JCPenney NSAC 2011 Campaign


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WKU Advertising Campaign for JCPenney, Spring 2011

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JCPenney NSAC 2011 Campaign

  2. 2. [CAMPAIGN OVERVIEW] J C Penney has spent the past 100 years exists between what JCP is implementing making the brand a household name. and what W25-34 believe to be true However, your company is now facing about your company. The campaign will tremendous competition from conventional convince the target market that JCP is brick and mortar stores and online retailers. stylish, affordable, and a fun place to shop. Not only are business dynamics changing, The agency recommends highlighting that your customers are changing dramatically. JCP is a speciality store inside a department Research from JCP shows that women in the store by incorporating your present tag; 25-34 demographic have similar attitudes Who Knew! into the campaign. despite being at different stages in their Red186 has developed a multifaceted lives. These women fall in to two categories; integrated communication plan which women with children and women without efficiently allocates your $100m campaign children. The women with children are budget. A key component of the plan is a shifting their spending and shopping new reality show that will engage W25-34 behavior with fewer, more carefully and help change the current perception considered self-purchases because they of JCP within the target audience. Each are balancing work and family expenses. A week, stylists will compete by showcasing large portion of women without children the beauty and versatility of JCP fashions are recently-graduated young-professionals and accessories. Creative and other media who purchase for work, social and nightlife. efforts will motivate W25-34 to watch the These women need clothes that are versatile show, vote for their favorite stylist and visit for various occasions. JCP to create their own designer wardrobes. Primary research conducted by Red186 TV, print, mobile, out-of-home and in-store with W25-34 illustrates that, while JCP is interactive terminals will promote your now promoting higher-end fashion with new MNG line and incorporate the fashion MNG by Mango and remodeling stores, the suggestions from the stylists competing on target audience is not yet aware of these the show. The winning stylist will become changes and tend to view JCP as a more the face of JCP and will incorporate style traditional retailer without much distinction advice to your consumers through different when compared to other clothing retailers. media outlets using a new application This means that a communication gap designed for this campaign by Red186.2 OVERVIEW 3
  3. 3. business Challenge T he agency’s goal is to engage women The biggest challenge in this effort will between the ages of 25 and 34, then be to attract new 25-34 year old female retain them as loyal JCP customers. customers without alienating your current The campaign must convince consumers customers. Specifically, the campaign must: that you are a stylish, affordable, and fun -Acquire female customers ages 25-34; place to shop. A budget of $100 million -Retain customers ages 25-34 and will be used to develop an integrated -Increase shopping frequency and marketing communications campaign spending among current female customers scheduled for December 2011 through ages 25-34. April 2013 to incude pre-campaign through Source: NSAC Case Study post-campaign strategies. Communication task R [ esearch conducted by Red186’s Consumer Experience Team (EXP team) shows that W25-34 are generally unaware of your new brands and merchandising changes. Communication efforts will target W25-34 to inform them that JCP offers stylish, versatile, and affordable fashions. The campaign will generate visits to your retail locations and to meet your objectives. the campaign will generate visits to your retail locations [ and to meet your objectives.RESEARCH4 5
  4. 4. Market Insight Primary Competitors A S ccording to the research provided in pecialty retailers are also very popular the case study, JCP lags in key brand with W25-34. Red186 developed the metrics when compared to main following list of key retail competitors competitors, such as Macy’s, Kohl’s, and and a brief description of their current Target. consumer engagement promotions. Macy’s: Kohl’s: Target: Banana Republic: Locations: 800 Locations: 1,050 Locations: 1,750 Locations: 500 EXHIBIT A: Brand Health Measures By Competitor 2007-2009; 25-34 years old Source: Internal Study, 2010 Merchandise: men’s, Share of Audience, Buyers, Transactions, and 2010 Males$2.46Femalesand Sales: $25 billion in 2010 Sales: $18 billion in 2010 Merchandise: Sales: $67.4 billion in Merchandise: Dollars: Sales: vs. billion in 2010 Merchandise: men’s women’s, and children’s 100% women’s, men’s, men’s, women’s, and women’s apparel apparel and accessories, children’s apparel and 90% children’s apparel and Key Brand Metric Rankings* Among 25-34 year olds cosmetics, footwear, and accessories, cosmetics, 80% accessories, footwear, Banana Republic has home furnishings jewelry, footwear, and 70% food, electronics, an active Facebook 60% home furnishings outdoors and page and their current Ranking Macy’s Facebook page 50% recreation equipment, campaign is “Trend contains mostly positive 40% does not have Kohl’s home furnishings, toys, Report: Utility Chic.” ‘07 ’08 ‘09 ‘07 ’08 ‘09 ‘07 ’08 ‘09 ‘07 ’08 ‘09 ‘07 ’08 ‘09 ‘07 ’08 ‘09 feedback, with comments 30% a Facebook page or and office supplies Brand Choice expressing love for 20% an interactive website. 4 4 4 3 3 3 5 5 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 6 6 6 Go to the store in next 90 days products and brand. 10% They do have in-store Web promotions vary, They are conducting a 0% interactive terminals including an active Brand Commitment 5 5 5 3 3 3 4 4 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 6 6 6 My favorite store million-dollar makeover Internet Users that are similar to Internet Buyers Transactions Facebook. Target Dollars contest tied in with the ones in JCP, only delivers weekly FSIs in Brand Momentum U.S. Males U.S. Females 5 5 5 2 2 2 4 4 4 3 3 3 1 1 1 6 6 6 their Facebook, where smaller. Sunday newspapers On it’s way up eight participants will be U.S. Consumers, Non-Travel Internet Purchases, February 2010 across the U.S. Brand Leadership selected from their fans Source: comScpre e-Commerce Report, comScore Media Metrix Well ahead of the rest 5 5 5 4 4 4 3 4 3 2 2 2 1 1 1 6 6 6 to receive makeovers. Word of Mouth Their Facebook page A store I’m hearing a lot about 5 5 5 3 3 3 4 3 4 2 2 2 1 1 1 6 6 6 also has a tab called “Trend Report” that pieces Net Promoter Score clothes together to create Brand advocates excluding 4 4 3 2 2 2 5 4 5 3 3 3 1 1 1 6 6 6 detractors a spring outfit. pg. 7 Case Study *Ranking 1-6 with 1 being the top-ranked store Grey shading indicates the leader on attribute RESEARCH Please tell us which of the following retailers you have visited in the past 6 weeks. Kohl’s 52 45% Macy’s 55 47% Target 100 86% JC Penney 37 32% Express 31 27%6 6 New York & Company 34 29% 7
  5. 5. Primary Competitors JCP Swot analysis Red186 used a SWOT analysis to better identify your position in the marketplace: Old Navy: Locations: 1,040 Sales: $5.8 billion in 2010 Gap: Locations: 3,100 Sales: $14.7 billion in 2010 Express: Locations: 570 Sales: $1.7 billion in 2010 New York & Co.: Locations: 575 Sales: $1.1 billion in 2010 S STRENGTHS -Well-known brand -Successful online presence -Innovative company W Merchandise: men’s, Merchandise: men’s, Merchandise: men’s Merchandise: women’swomen’s, children’s women’s, and children’s and women’s apparel apparel and accessoriesapparel and accessories apparel and accessories and accessories New York & Co. sponsors WEAKNESSES Old Navy sends out The Gap has a mobile Express has an active the TV show, “What Not -Declining revenue and profitsweekly Facebook ads. app to help customers Facebook page, which to Wear.” Fans of the -Outdated retail locations do not fit modern lookCustomers interact with find which jeans is currently promoting show can find the styles -Consumers are generally unaware of new lines and remodeling effortsthe brand, discussing work best for them. their, “On With the that were featured on -Perceived as being a traditional department store -Current media plan may not be reaching W25-34 Ocoupons and sales online. Their Facebook page Show” campaign. the show through theirOld Navy also features receives moderate interactive Facebook fantheir current sales on their consumer interaction. page. New York & The Gap’s current also uses mobile alerts campaign is titled, “Modern design, style and Twitter to reach their consumers. OPPORTUNITIES -Projected growth of W25-34 in everything you do -Increasing number of women in college and ease in everything -Greater number of W25-34 in workforce you wear.” T -Exploding use of digital media by W25-34 offering new ways to engage customers THREATS -Growing consumer preference for specialty retail stores -Pricing competition in the online retail space -Department stores, such as Macy’s and Kohl’s, are ahead of JCP in key brand metrics8 RESEARCH 9
  6. 6. BRAND INSIGHT W hile JCP has served certainly a positive perception, the customers well for over agency’s EXP team discovered that 100 years, methods of W25-34 do not share this perception engagement are rapidly changing. You are heading in the right direction when considering shopping for fashionable clothes. PRIMARY RESEARCH by adding trendier, more modern Quantitative and qualitative lines such as Bisou Bisou, a.n.a, research conducted by the agency Sephora, and Mango by MNG. But, targeting W25-34 found that JCP is Online Survey T according to the agency’s research, often perceived as “dated.” Several he research you provided with this positive and negative store experiences, the your target market is unaware of research participants said that they assignment was extensive, showing majority of respondents listed negative ones these changes. “think of their grandmothers” when that you clearly understand your and only one respondent had something Many consumers consider JCP as a they think of your brand, and that customers. The EXP team at Red186 used positive to say. However, the respondents retailer offering a wide selection of JCP “would not be a place to get the this existing research as a platform to reach did see JCP as “affordable,” but thought the merchandise for the whole family latest fashions.” out to W25-34 through quantitative and company needed additional promotions. at affordable prices. While this is qualitative research methods. Results from the Facebook survey led to The agency conducted an exploratory the development of a revised questionnaire Facebook survey last fall, with results to assess the perception of your brand showing that most respondents considered within the target audience. JCP“boring and outdated.”When asked about CONSUMER INSIGHT Red186’s national online - 47% were 18-24 R survey was launched on - 49% were 25-34 esearch shows that women give consumers a specialty store 2/17/11 and remained active shop not only for price and experience with the department throughout the project. A total - 68% were single quality, but for the experience. store selection. of 116 respondents completed - 29% were married They are interested in building brand Research shows that women today relationships and shopping in an are more independent and career- the online survey. - 19% have children inviting atmosphere. driven and are waiting longer to get As shown in the case study, W25- married. The majority of this market 34 prefer your competitors when has active social lives, so work choosing fashionable apparel, so fashions must be versatile enough you must find an effective way to wear for various social occasions. to communicate your message and show that JCP wants to10 RESEARCH 11
  7. 7. JCP Customer Experience Additional Primary Research T he EXP team asked survey respondents Customer Experience to consider their recent or past shopping experiences with JCP, then rate their overall Ranking from 1-9 based on mean scores Shoppers Night Out: Friendship Circle: R R experience using the following attributes with (1) 1) Prices: 4.73 mean score ed186 conducted a “Shoppers’ Night Out” ed186’s EXP team hosted a friendship circle meaning Very Poor to (7) meaning Excellent. From 2) Sales/Promotions: 4.50 mean where a small group of women between to get a more intimate feel of the perception a purely retail satisfaction level, your customers like 3) Friendly: 4.23 mean the ages 25-34 were escorted to New York that the target market has about JCP. The many aspects of the JCP shopping experience. 4) Value: 4.20 mean & Co., Macy’s, and JCP. The participants loved the friendship circle consisted of four women in the But the mean scores on Merchandise Quality, 5) Ease of Shopping: 4.14 mean overall inviting atmosphere of New York & Co. target market. Some of the questions focused Service, Fashionable Merchandise, and Selection 6) Selection: 3.52 mean and said that they would not mind spending a on the participants’ personal shopping habits should be of concern. 7) Fashionable Merchandise: 3.41 mean little extra money to get the nice, professional and where they get their fashion advice; other 8) Service: 3.96 clothes sold there. They also like the coupons questions were focused on their perception of 9) Quality of Merchandise: 3.82 that New York & Co. offers loyal customers. When JCP in comparison to competitors. Overall, the visiting Macy’s, the participants liked the fact that agency discovered that these women look for it was a one-stop shop, but they also said there style guidance through stores they trust, friends, was too much to choose from. The women TV shows, and celebrity icons. They shop for JCP Personality Ranking also decided that Macy’s clothing is either for clothes that fit their style based on price and younger teens or the older population; there is quality of the clothes. These consumers see JCP nothing for the ages in between. Upon entering as a more traditional department store that has T he EXP team then asked survey Personality Ranking JCP, participants joked about of the clothing on not kept up with changing fashions. respondents to rate the following Ranking from 1-10 based on mean scores display. They claimed the store was too dark, the personality attributes with (1) meaning 1) Just the Basics: 4.75 mean displays did not show fashionable clothes, and “Not At All” to (7) meaning “Totally” based on their 2) Traditional: 4.72 mean score that they rarely shopped there. However, they impressions or experiences with JCP. It’s clear 3) Sociable: 3.58 mean did like the idea of the touch-screen display, from the responses to this question that your 4) Fashionable: 3.52 mean but said it needed to be improved. Overall, the consumers see JCP for “Just the Basics.”The sample 5) Confident: 3.46 mean Shoppers Night Out research reiterated the idea rated Fashion average with a 3.52 mean score out 6) Creative: 3.12 mean that W25-34 have an unclear perception of JCP. of 7. The other findings are even more alarming. 7) Takes Chances: 2.82 mean Unfortunately, these findings support research 8) Different: 2.78 mean supplied with the assignment and Red186’s other 9) Perfect for Me: 2.76 mean primary research. In summary, your customers 10) Stands Out in a Crowd: 2.58 mean perceive your stores as traditional and generally without distinction when compared to other clothing retailers. The lack of appeal is particularly evident in this research with a mean score of just 2.58 out of 7 for the attribute “Stands out in a Crowd.” This is a huge problem, as the sample indicated just a 2.76 mean score on the JCP RESEARCH attribute “Perfect for Me.”12 13
  8. 8. Key Insight Personas W B ased on research supplied by JCP composites or “real-life” personas to help hile specialty stores offer the targeted at young professional women and and the research conducted by the visualize the unique aspects of W25-34. advantage of deep inventory with designed around what they want. agency, the EXP team developed two a few lines, JCP provides a near JCP offers specialty store fashions in infinite combination of clothes/accessories a department store environment. The T T to build the perfect wardrobe for W25-34. campaign must demonstrate the versatility of he first persona is Sara Jones. She is 27, he second persona is Michelle Davis. Communication efforts should reveal that your merchandise to meet the fashion needs single, and has no kids. She is career- Michelle is 32, married, and has an JCP is offering a new shopping experience of W25-34 at work, at play, and at home. minded, responsible, ambitious, and elementary-age child. She is family- embraces change. She has a college degree, minded, works outside the home, multitasks, rents an apartment, and works an office job and manages everything on a budget. Michelle in the city. A one-stop shop is ideal for her has a college degree, spends most of her time because she is so busy. Sara’s web habits with her family, and just purchased her first Engagement Insight consist of e-mail, Facebook, Shutterfly or Flickr, and TMZ, along with plenty of online shopping. home. She wants to expand her professional wardrobe, but looks for reasonable pricing Demographics: without forfeiting quality. Her goals are directed S 27 years old ocial media reaches 73% of women 25- Female toward family and maintaining a career. 34, with over 300 minutes spent per Single Demographics: No Kids 32 years old month on social networking websites: Female Generation: Married Beginning of Generation Y also known as Elementary-age child Millennials Generation: Characteristics/Skills: Beginning of Generation Y also know as Career-minded Millennials Values responsibility Self sufficient Characteristics/Skills: Ambitious Family-minded Embraces change Kids are top priority Works outside home Lifestyle: Prioritizes and multitasks Educated/college graduate Able to manage her family on a budget Working in office/sales position Rents an apartment Lifestyle: Lives in or near a major DMA Educated/College graduate Working mom Behavior: Just purchased first house with her husband Looking for a one-stop shop for several Spends time with family needs. Skeptical of traditional advertising. Ads Behavior: needs to be surprising and unexpected to Needs to expand professional wardrobe impress her. Shops for the entire family Wants quality goods at reasonable prices Web habits/favorite websites: Likes to be engaged by a company Uses e-mail service to keep up with her work especially with a discount or promotion Facebook for socializing with friends and old college friends Web habits/Favorite websites: Shutterfly and Flickr for photo sharing Uses e-mail for work and communication Watches movies on Hulu with family and other celebrity blogs for Facebook for socializing with friends and old entertainment purposes sorority sisters Blogspot/blog sites for fashion tips Future Requirements/Goals: Flickr for sharing pictures of her children Career now, family later with friends Time is now to enjoy life IMDB for entertainment news Travels 6 times a year on business Future Requirements/Goals Successfully balance work and family Travel three times a year for pleasure14 15
  9. 9. overview T he creative approach for this recommends using “Who Knew!” as the campaign must extend the present tag for this campaign. The creative team JCP campaign: “New look. New Day. focused on giving JCP a new look to target Who Knew!” The agency’s creative group the trendy working woman. style guideCREATIVE16 17
  10. 10. magazine ads S ophistication, style, class; a modern The agency’s creative direction was driven twist on today’s professional woman. by this huge gap between perception and Other stores are appealing to working reality. women’s feminine side while giving her The creative team focused on giving JCP the polished structure that her employer a new look targeting these young women demands. and bringing them back into the store. JCP, on the other hand, has fallen behind Using thin typefaces and fresh colors, the with an undefined appeal and women 25- design is high fashion and resonates with 34 have noticed. them.18 CREATIVE 19
  11. 11. interactive overview WEBSITE REDESIGN R T ed186 has redesigned JCP’s main Chic” and linking to your Facebook page. he purpose of the JCP website redesign website, using interactive photo Special banner ads will expand to play a is to help customers navigate easily galleries to attract W25-34 and preview of upcoming episodes. If the video through all departments of the online showcase the new Mango line. The main is clicked, users will be redirected to the “Style store. The clean design and large buttons page has been consolidated to be more Me Chic” website where they can meet the make it simple, but elegant. user-friendly and visually appealing to your cast, view episodes, vote for their favorite target market. There will be smaller banner stylist, and purchase featured clothing and ads below all galleries, advertising “Style Me accessories. WOMEN MEN TEENS KIDS SHOES ACCESORIES HOME GOODS MANGO The the latest Collectionfrom Spain! See Mango and greatest HAS New looks cefhuspring! lkjjioie for sdgdfgn moblie app Lorem ipsum Easter funcefhuthe sun lkjjioie Lorem ipsum in sdgdfgn Sandal Sale! 50% off lkjjioie ARRIVED. view the collection Lorem ipsum cefhu sdgdfgn Gift cardscefhu sdgdfgn lkjjioie Lorem ipsum for Grads who knew! JCP WOMEN’S PAGE Watch Style Me Chic Who will be America’s next top stylist? Vote & you could S this week on BRAVO WIN A $1000 JCPENNEY GIFT CARD! ince research supports the idea that Behind-the-scenes with Whitney Port! shopping is a social experience, Red 186 created a mobile app that allows a shopper to scan QR code, view the item, and then allows them to see the item on womens shop sizes plus WOMEN MEN TEENS KIDS SHOES ACCESORIES HOME GOODS JCP HOME PAGE their avatar. They can then share with friends talls petites via, Twitter, Facebook, E-mail, or Tumblr. And juniors maternity finally purchasing the MNG product. shop clothing tops who knew! pants jeans dresses skirts shorts + capris activewear select styles 50% off swimwear outerwear sleepwear + lingerie shop the collection shop brands MNG by mango liz claiborne bisou bisou american living a.n.a st. john’s bay worthington shop the sale Like fashion? “Like” us for a chance to WIN A $1000 JCPENNEY GIFT CARD! daily deals sale20 CREATIVE 21
  12. 12. Show logo Promotional Ad T he Style Me Chic logo is designed to focus on ‘Me’ so the viewers can relate to the contestants on a personal level. The typeface is thin and modern to target the choosen market. Show site T he Style Me Chic site is a link from the site. It introduces the contestants to the viewers and provides a link to vote. There are also clips and whole episodes that are released weekly after airing on Bravo.22 CREATIVE 23
  13. 13. [Campaign strategy] T he primary mission of this campaign this partnership. The 12-episode program is to reposition JCP as a leading will be hosted by Whitney Port, an American fashion retailer for W25-34. The television personality, clothing designer, and agency recommends a 15-month action model. In the show, competing stylists will plan, beginning December 15, 2011 and mix and match fashions from the Mango ending April 15, 2013. line with other clothes and accessories The agency recommends the throughout JCP. development of a new TV show to air on the Developing and producing “Style BRAVO cable network entitled “Style Me Chic.” Me Chic” will be a large focus of the BRAVO delivers programs in food, fashion, campaign. Throughout the show’s duration, design, and pop culture to an upscale and advertisements will also be run online, in educated audience. BRAVO is owned by print, and through various other media NBC, which was recently purchased by outlets, which will be described in depth Comcast, thus adding to the potential of under the specific media recommendations.CAMPAIGN24 25
  14. 14. TIMETABLE MEDIA RECOMMENDATIONS pre-campaign: launch: post-campaign: Airtime Program Publicity R February 28, 2013- ed186 recommends purchasing In addition to developing a new website to December 15, 2011- February 1, 2012- April 15, 2013 airtime from BRAVO to secure promote the show, Red186 recommends January 31, 2012 February 27, 2013 the best day and time to air the staging a consumer sweepstakes where -  Show casting, - Search for America’s - Evaluate campaign program. Each program will have 30-second viewers can vote for their favorite stylist on development and top stylist begins effectiveness slots available for ads. Vendors should be JCP and program websites to be entered production of Style Me - 12-episode reality - Final press encouraged to participate in the “Who into a sweepstake. They will have the chance Chic show launched conference and press Knew!” branding campaign by purchasing to win one of 12 all-expense paid trips to - Launch “Style Me Chic” - JCP-MNG magazine releases about success ads to promote their products. As a result, New York City to see the show and have website ads run of the campaign vendors will offset the cost of purchasing their own fashion makeover. The program -  Facebook page - Mobile app launched - Continued airtime for the program. BRAVO will also website will be linked to BRAVO, JCP, and all revamped and promoting which coincides with involvement through be asked to provide 15-second promo media partners wherever possible. “Style Me Chic” interactive in-store social networks announcements to support the show. Cost Show Publicity: $3.5m - Begin PR efforts screens - Stylist blog updated Airtime Costs: $0 - Voters choose the frequently directed toward the new show and overall new face for JCP - Stylist promotions/ Media Chart Feb. March April May June July Aug. Sept. Oct. Nov. Dec. Jan. campaign - Stylist blog launched tips for JCP consumers T.V. Desperate Housewives -  Run teaser magazine and followers Big Bang Theory ads for “Style Me Chic” American Idol Dancing With the Stars - TV promo ads begin Bachelor Americas Next Top Model Project Runway Print Magazines TV SHOW ON BRAVO Vogue Self Instyle Bazar “ W Style Me Chic” will be sponsored by spokesperson/stylist for JCP. The winner will Latina Websites JCP and specially-invited vendors. have a blog linked to the JCP official website Facebook The program will be a competition to offering styling tips and advice. The target Twitter Youtube find America’s next clothing stylist, who will audience will be able to communicate with thedailybeast eventually become a spokesperson for JCP. the winning stylist, thus creating a personal hu ngtonpost fashionista Whitney Port will host the show joined by experience for the consumer. tmz celebrity judges. Creative and other media Red 186 recommends 10 by 10 Entertainment toofab fashiongonerogue efforts will motivate W25-34 to watch the to produce the series. Cost includes the nymag allwomenstalk show, vote for their favorite stylist, and visit writing, casting, and actual delivery of ten fashionpaparazzis JCP to create their own designer wardrobes. 26-minute shows and two 52-min episodes masbable shemag The show will air on BRAVO and will consist of from 10 by 10 Entertainment beginning T.V. Print Magazine Web ten 30-minute episodes and two 60-minute February 13, 2012. CAMPAIGN 4- 30 second commercial 1 page color ad banner for one month 8- 30 second commercial 1 page color ad and 1 color cover episodes. The season finalist, chosen by the Program Production Costs - $15m viewers, will sign a contract to be the official26 27
  15. 15. CAMPUS EVENTS Cost of tv show & media R ed186 will target the top 50 universities in the U.S. for a special college edition of the show. The on-campus events will target graduating female students, emphasizing fashions to help them make a successful leap from college to career. The agency plans to TOTAL COST OF TV Google Search Ads - Display Ads $13.5m Mobile Advertising – partner with each school’s career placement SHOW: $28.5m $2.5m Display ad production $2M center to enhance credibility of the events. Program Production (Define some keywords: costs: $500,000 -Mobile app production The stylists from the TV show will be paired Costs - $15m mango, mng, chic, styl- Specific Websites: 1 million cost: $500,000 with representatives from local JCP stores Airtime Costs: $0 ish, trend setting, edgy, per website -Social media commerce carrying the new MNG line at campus events. College Events: Cost: trendy) -Twitter app (modeling and The agency recommends also partnering $10m -YouTube sharing JCP fashions Cost Show Publicity: Mobile Ad Space - $3.5m - through social media with campus newspapers, school websites, (for JCP + Show) and Greek organizations to help promote the $3.5m - platforms) -Yahoo has an extensive - events. mobile ad plan Campus Events: $5m DIGITAL MEDIA – $23.5 - Million total (for JCP + - Show) - 10 largest universities in the U.S.: -Facebook App: $500,000 development - - - Targeted Facebook - 1. Ohio State University-Main Campus: 51,818 ads total- $2m - 2. University of Florida: 51,474 - 3. Arizona State University at the Tempe Campus: 51,234 4. University of Minnesota-Twin Cities: 50,402 5. University of Central Florida: 50,121 6. The University of Texas at Austin: 49,984 7. Texas A & M University: 48,039 8. Michigan State University: 46,510 9. University of South Florida: 46,189 10. University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign: 43,24628 CAMPAIGN 29
  16. 16. MAGAZINE ADS Harper’s Bazaar Harper’s Bazaar gives a “sophisti- Network TV A R cated” perspective into the world ds for JCP Who Knew! and “Style Me of fashion, beauty and popular ed 186 recommends purchasing 30- Chic” Red 186 recommends one-page culture. The magazine considers second spots in the following shows: ads in the following magazines: itself to be the style resource for “women who are the first to buySELF LATINA the best, from casual to couture.” The total audience is about 1.4 mil-Self magazine specializes in health, Latina is a monthly lifestyle, en- tertainment, beauty, and fashion lion. It reaches 88% of the female American Idol: America’s Next Top Model:fitness, nutrition, beauty and hap- market. The market for ages 18-34 FOX CWpiness. The total audience of Self magazine targeted toward ac- cost for 30-sec slot: $400,546 cost for 30-sec slot: $150,000 is about 38% (for total circulation:is 6.7 million. It reaches 6.2 million culturated Hispanic women. The viewing 19 million for Thursdays in 2010 viewing 3.9 million in 2010 40% is 35+).women and the average age is magazine’s total audience is about averaging 22 million in 2010 Syndicated 12-30 sec commercial 35,00034-38. 3 million women. Rate base: $1.5 million - one - 12 monthly issues for a year, I Budget: 16, 30-sec slots - $6.5m Budget: 24, 30-sec slots 2.22m page with color, 12 monthly issues12 monthly issues for a year, 1 page page with color is 1.4 millionwith color is 1.475 MillionT.V. show ads run for the months Total: $1.4 million InStyle The Bachelor: Project Runway:of February through March. Three VH1 Lifetime InStyle magazine shows celebri- cost for 30-sec slot: $250,000 cost for 30-sec slot: $200,000cover spreads for $200,000 ties in their element, and reveals viewing 13 million in 2010 viewing 4 million in 2010Total: $1.65m VOGUE their secrets to fashion, giving its Vogue magazine is a collection of readers the tips and confidence to Budget: 8, 30-sec slots - $2m Budget: 8, 30-sec slots - $2m modern fashion and culture from achieve their desired look. InStyle’sW all over the world that is targeted core consumer is right in our targetW magazine is a fashion magazine towards women across target mar- market at 25-39 years of age. In- Dancing With the Stars: Big Bang Theory:known for its beautiful photogra- kets, namely 25- 54. Vogue uses Style also fits JCP’s target consum- ABC cost for 30-sec slots: 250,000phy. Its readership consists mainly both models and celebrities input ers household income. (The total cost for 30-sec slot: $300,000 viewing 13.16 million in 2010of women with an income of over for their articles and photoshoots. audience is about 10 million. It viewing 22 million in 2010 Budget: 8, 30 sec slots: 2m$100,000. W’s high style and daz- Vogue fits JCP consumer personas. reaches 86% of the female mar-zling pictures are again an ideal This is a total audience of 11 mil- ket. 64% reaches the 25-34 target Budget: 16, 30-sec slots - $4.8m NETWORK TV – $28 Millionplace to sell JCP’s updated look lion people. Vogue reaches 87% of market). (for JCP Ads)and new lines that may appeal to the female market and the median 12 monthly issues for a year, 1 page TV Spot Production $5mthose readers. age is 34- 35. with color is 1.7 million Desperate Housewives: Specific shows $23 T.V. show ads run for the months ABCRate base: $450,000 - one page 12 monthly issues for a year, 1 page of February through March. Three cost for 30-sec slot: $210,064with color, 12 monthly issues with color is 1.2 million cover spreads for $100,000 viewing 13.2 million in 2010 T.V. show ads run for the months Total: $1.8m Budget: 16, 30-sec slots: $3.4m of February through March. ThreeTOTAL COST MAGAZINES: $10.7m cover spreads for $200,000 CAMPAIGNMagazine production $2.5 million Total: $1.4mSpecific magazines $8.2(JCP + Show Promo Ads)30 31
  17. 17. Sidewalk Displays T he top 50 markets will have a street to the interactive screens currently in your side interactive displays that function stores. like the in-store model along with new $6.3m social media commerce features developed Indoor- $4m as part of this campaign. The outdoor Outdoor- $2.3m interactive displays will be similar in function BUDGET summary & evaluation R ed 186 used research supplied by will meet your ambitious objectives. The JCP as a platform to launch a number agency recommends the following budget. of primary research initiatives to Measurement will begin before, during, and uncover the real brand personality of your after the campaign begins by reviewing company. This unique consumer insight performance of all interactive platforms led to the development of an integrated and merchandise sales of items featured on marketing communications plan that “Style Me Chic.” TOTAL: $100m Television Show Interactive Displays $13.5 Million $6.3 Million Television Ads $28 Million Digital Media $23.5 Million Production Magazine Ads $15 Million Contingency $10.7 Million $3 MillionCAMPAIG32