since its establishment and the Largest early Churches and Monastreries of the Christian World rose in this City on top of the Pegan Temples.Within a Century after the City was conquered, It was enriched with MOSQUES PALACES SCHOOLS B AT HS and other ARCHITECTURAL MONUMENTS that gave it a Turkish Character while some of the existing Churches in ruins were repaired, altered and converted into Mosques.. Fortune provided such Advantages to Istanbul as : • An Easily Defensible Peninsula • An Ideal Climate • A Rich and Generous Nature • Control of the Strategic Bosphorus and • A Central Geographical Position in the Ancient World. MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL Page 17 “where 2 continents meet” “ ”
  17. 17. The City was adorned with a large number of dazzling During this time, influence of European art made itself and impressive works even during the period of felt in the new Palaces, while the Northern slopes of decline of the Ottomans. Golden Horn, Galata and Beyoglu districts assumed a European character. Efforts are continuing for the restoration of the Roman RING ROADS CROSS THE BOSPHORUS City Walls, and Beyoglu, the main artery, was rescued by building a new avenue. Improvements were made in the OVER 2 SUSPENSION BRIDGES TO General Cleaning, maintenance, garbage collection fields CONNECT THE 2 CONTINENTS. and these services are now at Western standards. The European side has now a Fast Tramway System and All industrial establishments on the Historic peninsula a Subway, and comfort and speed has been ensured in have been moved to new facilities in the suburbs and the sea transportation with the Hydrofoil Terminals built on new International Bus Terminal has reduced traffic the seashores. intensity The Old Jail and the First Large Concrete Building of the City were given over to Tourism and converted into 5 Star Hotels Page 18
  18. 18. History of Istanbul Across the Country, There are Thousands of Archeological sites, Historical Places and Ancient Cities, as well as Magnificent Scenic spots and Natural Wonders. Since Roman Times Asiatic Turkey has been known as both “Asia Minor” and “Anatolia” European part of Turkey is called “Thrace” These Lands have been continually inhabited since the Stone Age.. Because Anatolia is located like a “ Natural Bridge between Continents”… MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL “where 2 continents meet” “ ” Page 19
  19. 19. Archeology Museum Ciragan Palace Istanbul Lycee Page 20
  20. 20. AYASOFYA (Hagia Sophia) It was the Largest Cathedral in the World for nearly a thousand It was designed by two architects, Isidore of years, until the completion of the Seville Cathedral in 1520. The Miletus and Anthemius of Tralles.The Church is a former patriarchal basilica, later a contained a large collection of holy relics and current building was originally constructed as a church between mosque, now a museum in Istanbul, Turkey. featured, among other things, a 50 foot (15 m) A.D. 532 and 537 on the orders of the Byzantine Emperor Famous in particular for its massive dome, it Justinian, and was in fact the third Church of the Holy Wisdom silver iconostasis. It was the patriarchal church of is considered the epitome of Byzantine the Patriarch of Constantinople and the religious to occupy the site (the previous two had both been destroyed focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church for architecture. by riots). nearly 1000 years. Page 21
  21. 21. Increasing threats of the expanding Ottoman Empire finally came to an Climax when, Following a siege of 53 days in 1453, the City was captured by the Turks. The Large Caliber cannons of Sultan Mehmet, The Conqueror, used for the first time in History, were one of the factors that enable the Turks to penetrate the City walls of Istanbul.Another factor contributing to the conquest was the Byzantine Empire had reached the end of its Natural Life Span. Sultan Mehmet the Conqueror, who was only 21 years old then, moved the Capital of the Ottoman Empire to Istanbul, increased the Population of the City by bringing in immigrants from different regions of the Country, and started to reconstruct the deserted and wrecked city.He granted freedom of worship and social rights to the former inhabitants It was thanks to the rights granted by Mehmet that the Patriarchate of the Greek Orthodox is even today located in Istanbul..Some of the dilapidated Churches in the City, including Hagia Sophia, were renovated and Converted into Mosques. Istanbul Was Fully Reconstructed Within A Short Period After It Was Conquered By The Turks.. A Century Later, Turkish Art had left its mark on the City, and Domes and Minarets dominated the Skyline. In the th Century, when the Ottoman Sultans assumed the Office of Caliphate ( Chief Civil and Religious Authority of Islam ) Istanbul became the Center of the Islamic World as well.. The City was totally reconstructed and acquired a Magical Ambiance under the Sultans. Although No Wars featured in Istanbul’s History during this time, frequent fires repeatedly devastated large sections of the City. Page 22
  22. 22. Topkapi Palace is certainly the most important Historical Site to be visited in Istanbul. It is one of the Most Frequently visited Museums of Europe and is the Most Visited one in Turkey. MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL “where 2 continents meet” “ ” Page 23
  23. 23. The Palace served as the administrative Center of the Ottoman Empire for nearly 400 Years between the 15th and 19th Centuries. Its Principal parts were finished in 1478, then altered and enlarged by new additions in the reign of each succeeding Sultan. The Palace was abandoned in 1855 when Sultan Abdulmecid I, 31st Sultan of the Ottoman Empire, moved to the new Palace of Dolmabahce. In 1924, It was turned into a Museum upon the orders of Ataturk. Page 24
  24. 24. One of the Largest Diamonds in the World, the Spoonseller Diamond , is displayed in a special showcase in the hall. The Rooms are exquisitely decorated and tiled The Imperial Topkapi Palace built on the site of the old Acropolis commands an Extraordinarily beautiful view of the Bosphorus and the Golden Horn. The Complex has been expanded over the Centuries with many renovation such as after 1509 Earthquake and 1665 fire. Topkapi Palace is among those monuments belonging to the “Historical Areas of Istanbul” which became a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1985, and is described in Criterion as “the Best Example of Ensembles of Palaces of the Ottoman Period”.. Page 25
  25. 25. Page 26
  26. 26. Founded the Repuclic of Turkey after a War of Independence that lasted more than 4 years. Mustafa Kemal Ataturk assumed the Presidency of this Republic in Asia, and Changed the course of his country toward the Principles of Western Civilization. By the time Ataturk died in 1938, the Republic of Turkey was already recognized as a member of the Western World. The relocation of the Capital to Ankara never reduced the importance of Istanbul, and this incomparable city continued to maintain its enchanting appearance and life style. The Republic of Turkey has now proceeded for 75 years on the path of reason, based on scientific thought and facts, that was pointed out by Ataturk.. Page 27
  27. 27. The 2nd Hill houses the Oldest and Largest Covered Bazaar, Nuruosmaniye Mosque and Cemberlitas ( The Column of Constantine ) a gift to the City when it became the Capital of the Roman Empire. The Suleymaniye Mosque and the Fatih Mosque rise, respectively, on the 3rd and 4th Hills, and a Roman Aqueduct stretch between the two Hills. MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL “where 2 continents meet” “ ” Page 28
  28. 28. “Bosphorus” “Bosphorus” Page 29
  29. 29. The Sehzade Mosque was commissioned by Sultan Suleiman I in memory of his Oldest Son Prince Mehmet who died of Smallpox at the age of 21 in 1543 though the cause for his death is disputed.It was the first commission by the Imperial Architect Mimar Sinan, and was completed in 1548.It considered by Architectural Historians as Sinan’s first Masterpiece of Classical Ottoman Architecture. Sultan Selim Mosque is situated on the 5th Hill and The Kariye Museum on the slope of the 6th Hill. The word "chora" means "outside the city, the countryside". These decorations and the additions made in the 14th Probably, a small church built here before the erection of the century were ordered by Theodore Metochites. Mosaic 5th century Roman city walls gave its name to the later panels in the two narthexes at the entrance depict the lives churches built on the same site. The present-day edifice is of the Virgin and Christ in the chronological order described dated to the llth-14th centuries. Besides its attractive in the Bible. Religious subjects were depicted in the form of exterior, the mosaics and frescoes inside are considered frescoes in the side chapel. Prominent church and court masterpieces of the Byzantine "renaissance". personalities also figure in these frescoes. Page 30
  30. 30. Page 31
  31. 31. Haydarpasa Train Station Here is the Second Oldest Underground Railway in Europe, the Tunnel, which is still the shortest in the World. The Upper end of the Tunnel marks the beginning of Istiklal Avenue.This is a pedestrian street, except for the old-fashioned Tramways that have again been put into service, and it is surrounded by the buildings of foreign missions-foreign embassies that were converted into consulates in the Republican era. The Museum of Divan Literature at the Tunnel end of the avenue is housed in a beautiful building that was a Mevlevi Tekke ( Dervish Monastery ) ( th Century) Turkey's largest and most magnificent railway station, Haydarpasa was built in the early 20th century by the German architects Otto Ritter and Helmuth Cuno. A monument to the close Turkish - German relations of the time, the station is in neo-renaissance style and has a U-plan. The inauguration ceremony took place on 19 August 1908, just after the proclamation of the Second Constitution Istanbul Haydarpaşa is a terminus main station of the Turkish State Railways (TCDD) in Haydarpaşa close to Kadıköy at the Anatolian part of Istanbul, Turkey. International, domestic and regional trains running to east- and southbound destinations depart from this major terminal which was built as the terminus of the Istanbul-Baghdad and Istanbu Damascus-Medina railways during the final years of the Ottoman Empire. Page 32
  32. 32. The Inhabitants of Istanbul enjoy all 4 Seasons. The Characteristic Wheather here is somewhat cooler version of the Mediterranean Climate: •A Short Spring •Ideal Summer Temperatures, •A Long Autumn With Blue Skies And A Rainy Winter, •The Bosphorus Dons The Purple Of The Judas-Tree Groves In The Spring. The Parks and gardens are decorated with Tulips and other flowers. March is Cool & Rainy month, but April and May are exactly what one expects of the Spring. June is half Spring, half Summer. It is possible to bathe in the seas of Istanbul until the end of September. n July and August, except for perhaps two or three hot weeks, there are sometimes even cloudy or cool days. The weather can be undependable in a region with such a blending of lands and seas. Morning clouds may clear toward noon and invite the sun. Autumn is the longest season, and during the larger part of the year the morning haze makes the skies as bright as mother-of-pearl. Average Annual Temperature 13.7°C (56.6 °F) Coldest Month: February 5°C (41°F) Hottest Months: July-August 22-23°C (72-74°F) Average Annual Precipitation: 691 mm (27 inches) Average Snowy Days: 7 During the winter months from December to March one needs a raincoat, a thick coat, and sometimes even a fur. There are few days of frost or snow. The main winds throughout the year are the cool and rainy "poyraz" from the south, and the warm "lodos" from the south. The last severe winter within the city boundaries was experienced in 1978 when the airport had to be closed partially for three days. For those who long for the snow, the winter sports center in Uludag, Bursa is not far away. Alongside the efforts involving wastewater infrastructure, the seawaters are in the process of being cleaned and Istanbul is returning to its pre- pollution times of rich bathing opportunities. The beaches on the coast of the Black Sea, the Marmara, and the Princes' Islands are all less than one hour away from the center, and swimming is possible throughout the summer months.Only experienced swimmers should attempt the currents of the cool Bosphorus. On windy days, the Black Sea is like the ocean. “No other city in the world has beaches that are so safe and so close to the city, and seawaters with salt levels to suit every taste” Older inhabitants remember the days when they bathed in the Golden Horn; maybe it will be possible to do so again before the year 2004. Page 33
  33. 33. The City of Sultans The Dolmabahce Palace A blend of various European Architectural Styles, was built between by , the Court Architect of . The Ottoman Sultans had many The Three-storied Palace built The Palace has survived intact with Palaces in all ages, but the on a symmetrical plan has its Original Decorations, Furniture Topkapi was the official residence 285 Rooms and and the Silk Carpets and Curtains. until the completion of the 43 Halls. It surpasses all other Palaces in the Dolmabahce Palace World in Wealth and Magnificence. Page 34
  34. 34. Page 35
  35. 35. The GRAND BAZAAR (KAPALICARSI in Turkish) is one of the Largest It’s a real heaven for shoppers and a good covered markets in the World with its 4.400 opportunity for people to discover the Turkish Shops, 3.000 Firms, some 17 Hans (separate inns Hospitality.. for specific type of products), 64 Streets, 25.000 Employees, 4 Fountains, 2 Mosques and 22 Gates.. MAIDEN’S TOWER (Kiz Kulesi in Turkish) also known in the ancient Maiden’s Tower was first built in 408 B.C. The Greek and medieval Byzantine periods as most recent facelift was made in 1998.Used as a Leander’s Tower (Tower of Leandros), sits on a Lighthouse for centuries, the interior of the small islet located in the Bosphorus strait off the Tower has been transformed into a popular café coast of Uskudar in Istanbul. and restaurant, with an excellent view of the former Roman,Byzantine and Ottoman Empires. Page 36
  36. 36. ANATOLIAN FORTRESS The Fortress is situated on the Asian shore of the Together with the Rumeli Fortress on the opposite Bosphorus, the sole outlet of the Black Sea, and It side, It ensured full control over the Traffic in the was built by Sultan Bayezid in 1390-91. Next to it Bosphorus. The Asian Towers of the Fatih Bridge there is a stream running into the sea. rises in this district. The RUMELI FORTRESS A Fine example of Classic Turkish Military During the Annual Istanbul Festival of Arts, the Architecture, the Fortress adorns the Bosphorus in Interior of the Fortress is used as an Amphitheater. all its impressiveness. It was restored in the 1950’s It is best viewed from the Asian shore or from the and turned into a Museum. boats operating on the Bosphorus.. Page 37
  37. 37. More than Mosques in ISTANBUL * Official Bulletin of the Presidency of Religious Affair Page 38
  38. 38. Bosphorus & Fatih Sultan Mehmet Bridges MEHTER MEVLEVI Bands Dervishes MEDICAL TOURISM in ISTANBUL “where 2 continents meet” Page 39
  39. 39. Page 40
  40. 40. Page 41
  41. 41. It is considered the Heart of Modern Istanbul,and is the location of the Republic Monument, which was built in 1928 and commemorates the formation of the Turkish Republic. Taksim Square situated in the European part of Istanbul, Turkey, is a major Shopping, Tourist and Leisure district famed for its Restaurants, Shops and Hotels. TAKSIM Statue DIKILITAS Page 42
  42. 42. Turkish & Islamic Art Museum Page 43
  47. 47. Archaeology Turkish & Islamic Art Ataturk Museum Museum Museum Miniaturk Park 1453 Istanbul Museum Calligraphy Museum Topkapi Palace Museum Sabanci Museum Rahmi Koc Museum Railway Museum Ayasofya Museum Military Museum Page 48
  48. 48. Page 49
  49. 49. Page 50
  50. 50. Page 51
  51. 51. Page 52
  52. 52. 2 Universities 15 Hospitals 7 JCI Accrediated Hospitals 6.709 Administrative Personnel 1.036 Medical Doctors 273.000 m2 Total Closed Area 1.279 Total Patient Beds 1.200.000 Patients in a Year Page 53
  56. 56. ; Memorial Hospital is the first JCI (Joint Commission International) accredited Health Center in Turkey, and 21st in the world. Medical and Logistic departments are planned and operated based on JCIA (Joint Commission International Accreditation) standards. Memorial Hospital is the First Hospital in Turkey to join American Hospital Association (AHA) Page 57
  57. 57. Group Florence Nightingale GFN has 3 all JCI accrediated General Hospitals, a Teaching Hospital and a Medical Center located in the heart of Istanbul . CENTER OF EXCELLENCE ROBOTIC SURGERY Center ORGAN TRANSPLANT Center STROKE Center SPINE SURGERY Center Comprehensive CANCER Center CARDIAC SURGERY Center IVF Center Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Center 41.000 Heart Surgeries 105.000 Angiographies & Angioplasties 20.000 Orthopedic Surgeries 300 Robotic Surgeries in Urology 500 Liver Transplantations 200 Kidney Transplantations 8.000 Angiographies in a year 2.000 Invasive Cardiac Interventions 2..000 2 000 Heart Surgeries in a year JCIA (Joint Commission International Accreditation) standards. Page 58
  58. 58. Florence Nightingale Hospitals was founded in 1989, under the body of Turkish Cardiology Foundation as the First Cardiovascular Disease Hospital in the region.. Being a reference center in Cardiology and Cardiovascular Surgery, a team of 35 highly skilled surgeons perform 2.500 surgeries (mostly on beating heart) annually in 12 operating rooms; and over 8.000 angiography, balloon angioplasty and stent procedures in 3 procedure rooms at the Angio Laboratories. Minimally Invasive , Robotically Assisted Surgeries for Cardiovascular Surgery are being performed only in Group Florence Nightingale Hospitals in the region. Group Florence Nightingale Offers Medical Services In Its 600 Patient Beds, 25 Operating Rooms, 83 Intensive Care And 32 Emergency Beds. Planning To Introduce Its New Hospital In 2010 Which Is Architecturally designed to be Smart Hospital The Total Number Of Patient Beds Of The Group Will Reach A 1.000 Beds. Page 59
  59. 59. Page 60
  60. 60. ALL MEDICAL DEPARTMENTS  Anesthesiology & Reanimation  Nutrition and Dietetics  Angiography  Neurosurgery  Audiology  Nephrology  Neurology  Biochemistry  Nuclear Cardiology  Blood Transfusion Unit  Nuclear Medicine  Neonatal ICU  Check-Up  Cardiovascular Surgery  Oral, Dental and Jaw Surgery  Cardiac Rehabilitation Center  Ophtalmology  Cardiology  Obstetrics & Gynecology  Oncology  Organ Transplantation  Dermatology  Orthopedics & Traumatology  Emergency  Pediatric Immunology  Echocardiography  Pediatric Surgery  Endocrinology  Pediatric Endocrinology  Ear, Nose & Throat  Pediatric Gastroenterology  Pediatric Cardiology  Family Medicine  Pediatric Neurology  Foot Surgery  Pediatric Oncology  Pediatrics  Gastroenterology  Physical Therapy  General Surgery  Pathology  PET-CT  Hand Surgery  Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery  Hematology  Psychiatry  Hair Transplantation  Psychology  Infectious Diseases  Respratory Disorders Clinic  Internal Medicine  Radiation Oncology  Immunology, Hemato-Oncology, Genetics Lab  Radiology  IVF Center (In-Vitro Fertilization)  Intensive Care Units  Stroke Center  Spine Surgery  Kidney Transplantation Center  Sleeping Disorders Center  Liver and Biliary Tract Diseases  Thoracic Medicine  Thyroid  Maternal & Fetal Medicine  Thoracic Surgery  Macular Degeneration Center  Microbiology Urology Page 61
  65. 65. ISTANBUL CAMLICA GERMAN HOSPITAL 211 Beds 46 Suites 98 Patient Rooms 48 Standard Rooms 4 Grand Suites 170 M2 Patient Suites Page 66
  66. 66. ISTANBUL CAMLICA GERMAN HOSPITAL 13 Beds in Surgical ICU 14 Beds in Pediatric ICU 15 Beds in CVS ICU 2 Beds in Intermediate ICU 7 Beds in Cardiology ICU 2 Blocks Page 67
  68. 68. UHG UNIVERSAL Hospitals MEMORIAL Hospitals FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE Hospitals Organ Transplant Surgery Cardiovascular Surgery Neuro Surgery Spinal Surgery Pediatric Surgery Eye Surgery Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Ear Nose Throat Surgery Orthopedic Surgery Thorasic Surgery Urologic Surgery Gynecologic Oncology Surgery Gastric Surgery Endoscopic Surgery Page 69
  69. 69. ISTANBUL MEMORIAL HOSPITAL 200 Beds 10 5 Star Guest Suites 136 Patient Rooms 18 CVS ICU Beds 8 Operation Theatres 53.000 M2 Closed Area Page 70
  70. 70. Memorial Health Group is the Leading Medical Center in many of its departments in Turkey. Memorial and its doctors had performed many firsts in their areas in their short history of 6 years. Cardiology, Cardiovascular Surgery, IVF (In-Vitro Fertilization) and Organ Transplantation of Memorial Health Group are the leading units in their fields in Turkey with their professional staff and high level of technology utilized in diagnosis and treatment process. They are also the leading departments of Memorial in terms of patient numbers and success rates. * Memorial received license from Turkish Ministry of Health as the first private hospital to carry out organ transplantation (kidney and liver) and related immunogenetic and immunology laboratory services in March 2004. It is the First and only private hospital to carry out Kidney and Liver Transplantation in Turkey. Prof. Dr. Munci Kalayoglu, leaving his position as the Director of Liver Transplantation Program at University of Wisconsin, joined Memorial in 2006 as the Head of Organ Transplantation and General Surgery Department. * Memorial's IVF Center generated the First IVF Pregnancy via Microinjection in Turkey. It is also the first Center in Turkey which has an in-house Genetics Lab to carry out genetic inspections and resolve genetic issues prior to fertilization. Memorial Genetics Lab developed the First Beating Heart Cell in Turkey. * A high number of doctors/surgeons of Memorial have trained or worked in some of the best medical institutions in USA or Europe. Most of our doctors and nurses speak fluent English. Memorial Health Group not only wants to be recognized with its high qualified health services but also with value-added services like guest house, restaurants, shops and cafes. * Memorial Hospital at Okmeydani has a 5-star class guest house inside for its national and international patients. It is a 10-room hotel located within the hospital for patients and their families. Page 71
  71. 71. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ ORTHOPEDIC & SPINAL SURGERY UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Prof.Dr.Azmi HAMZAOGLU 1956 Born in Sinop Since 1979 MD 1979-1983 Orthopedic Surgery Specialisation 1983-1985 Istinye Hospital Orthopedic Surgery Department Since 1996 Prof.Dr. 1989-1991 Minnesota Spine Surgery Center / USA “Best Spine Surgery Center in the World” Since 1992 Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon in Florence Nightingale Hospital & University 2003 Established “First Spine Center of Turkey” 2007-2008 The Highest Tax Payer in Istanbul 2008 Chosen as “Best Orthopedic & Spine Surgeon in Turkey” Page 72
  72. 72. SCOLIOSIS SURGERY Diabetic Foot Surgery ONCOLOGIC ORTHOPEDIC SURGERY Hand Surgery ARTHROSCOPIC SURGERY Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery SPORT MEDICINE Knee & Hip Replacement Surgery HAND SURGERY Total Joint Reconstruction/ Arthroplasty SHOULDER AND ELBOW SURGERY Pediatric Orthopedics FOOT AND ANKLE SURGERY Spine Surgery MUSCULOSKELETAL ONCOLOGY Surgical Sports Medicine ORTHOPEDIC TRAUMA SURGERY “ Page 73
  73. 73. ”some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital DaVINCI Robotic Surgery 3.500 Cardiac Operations in a Year 890 PTCA & STENT (%19 MI) 2.500 Coronary Angiography in a Year 40 Elective Surgery in a Week 149 Heart TRANSPLANT 26 Asist Device Application 400 Catheter Apply 80 PMVB 50 Permanent Pacemaker 3.500 Echocardiography Page 74
  74. 74. CARDIOVASCULAR SURGERY Coronary Artery Bypass Off-Pump Coronary Artery Bypass Aortic Valve Repair and Replacement Mitral Valve Repair and Replacement MAZE Procedure for Atrial Fibrillation Thoracic Aortic Aneurysm Repair Aortic Dissection Repair Heart Transplantation VASCULAR OPERATIONS Abdominal aortic aneurysms Carotid Endarterectomy Lower Extremity Arterial Occlusive Disease Peripheral Vascular Disease Varicose Veins Sclerotherapy Varicose Vein Treatment Venous Insufficiency and Venous Ulcers Radiofrequency ablation at telangiectasias Diode laser Endovenous laser therapy (EVLT) Diabetic foot Chronic kidney failure, A-V fistula operations which haemodialysis patient need CONGENITAL HEART DEFECT REPAIR IN INFANTS & CHILDREN Repaired Tetralogy of Fallot Fontan Operations "Switch" Operations Congenital Valvular Abnormalities Pulmonary Hypertension Cyanotic Heart Disease Implantation of Pacemakers and Automatic Internal Cardiac Defibrillators Page 75
  75. 75. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ ONCOLOGY & TOMOTHERAPY UHG Italian Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Adults with cancer of the colon and rectum, breast, prostate, and lung comprise the largest number of patients seen at FNH; MEMORIAL and ITALIAN Hospital's Oncology Departments. Specialists at those Hospitals have extensive experience in the diagnosis and treatment of every kind of cancer, including: * Brain Tumors * Head & Neck Tumors * Sarcomas * Melanoma * Kidney Cancer * Ovarian Cancer * Other Gynecological Cancers * Hepatoma * Biliary Cancers * Pancreatic Cancer * Neuroendocrine Cancers Patients have access to novel drug, immunologic, biological targeted therapies and gene therapies through clinical trials. Innovative and advanced cancer care is available through state-of-the-art facilities and expert staff. Oncology services include: * Biological targeted therapy * Chemotherapy * Immunotherapy Specialty radiation oncology services offered at Italian Hospital & Florence Nightingale Hospitals include: * Brachytherapy (radioactive seed implants) and intravascular brachytherapy * Intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) * Intraoperative radiation therapy (with HDR and linear accelerators) * Multidisciplinary treatment combining radiation with surgery and chemotherapy * Radiofrequency ablation of tumors * Radiolabeled antibody treatment * Small field conformal radiation therapy * Stereotactic radiosurgery for neurological abnormalities (in conjunction with Neurosurgery) * Gamma Knife™ radiosurgery * Three-dimensional conformal radiation therapy * Whole-body radiation therapy in conjunction with the bone marrow transplant program Page 76
  77. 77. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ IMMUNOLOGY & HEMATOONCOLOGY & GENETIC DIAGNOSIS UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Genetic Diseases Diagnosis & Treatment Cancer Diagnosis & Treatment DNA Analysis Applied Biosystems 3130xl Translocation Tests Real-Time PCR FISH Analysis Thalassemia Sickle Cell Disease Cystic Fibrosis FMF Familial Mediterranean Fever Hemochromatosis, α-1-Antitripsin Deficiency Duchenne Muscular Distrophy Page 78
  78. 78. Newborn Screening Diagnostic Testing Prenatal Testing Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis Predictive & Presymptomatic Testing Research Testing Transplantation Immunology 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome Angelman Syndrome Canavan Disease Celiac Disease Charcot-Marie-Tooth Disease Color Blindness Cri Du Chat Cystic Fibrosis Down Syndrome Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy Haemophilia Klinefelter's Syndrome Neurofibromatosis Phenylketonuria Prader-Willi Syndrome Sickle-Cell Disease Tay-Sachs Disease Page 79
  79. 79. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ UROLOGY & UROLOGIC ONCOLOGIC SURGERY UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital DA VINCI Robotic Surgery High Intensity Focused Ultrasound ( HIFU ) ENDOUROLOGY Laparoscopy UROLOGIC Oncology NEUROUROLOGY PEDIATRIC Urology Andrology RECONSTRUCTIVE Urology FEMALE Urology Page 80
  80. 80. Blue Light Cystoscopy Robotic Laparoscopic Cystectomy Transuretral Tumor Resection Prostate Brachytherapy Robotic-Assisted Radical Prostatectomy Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomy External Beam Radiotherapy High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) Androgen Deprivation Therapy Aculoc Image-Guided Radiotherapy Open Radical Prostatectomy Laparoscopic & Robotic Surgery Transitional Cell Carcinoma TCC Small Cell Carcinoma Carcinosarcoma Primary Lymphoma Sarcoma Squamous Cell Carcinoma Renal Cell Carcinoma Page 81
  81. 81. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ ORGAN TRANSPLANT & HEPATOBILIARY SURGERY UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Prof.Dr.Munci KALAYOGLU Head of the General Surgery and Transplantation Department & Pediatric Surgery Specialist 2006-Present Memorial Hospital Istanbul 1984-2005 WISCONSIN University, Hospital And Clinics, USA Director, Liver Transplant ProgramMadison, Wisconsin 1983-1984 Wisconsin University, School Of Medicine, Usa Asistant Professor 1981-1983 PITTSBURGH University, School Of Medicine Since 1977 Professor Professional Awards, Honors and Publications Lifetime Achievement Award, Turkish American Doctors Association of Midwest (TADAM), Chicago, IL, March 2006 • “Years, Roads, Faces: The Life of a Transplant Surgeon” Turkish Radio Television TRT , 2004 • Recipient of the First Turkish Medical Honor Award 2002 • The 20th Century International Dr.Behcet Uz Medical Achievement Award Presented by Mr. Suleyman Demirel, President of Turkey, Presidential Palace, Ankara, Turkey, 1999 • President Madison Surgical Society 1995-1996 UW Surgery Faculty Teaching Award 1995 UW Surgery Faculty Teaching Award 1994 ODTU University, Ankara, Honorary Doctorate, 1994 TUBITAK Encouragement Award 1993 More than 200 international publications Page 82
  82. 82. Kidney Tx to HBs Ag(+) Recipient Kidney Tx to HCV Ab(+) Recipient Kidney Tx to Type I DM Recipient Kidney Tx to Type II DM Recipient Kidney Tx from HBs Ag(+) Donor to HBs Ab(+) Recipient Be a DONOR Be a HERO Save a LIFE… Kidney Tx with LCM IGM (+) Kidney Tx with 1 DR Match Kidney Tx with 6 MM Kidney Tx from ABO incompatible donor Insitu Split Liver Tx Exitu Split Liver Tx Liver Tx from deceased donor Liver Tx from Living donor SPK Tx PAK Tx Page 83
  83. 83. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ NEURO & BRAIN SURGERY UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Microscopy Navigation CUSA Stereotaxis. Neuronal Transplantations Pediatric Neurosurgery Congenital Diseases Surgery Pediatric Brain And Spinal Diseases Surgery GAMA Knife Page 84
  84. 84. Stereotactic Surgery Gamma Knife Surgery Endovascular Surgery Chiari Malformations Spinal Disc Herniation Spinal Stenosis Hydrocephalus Head Trauma (Brain Hemorrhages,Skull Fractures, Etc.) Spinal Cord Trauma Traumatic Injuries Of Peripheral Nerves Brain Tumors Tumours Of The Spine,Spinal Cord & Peripheral Nerves Cerebral Aneurysms Stroke, Including Hemorrhagic Stroke Intracerebral Hemorrhage, Such As Subarachnoid Hemorrhage, Intraparenchymal, & Intraventricular Hemorrhages Epilepsy Surgery Parkinson's Disease, Chorea Minimally Invasive Stereotactic Techniques Stereotactic Neurosurgery Ablative Surgery Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery Some Forms Of Intractable Psychiatric Disorders Malformations Of The Nervous System Carotid Artery Stenosis Vascular Malformations Peripheral Neuropathies Moyamoya Disease Page 85
  85. 85. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ PHYSICAL TREATMENT & REHABILITATION UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Pain Medicine Pediatric Rehabilitation Spinal Cord Injury Medicine Neuromuscular Medicine Sports Medicine Hospice And Palliative Medicine Cardiovascular And Pulmonary Rehabilitation Geriatric Physical Therapy Neurological Physical Therapy Orthopedic Physical Therapy Pediatric Physical Therapy Page 86
  86. 86. Physical Treatment & REHABILITATION Treatment Rooms Massage Rooms 2.000 M2 Total Area Rehabilitation Pool GYM Saloons Electrotherapy Vacuum Interference Ultrasonography Traction Short Wave Diathermia Laser Therapy Tilttable Stepper Vestibuler Rehabilitation Hydrotherapy Unit and many others.. … Page 87
  87. 87. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ NUCLEAR MEDICINE UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital PET/CT SCINTIGRAPHY SPECT/CT GALLIUM scans WHITE BLOOD CELL scans MIBG OCTREOTIDE scans DIAGNOSTIC NUCLEAR MEDICINE IMAGING NUCLEAR MEDICINE THERAPY Page 88
  89. 89. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ IVF TUBE BABY & GYNECOLOGY UHG German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Prof.Dr.Semra KAHRAMAN •2000-Presentt Memoriiall Hospiittall •2000-Presen Memor a Hosp a Head Off The IIVF,, Androllogy And Genettiics Departtmentt IIsttanbull Head O The VF Andro ogy And Gene cs Depar men s anbu •1996-1997 •1996-1997 New York Uniiversiitty,, Cornelll Mediicall Centter New York,, Usa New York Un vers y Corne Med ca Cen er New York Usa IIllliinoiis Masoniic Centter,, Reproducttiive Genettiics IInsttiittutte Chiicago,, Usa no s Mason c Cen er Reproduc ve Gene cs ns u e Ch cago Usa Brussells Van Hellmantt Hospiittall IIvff Centter Brussells,, Bellgiium Brusse s Van He man Hosp a v Cen er Brusse s Be g um •1993-2000 •1993-2000 Sevgii Hospiittall Obsttettriiciian & Gynecollogiistt Ankara Sevg Hosp a Obs e r c an & Gyneco og s Ankara •1991-1992 •1991-1992 Osllo Uniiversiitty IIVF Centter,, Haugesund Hospiittall Osllo,, Norway Os o Un vers y VF Cen er Haugesund Hosp a Os o Norway Proffessiionall Awards,, Honors and Publliicattiions Pro ess ona Awards Honors and Pub ca ons • TUBIITAK((The Sciienttiiffiic and Technollogiicall Research Counciill off Turkey)) Award • TUB TAK The Sc en c and Techno og ca Research Counc o Turkey Award • Culltturall Exchange Felllowshiip off tthe Miiniisttry off Nattiionall Educattiion 1991 • Cu ura Exchange Fe owsh p o he M n s ry o Na ona Educa on 1991 • More tthan 150 arttiiclles ((nattiionallly and iintternattiionallly publliished)) • More han 150 ar c es na ona y and n erna ona y pub shed • 250 Orall presenttattiions and postters • 250 Ora presen a ons and pos ers • Human Reproducttiion,, Reproducttiive Biiomediiciine Onlliine Magaziine Publliicattiions • Human Reproduc on Reproduc ve B omed c ne On ne Magaz ne Pub ca ons • 2 Books:: Advanced Assiistted Reproducttiion Techniiques – Ovullattiion IIndiicattiion • 2 Books Advanced Ass s ed Reproduc on Techn ques – Ovu a on nd ca on Proffessiionall Traiiniings,, Lecttures and Confferences attttended Pro ess ona Tra n ngs Lec ures and Con erences a ended • Sttudiies att Cornelll Uniiversiitty IIVF Centter,, New York • S ud es a Corne Un vers y VF Cen er New York • Sttudiies att Chiicago Reproducttiive Genettiics IInsttiittutte • S ud es a Ch cago Reproduc ve Gene cs ns u e • Sttudiies att Haugesund hospiittall IIVF Laborattory,, Norway • S ud es a Haugesund hosp a VF Labora ory Norway • IIVF Sttudiies att Osllo Uniiversiitty,, Riikshospiittalle IIVF Centter • VF S ud es a Os o Un vers y R kshosp a e VF Cen er • Proff.. Dr.. Semra Kahraman iis tthe ffiirstt physiiciian iin Turkey who perfformed miicroiinjjecttiion,, surgiicall sperm • Pro Dr Semra Kahraman s he rs phys c an n Turkey who per ormed m cro n ec on surg ca sperm exttracttiion,, ffreeziing ttechniiques and preiimpllanttattiion genettiic diiagnosiis.. ex rac on reez ng echn ques and pre mp an a on gene c d agnos s Proffessiionall Awards,, Honors and Publliicattiions Pro ess ona Awards Honors and Pub ca ons • TUBIITAK ((The Sciienttiiffiic and Technollogiicall Research Counciill off Turkey)) Award • TUB TAK The Sc en c and Techno og ca Research Counc o Turkey Award Page 90
  90. 90. Laparoscopy Hysterescopy Hysterosalpingography Sonohysterography Intrauterin Insemination Tube Baby by Microinjection Gamet Transfer Assisted Hatching Embryo Freezing Ejaculate Analysis Page 91
  91. 91. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ PLASTIC & RECONTRUCTIVE SURGERY UHG Camlıca German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Burn Unit ICU All Kinds Of Reconstructive Surgery Laser Treatment Congenital Abnormalities Rejuvenation Of Face Rhinoplasty Liposuction And Body Forming All Kinds Of Reconstructive Surgery Skin And Soft Tissue Cancer Excision & Operating The Defect With Suitable Methods Natal Face Abnormalities Operations Claft Lib And Palate Page 92
  92. 92. “…some State of Art Departments in Istanbul “ MOLECULAR TESTS - GENETICS UHG Camlıca German Hospital Memorial Hospital Florence Nightingale Hospital Adult Polycystic Kidney Disease DNA detection Amniotic fluid, chromosome & genetic abnormality Analysis BCL-2 Gene rearrangement Breakpoint cluster region rearrangement in CML Chlamydia trachomatis DNA probe Chromosome analysis Chromosome In Situ Hybridization Cystic Fibrosis DNA detection DNA banking Duchenne/Becker Muscular Dystrophy DNA detection Fragile X DNA detection Gene Rearrangement for Leukemia and Lymphoma Hepatitis B DNA detection HIV Virus DNA Amplification Identification DNA Testing Lyme disease DNA detection Mycobacteria - DNA probe Mycoplasma pneumoniae - DNA test Neisseria gonorrhoeae DNA Test N-myc Amplification Polymerase chain reaction Sex chromatin test Page 93
  94. 94. collaboration with European Oncology Institute (IEO-Milano/Italy) Lorad Multicare Platinum Prone Stereotactic Breast Biopsy System Digital Spot Mammography Nuclear Medicine 7/24 General Surgery Orthopedic Surgery ICU Radiation Oncology Medical Oncology Pharmacy 7/24 Chemotherapy Saloon with 11 Beds with view of Sea Chemotherapy Room with 8 Beds Protective Breast Operations Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy Mamatom, Roll & Snoll Technics Breast Recontructions Page 95
  95. 95. established in 1820 Page 96
  96. 96. Page 97
  97. 97. Excellency in Medicine Excellency in Hospitality Page 98
  98. 98. Page 99
  99. 99. Page 100