The title is dominican republic 1


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The title is dominican republic 1

  1. 1. The title is dominican republic
  2. 2. This is the map of the dominican republic This is the Dominican Republic flag The Dominican Republic president is Danilo Medina The currency in Dominican Republic is Dominican peso The people of Dominican Republic speak Spanish only They import all of their petroleum products and gold, silver coffee, cocoa sugar. They do music, some baseball which is the main sport, The music they do is bacchante, merengue, reggae ton, salsa.
  3. 3. The unique thing that happened in Dominican Republic is that Haitian rulers of the island of Hispaniola. When Christopher Columbus first discovered the island in 1492, he named it La Isla Española, which became Hispaniola. A few years later the city of Santo Domingo became the Spanish capital of the New World, and because of its location in the trade winds, it was the gateway to the Caribbean. France gained a foothold on the western end of the island, which became prosperous, and by 1795 Spain ceded the entire island to France. By 1804 the black African slaves in the western portion of the island (now Haiti) rebelled against the French and ruled the entire island. French troops eventually reclaimed the island, but were able to occupy only the western end. In 1838 a small group of Spanish-speaking Dominican intellectuals from Santo Domingo organized a secret society called La Trinitarian to overthrow the Haitian rule. The society was established by Juan Pablo Duarte, the son of a wealthy Dominican family. After the overthrow, Pedro Santana, one of the leaders in the revolution, became the first president of the Dominican Republic. They do boxing and other stuff too. The famous people are The Dominican Republic was discovered by Christopher Columbus in the late 15th century. The country is on the island of Hispaniola and occupies two-thirds of its area. Although small in size, the country has produced many famous people, particularly world-renowned baseball players. Right Now Earlier Today Tonight
  4. 4. 81°F FEELS LIKE 87° 84° HIGH AT 11:00 AM 77° LOW Mostly Cloudy Mostly Cloudy Scattered T-Storms Past 24-h N/A Chance of Rain 50% People from the Dominican Republic look like a mix between black and Hispanic people generally.