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Social media


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Published in: Business, Technology
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  • --Online content, applications, and services make up social media --These sources enable companies to provide a better online experience for consumers.
  • --A SocialCorp is a company that takes advantage of social media to reshape their relationships with customers and other important audiences.--Each of these aspects listed are reasons why your company should become a SocialCorp.
  • --Social Media is the closest to a one-on-one conversation between some of the largest companies and millions of consumers.--Anyone that has anything relevant or interesting to contribute can participate--Technology, Content, Websites, & online application has changed how companies can connect with consumers.
  • --Social media enables consumers to access an abundance of information within minutes or even seconds.--It is important for companies to find out how their customers are feeling about them and what they’re interested in, by using social media the company can learn more about its customers while the customers are learning more about the company.
  • --Social media helps companies distribute their message and enables genuine 1 on 1 conversations with consumers.--Social media can be used to communicate with many different people, in many different ways, which can be beneficial to all aspects of a business.--Those that are using social media are seen as creative and risk takers. --Although Social media is not guaranteed to make you successful, by taking the chance and hoping to be successsful, companies gain more awareness and in most cases more popularity.
  • --Social media can be used publicly or privately. --Companies can have social media used only by employees to help each other communicate during projects or new ideas. --Companies can have social media that is shared between the company and consumers to promote the company, or gain more knowledge about the consumers’ needs. By engaging in a conversation with the customer, the customer gains a sense of importance, and appreciation that they’re being listened to and that their needs are as important as the companies desire to make money. --Companies can have social media that is used between themselves and business partners to discuss current endeavors, future plans, or ideas
  • --These services can be used to post, share, comment on text, images, video, audio,generally within moments without needing technical knowledge.--A company doesn’t need to use all social media services but should take the services used seriously in order to produce the ultimate amount of success.
  • Authenticity- Messages are unfiltered, unmassaged, spontaneous and come directly from the people that run the largest corporations. The companies put things out there that are the truth, consumers state how they really feel about companies and their products.Transparency- this calls for the removal of all barriers to free, timely public access to accurate information on a company’s finances, ownership, and business prospects. This is to ensure a consumers is not being subjected to fraud, scandals, or business failures of the web.Immediacy- Communication is taking place at lightening fast speed. Within minutes a post can be made describing the greatest customer experience with a company or unfortunately the worst, for millions to see. Social media can be beneficial for a company to find out how their customers feel immediately without having to wait weeks or months for a survey reply that may never come.Participation- Customers can leave comments to a company’s blog or social media newsroom regarding their questions or concerns about a product or service. The company can participate with the customer in the same way whether its on a blog, or other social media service. The sense of participation enables the customer to feel their opinion does matter and they’re a part of the company’s new developments.Connectedness- Consumers are able to be more connected to a company and their posts on blogs and social media sites by being “alerted” whether its through email, or text messages. The minute something is posted, that information is available to thousands & millions of people within seconds, thanks to RSS feeds.Accountability- Although there have been negativity displayed on social media sources, and guidelines are not always followed. The company is responsiblefor ensuring its employees participate in ethical behavior. Companies can provide training, policies, and procedures to ensure an ethical culture is followed. Consumers will reward those that participate in ethical behavior and positivity instead of negativity and unethical behavior.
  • --The graph contains the percent of Internet users in each country that have signed up for a social Network profile as of 2009.
  • --Although there are many websites that can be used to access social media sources, there are also many applications for smart phones.--Business can utilize apps such as: Groupon to provide customers with current coupon promotions, Foursquare to provide points and coupons or gifts for frequent customers, Where to list your business whenever that type of business is searched for in a certain area.--Mobile websites can also be created for the business which gives all the important information about the company without all the over detailed designs of a traditional website.--Business can also create their own smart phone app for their business that can involve information such as current events, information about the company, contact information, coupons and sales information, etc.
  • -- With the amount of people connecting using social networking, why wouldn’t you want your business to be a part of this large community of potential and current customers?
  • Dell is currently using social media to help become a better company, and deliver precise products and services the customers need to be successful.--Not only does dell participate in the social media world, it utilizes many different resources. Dell is currently connected with at least 10 different social media networks.Verizon participates in social media but has a separate identity for each aspect of their company such as: Corporate Residential Wireless Small Business Medium & Large Business Verizon in the Community--By splitting up each aspect of the company and creating their own social media resources, the customers all receive a personalized experience for the service they’re subscribing to or interested in learning about.
  • Northwestern Technology can provide an abundance of information on social networking sites such as the information shown on this slide. However Northwestern Technology is not limited to only these options. The social Media world is constantly growing and can be utilized in many ways to help a company become more and more successful by the minute.
  • Northwestern Technology can join the APP craze and create an APP that provides valuable information about the company to its customers. Many people have smart phones these days and are using them for absolutely everything they possibly can, why skip out of that phenomenon?
  • Transcript

    • 1. Join the Social Media Community
      Northwestern Technology
    • 2. Video
      Online Communities
      Micro Blogging
      Social Networking
      What is Social Media
    • 3. Unparalleled Access to Information
      Enhanced Brand Awareness & Perception
      Better Engagement with Customers, Employees, & Business Partners
      Richer User Experience
      Improved Web Metrics
      Increased Control over the Company’s Marketplace Message
      The Conversation
      Benefits for Social Corps
    • 4. Social Media- The “Conversation”
      The closest thing to a one-on-one convo.
      Anyone can participate.
      Technology has enabled companies the power to converse like never before
      Join The conversation
      …There’s a conversation going on about your company whether or not you participate, so maintain control of your message and participate!
    • 5. Consumer buying habits
      Brand perception
      Competitive landscape
      Product support issues
      Unparalleled Access to Information
    • 6. Be better engaged with “influencers”:
      Companies that use social media are:
      Willing to take risks
      Enhanced Brand Awareness & Perception
    • 7. Different social media can be created for each audience
      Everyone can be more involved
      Customers are treated like they’re important
      Better Engagement with Customers, Employees, & Business Partners
    • 8. Social Networks:
      Photo Sharing
      Online Communities
      Micro blogging tools
      Social bookmarking
      Google Reader
      Video Creation & Sharing
      Ustream TV
      Social Media:The products used to participate
    • 9. Authenticity
      What makes Social media Valuable
    • 10. Social Media Today
    • 11. Smartphone Apps
      Mobile Websites
      Social Media & Technology
    • 12. Facebook
      1.5 Million business pages
      400+ million active users
      24+ million unique visitors per month
      500 million tweets per day
      60+ million professionals worldwide
      Social Networking
    • 13. Dell
      Uses social media to learn about customers and provide what they’re looking for
      Participates in Dell Community, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare, Flickr, YouTube, Orkut, Xing, RenRen, and Sina
      Uses social media to share news, opinions, and information which is accessbile from just about anywhere.
      Participates in different social media resources for each aspect of their company.
      Social Media in the IT industry
    • 14. Facebook
      Provide updated company information
      Interact with customers
      Free way of promoting the business
      Offer promotions such as contests
      Quickly provide pictures and video of current products
      Provide current event updates
      Quickly distribute new information
      Connect with other business owners
      Northwestern Technology’s Facebook & Twitter Accounts
    • 15. Company Biography
      Contact Information
      Links to website, & Social networking sites
      Northwestern Technology APP
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