The definitions of ICAO,IATA and Eurocontrol


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This pdf document was published by Mehmet Kır. It includes some informations about Aviation Agencies such as ICAO,IATA and Eurocontrol.

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The definitions of ICAO,IATA and Eurocontrol

  1. 1. Mehmet KIR 12/19/2011Aviation Management at Anadolu UniversityICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) The International Civil Aviation Organization was established under the auspices of theUnited Nations in 1947. The ICAO was formed following the the Convention on InternationalAviation (also known as the Chicago Convention) and is located in Montreal, Canada. The Objectives of the ICAO are: 1. To provide international civil aviation standards for safe and regular use of international airspace. 2. To stimulate designing and operating aircraft markings intended for peaceful purposes. 3. To contribute developing airports and institutions related to civil aviation. 4. To collect data and gather international public opinion to insure more organized and economical use of air transportation and efficientlymeet the needs of the public.IATA (International Air TransportationAssociation) The International Air Transportation Association is acosmopolitan dealing builds set up by the respective air carriers. It isa representative for 230 different airlines, which constitute about 84percent of the total air traffic. In general, IATA puts forth an effort toremunerate carriers for tariffs and address other problems which arise Mehmet KIR | Anadolu University 1
  2. 2. in international air transportation. In previous time, the biggest mission of IATA was in addressing technical issues becausesafety and security is the most important issue for airlines companies. If we can sum up theobjectives of IATA, they would be as follows:1. To cause air transporters to take pains in insuring safe and systematic air travel.2. To build up commercial relationships in the air transportation industry.3. To propose liability and insurance laws in place which protect passengers in case loss of lifeand property.4. To collaborate with all of the organizations associated with international air traffic (travel).EUROCONTROL(European Organization for the Safety ofAir Navigation) European Organization for the Safety of Air Navigation(Eurocontrol) is an organization that was established by sixEuropean countries including Belgium, France, Germany,Luxembourg, Netherlands and the United Kingdom, in1960.The Organization put into practice a standard ofrecommended rules by ICAO. The aim of Eurocontrol is todevelop a single air traffic system. Thus, Eurocontrol wouldprovide being more safe, secure and eco-friendly practices inEuropean Aviation. The principle goals of Eurocontrol are:1. To get integration in European Air Space.2. To collect navigation fees from air transporters.3. To educate and design projects about aviation. Mehmet KIR | Anadolu University 2