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  • 1. ABORTIONChapter 20: By Marinda Turkson
  • 2. Abortion Methods/ FactsIn a medication abortion the pregnancy is interrupted using drugsIn vacuum aspiration, suction is used to terminate the pregnancy88 percent of most abortion are performed druing the first trimester using vacuum aspiration or medication abortingIn the USA most second-trimester abortions are done by dilation of the cervix and the use of instrumentsTermination of pregnancy before 20 weeks gestation calculated from date of onset of last menses __ Early abortion beore 12 weeks __ late Abortion from 12- 20 weeksAbortion is one of the most common surgical procedures in the United States.
  • 3. Things you need to know/Getting ready to get an Abortion Are there age requirements? What methods are available? How much does it cost and payment methods? Can someone else come with me? If you are planning to have lv sedation or general anesthesia then you will be advised to avoid food after midnight. Having anxiety is very normal Always give your self positive message Make sure to have all the paper work: identification card as well as your insurance card Meditating, deep breathing would help you relax before an abortion
  • 4. Medication abortion Consists of two- drug regimen that ends a pregnancy within the first nine weeks. The most common known in the USA is Mifeprostone also known as Mifeprex RU-486 and Misoprostol. It ends the pregnancy within the first nine weeks. It is swallowed or inserted to the vagina Mifeprostone works by blocking progesterone Misoprostol is taken two days after mifepristone, it causes the cervix to become soft and uterus to cramps
  • 5. Types of Anesthesia and SymptomsLocal anesthesia : injection of medication to the cervixGeneral anesthesia: administration of drugs to cause unconsciousnessIv sedation: injection of pain medication into a veinVomiting, nausea, drowsiness, some allergic reactionHeavy BleedingPainFeverContinued symptoms of pregnancy
  • 6. The end