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TAC Training



Presentation used at TAC Train the Trainers Program, August 2011

Presentation used at TAC Train the Trainers Program, August 2011



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TAC Training Presentation Transcript

  • 1. TAC Trainers Workshop Welcome Back! And THANK YOUPlease be sure to sign in AND pick up school materials.
  • 2. Goals• What’s New?• How will teacher access center be affected by the launching of home access?• What will be needed for teachers to put on their “party face”?• What grading practices will be in common with all teachers?• Preparing parents, staff and students
  • 3. 2010-2011….it was a very good year…Teachers logged inTeachers took attendance and lunch countsTeachers entered IPRsTeachers entered RCsAnd we all survived!
  • 4. 2011-2012….Goals for TACTeachers logged inTeachers took attendance and lunch countsTeachers entered IPRsTeachers entered RCsTeachers will use TAC GradebookTeachers will be able to access TEST ScoresHAC will launchAnd we all WILL SURVIVE!
  • 5. The more things change…
  • 6. New Can see the new strategy as tool Possibilities to add to their current pedagogy. Value/ I am “I am a professional educator and I “My voice matters” part of this am good at what I do.” Purpose? Support Professional Time to process How to learn this? Development Time to master the skill To get materials ready To call homes To plan Time Set up my classroom Open House already?!?Air conditioning?!? I need more books! How many students?? My Stuff I need more desks! Where are my rosters? Get my Gradebook ready When will my schedule be done? My computer isn’t on
  • 7. What we’ve done…
  • 8. Did you ever sneak a peak at your teacher’s Gradebook in school?
  • 9. Transparency of Grading
  • 10. Grading:
  • 11. Teacher Access Center• A Gradebook• Attendance• Student Emergency info/contacts• Alerts• Seating Charts• Rosters• Testing information• Performance Plus• Interim Reports/Report Cards• Parent Portal (HAC)• Etc etc etc…
  • 12. Explain how you grade…
  • 13. Give this student a Grade…• C+• C• MA (missing assignment)• D• C• MA• B-• A• F• F
  • 14. Give this student a Grade…• 71• 79• MA (missing assignment)• 65• 75• MA• 80• 100• 59• 20
  • 15. Give this student a Grade…• 71- HW• 79- HW• MA (missing assignment)- Journal• 65- HW• 75- HW• MA- Journal• 80- Quiz• 98- Test• 59- Class Participation• 20- Journal
  • 16. Grade This Student… Assignment Student Score Total Available Chapter 1 8 10 questions HW Chapter 1 10 13 119 vocabulary HW ___ Journal Entry 1 Excused 10 147 Chapter 2 7 10 Questions HW =81% Chapter 2 11 14 Vocabulary HW Journal Entry 2 Not turned in- 0 10 Journal Entry 3 9 10 Quiz Chapter 1 25 25 Class 3 5 participation Test chapter 1-2 46 50
  • 17. What happens when the ref makes a bad call?• In arguably the most controversial call in World Series history, Don Denkinger calls the Royals Jorge Orta safe at first base in the ninth inning of Game 6 of the 1985 Series against the Cardinals. TV replays show that St. Louis pitcher Todd Worrell had clearly beaten Orta to the bag, but Denkingers call sets the stage for a two- run Royals rally in a critical 2-1 victory. Kansas City goes on to win the Series in seven games.• http://mlb.mlb.com/video/play.jsp?content_id=130629 21
  • 18. Dear Teacher, I know the rules andI am watching the game. Sincerely, A.Parent
  • 19. Feedback“The most effective grading practices provide accurate, specific, timely feedback designed toimprove student performance”-Robert Marzano
  • 20. TAC Feedback“When used in a timely, fair manner,TAC will be one of the toolsto facilitate Marzano’s strategy on Feedback”
  • 21. 3 Toxic Practices1. Averaging all scores the same – Is learning at the beginning of the quarter as great as later?2. The “semester killer”- One project that is worth a do-or-die grade achiever.3. Zeroes for missing work- Reeves Article. D- is a wretched grade.. So a 0 is 6 times worse than wretched ?
  • 22. So, what does all this mean for our teachers and parents?• They will need grading to be fair• They will need grading to be timely• They will need grading to make sense• They will need grading to consistent• They will need grading to be effective in increasing achievement
  • 23. How to help1. Ask teachers to write out how they grade. They WILL need to be able to explain it in words2. Ask teachers to send home classroom expectations for grading w/opening letter.3. Make grading policy in friendly language4. Keep consistent, timely and fair5. Learn to say “Oops, sorry. I am still learning the system. Thank you for bringing that to my attention.”6. Don’t let a missed assignment be a deal breaker.
  • 24. Consistencies they will have to deal with in TAC• All point based• Categories must be defined• Blanks (MAs) can be excluded• Percent averages may be rounded/truncated• Letter grade will automatically correlate on district scale• Weighting assignment and/or category values• Due dates• Publishing comments or not• Students WILL have their own separate access
  • 25. Let’s take a look at HAC•• Username: s.jones• Password: test1
  • 26. During the course of 2011-2012• Your building will go live with HAC• Contacts in office are being cleaned up first.• Start the year like it is already live ~ do not wait!• Next steps… set up your gradebook
  • 27. Today…• 1.) Learn how to set up our gradebooks• 2.) Learn how to define categories and assignments• 3.) Learn how to enter scores.• The manual is your reference. It is also available on Safari Montage (search TAC) or at…• http://issuu.com/mebright/docs/tac