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The OLPC Battleground
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The OLPC Battleground


Published on

General talk at SLUG Meeting Aug 2009.

General talk at SLUG Meeting Aug 2009.

Published in: Technology, Travel

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  • 1. The OLPC Battleground Mitchell Seaton (Photos by One Laptop Per Child )
  • 2. Technology + Education Open education “ the simple and powerful idea that the world's knowledge is a public good and that technology in general and the Worldwide Web in particular provide an extraordinary opportunity for everyone to share, use and reuse knowledge.” - The Hewlett Foundation Open education is a mind-set; it's a way of working. You don't produce openness, you are open . Open Education – M.Bogle (Slideshare)
  • 3. Where are we? XO-1 8.2 (Build 802) + Other (F11 for XO-1 etc.) SugarLabs – SoaS (Strawberry + snapshots) Sugar 0.86 Activities (Physics)
  • 4. SoaS (Strawberry)
  • 5. Sugar 0.86 Metacity windows manager (GNOME) Gnash (Flash) Toolbar Re-design Tabs in Browse (Activity) Restores Rainbow support Adhoc Networking
  • 6. Activities (Physics) The Dancing Puppet / Ben Kerr's class
  • 7. What is ahead? XO 1.5 (Contributor's Program) ++Deployments Sugar > 0.86, 0.88 Karma – GsoC Success stories
  • 8. XO 1.5 - What's different?
  • 9. XO 1.5 Hardware Q3xxx firmware (Q3A09) CPU: Via C7-M ULV Clock: 400 MHz (1.5 W) to 1GHz (5 W) Via VX855 Chipset (3D!) 4 GiB NAND flash (8 GB 2-bit) 1 GiB DRAM Wireless: Marvel 88W8686 (802.11 b/g s?) Std LCD (TFT), 3 USB, 1 SD, Mic, Cam, M/H Jacks (HD Audio) [1] [2] [3]
  • 10. XO 1.5 Hardware
  • 11. Deployments (Photos by One Laptop Per Child ) OLPcorps Africa Senegal Sierra Leone Cameroon Sth Africa Uganda Rwanda Ghana Nigeria ... OLPC Asia Sichuan, China Malaysia OLPC Oceania PNG ParaguayEduca Peru Uruguay OLPC Australia - NT
  • 12. Sugar Dev Karma (GsoC) – sub-project SugarLabs Evolution of OLE Nepal's Epath lesson suite Simple framework that supports HTML5 Primary javascript based (Jquery 1.3) Journal Proposal Google Wave and Sugar? (C. Scott Ananian) :)
  • 13. Success stories OLE Nepal, OLPcorps, ? Gaire, PNG (2008) (Photos by One Laptop Per Child )
  • 14. Support & Growth Support Gang Book Sprint Deployments Development of Open Content
  • 15. OLPC Support Gang & Friends Worldwide Group of Volunteers Involved in Grassgroups groups, Testing, Doc team, Advocacy, Global Sustain. etc. Means: Direct, IRC, Forum, Mailing List(s), RT OLPC Friends Wellington Testing Team (OLPCNZ)
  • 16. Book Sprint: Mini-Deployment Guide 6 th - 11 th September
  • 17. Deployments: Moving Forward Supporting the School Environment Team Development & Co-ordination Documentation (Guides) & Training Project Sustainment
  • 18. Open Content Supporting the School's Curriculum Supporting the Child/Teacher (Individual) Language and Culturally specific
  • 19.  
  • 20. References & Links (C.S Ananian)
  • 21. This work is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 Australia License. To view a copy of this license, visit or send a letter to Creative Commons, 171 Second Street, Suite 300, San Francisco, California, 94105, USA.