1st Proposal TNT


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Analysis current website and improvements.

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  • Current website landing page
  • Confusing???
  • We need to reflect the company in our website, we are a young creative company and not a faceless corporation.There is a need to communicate a clear message to our customers, if they don’t understand why would they do business with us. A website is about communicating to your audience
  • Most of the users don’t even know what CMS means, let’s not bombard them with technical terms to optimize for search engine’s only.
  • The tone of voice that needs to be set on our website needs to be clear (not too many technical terms or explain them). Also we need to communicate in a relaxed, catchy and creative manner to make our audience feel comfortable and make sure the message sticks.
  • Example what we could write on the homepage.
  • We need to be able to make our message impossible to miss to communicate clearly.This is an example of how to do this on the contact page.
  • This is our message on the current contact page, feel confused? What is a request to a quick contact us???
  • Show our passion, tell the user what to do… let them know we are service orientated.
  • We need to remove all “dead” content that does not serve any purpose making things clear for our users.
  • Any user who click the FAQ will definitely not expect to find a roadmap for the company in there. And while the abbreviation for the company could be left in as a “fun” fact this really is not the most important question anybody will ask.
  • This should never ever happen again on the new site.
  • Just as joke ^_^
  • Example how it could look
  • 1st Proposal TNT

    1. 1. TNT Makeover 2009
    2. 2. Why a makeover? • We don’t communicate clear • We are missing personality • We don’t have any concept
    3. 3. What we are saying http://tnt.co.th
    4. 4. What we want to say! We are.. • Creative • Clear • Passion • Effective • Young • Cool
    5. 5. Who is our audience “People looking for an agency that can help realize their project. The majority is not tech savvy at all.”
    6. 6. Tone of voice • Clear • Relaxed • Creative
    7. 7. Sample copy Do you need help realizing your online business? We have over 10 years of experience in interactive media, developing creative solutions for the web. This is not just our job it’s our passion. We would love to hear your ideas and discuss how we can help you realize them.
    8. 8. Message We need to be make our message impossible to miss for out audience. Sometimes by telling them exactly what to do.
    9. 9. Example http://tnt.tntoffice.dev/english/contact_us/ “Use this form to request a quick contact us. Fill out the form below to send e-mail to us.”
    10. 10. Current form
    11. 11. How we should do this
    12. 12. Removing excessive content • We need to remove all content that does not serve a real purpose.
    13. 13. Example FAQ
    14. 14. Gaining trust of our audience How can a visitor ever trust a web design company, who makes a sloppy job of his own website? Make it work!
    15. 15. Non working links / pages http://tnt.co.th/application/english/solutions/ http://tnt.co.th/website/english/ / http://tnt.co.th
    16. 16. Concept Superheroes.. Why? “TNT has been fighting bad multimedia for years, and helping clients in need.” Who doesn’t want to be saved by a superhero!
    17. 17. And….
    18. 18. Mockup http://www.mech7.net/tmp/tnt/2009/tnt_2009_mockup.jpg