The Legend of Zelda: Chapter Four


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The Legend of Zelda: Chapter Four

  1. 1. The Legend of Zelda Chapter Four by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Legend of Zelda!In the last chapter you saw our heiress for generation Z attendAcademie Le Tour where she met and got engaged to her fiancé Skylar Wendland.You also saw how her siblings lives turned out after they dropped out of college.This chapter will be about Zola’s life back home with her fiancé – soon to be husband – Skylar Wendland!
  3. 3. When Zola finally arrived home it was almostone in the morning so she wasn’t able to inviteher fiancé over. She spent the eveningunpacking and redecorating their futurebedroom.
  4. 4. The next morning however, she promptlyinvited Skylar over and asked him to move inwith her!
  5. 5. Post make-over Skylar looks very handsome!Personality: 6/5/8/3/3Primary Aspiration: FortuneSecondary Aspiration: Grilled CheeseLifetime Want: Become World Class Ballerina
  6. 6. “I, Zola Campbell, take you, Skylar Wendland, to be my lawfully weddedhusband, to have and to hold, from this day forward, for better, for worse,for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death to us part.”“I, Skylar Wendland, take you, Zola Campbell, to be my wife. I promise tobe true to you in good times and in bad, in sickness and in health. I willlove you and honor you all the days of my life.”
  7. 7. By the power invested in me via, well myself, Inow pronounce you Mr and Mrs Campbell!
  8. 8. Zelda and Quinten were late to the ceremonyand missed it all, but they still shared a slowdance together in the snow.
  9. 9. Zola and Skylar celebrated their wedding bytrying for their first child! They didn’t want towaste any time.However, after she got pregnant I spent alltheir money on their patio. So they had 23k,now they only have $270. Oops…
  10. 10. Zola is pregnant! And everyone inthe house is thrilled about thepregnancy! Generation Y is officiallyon the way!
  11. 11. Zelda has maxed out all of her skills!
  12. 12. Soon, Zola is going into labor with her first child!Meet baby girl Yasmine with black hair and blue eyes!
  13. 13. Zelda and Quinten have both become MediaMagnates and are now perma platinum!Zelda’s new LTW is to own five top levelbusinesses.Quinten’s new LTW is to marry of six kids.
  14. 14. Yasmine gets spoiled by everyone inthe house.Also, she makes the same faces asZachary when being fed a bottle.
  15. 15. Skylar just received the genie lamp!
  16. 16. Okay you can see the patio that I built thefamily now that it’s spring and there’s no snowon the ground. I also built a third floor to havethe graves. It looks identical to the one in theSwift legacy.
  17. 17. Time for little Miss Yasmine to become a toddler!She didn’t get Zelda’s eye shape, but she’s still adorable!Personality: 9/10/9/3/1
  18. 18. While Yasmine was getting her make-over, thegrim reaper came to take Zelda!
  19. 19. After a nap, Yasmine gets pumped up on smartmilk and learns her toddler skills.
  20. 20. With his wife gone, Quinten hasbeen spending his time fishing in thefamily’s pond.He’s actually pretty good, most simscatch a boot their first time and hecaught several large mouth bass.
  21. 21. Zola is pregnant again too! I’m excited to see if we get a baby with red hairand the family eye shape.
  22. 22. But first it’s time for Yasmine to celebrate another birthday! She aged into asuper cute child, don’t you think?
  23. 23. Early the next morning, Zola went into labor for the second time!This time, she had another little girl with blue eyes, but unlike her sister,she has red hair. Her name is Yana.
  24. 24. She got a cute little ballerina poster in herroom that Daddy got for her at work. And herbig sister wanted a dream catcher for her tocatch all of her bad dreams.
  25. 25. Due to the time she was born, her birthday arrived very quickly. And sheaged into a gorgeous toddler!Personality: 6/5/8/3/3 * *She has the exact same personality as her father.
  26. 26. Yasmine keeps bringing her cousin Yoda homewith her from school, and so they are the bestof friends now.
  27. 27. Time for little Yana to become achild.Boy is she pretty! Then again, herparents and grandparents weregorgeous so that’s to be expected Isuppose.I think I prefer her to her big sister.
  28. 28. Speaking of, it looks like Yana is going to be abig sister too!
  29. 29. Zola has maxed out all of her skills.
  30. 30. As Zola’s belly got bigger, I decided to go ahead and have her eat somecheesecake because this is going to be her last pregnancy.
  31. 31. Zola has become permaplatinum!Her new lifetime want is to become CelebrityChef.
  32. 32. It’s already time for Yasmine to become a teenager! I can’t believe how fastthis generation is going.Primary Aspiration: KnowledgeSecondary Aspiration: FamilyLifetime Want: Max All Skills
  33. 33. Since I preroll, I knew Yasmine was going to bea knowledge sim so I left one skill pointunmaxed so she’d have a chance to get thisLTW. She’s now permaplat on her teenbirthday. Her new LTW is to become worldclass ballerina. Also, if you notice she’s makingthe “big eye” face.
  34. 34. Soon Zola was going into labor withher twins!She had twin girls!Yoko has red hair and blue eyes.Yumi has blonde hair and blue eyes.
  35. 35. Time for the twins to grow up already?! They aged into really cute toddlers,I’m really pleased with this generation.
  36. 36. Yoko is very pretty. I actually like the red hair and S4 combo on her. Personality: 7/5/10/3/10Yumi is also very pretty. They’reboth basically face one templates.I’m a little sad none of the kids gotZelda’s eye shape though.Personality: 5/4/10/6/10
  37. 37. Yasmine is now an overachiever!
  38. 38. Yana has maxed out all of her skills!
  39. 39. And Skylar has finally become world classballerina! This family is just having a verysuccessful week aren’t they?
  40. 40. Unfortunately, on a less successfulnote, Quinten has died. His urn wasplaced on the top floor next toZelda’s.His death has also given me twotoddlers with aspiration failure onlya day before their birthday. Yay.
  41. 41. Luckily they rolled easy wants to fulfill, so I hadno worries about them growing up well whentheir birthday (and Yana’s birthday) camealong.
  42. 42. The twins aged up wonderfully, and I really like their outfits. I justdownloaded them this morning. They’re the typical H&M dresses we see allthe time, only these ones have tights!
  43. 43. Yana aged into a stunning teenager!Primary Aspiration: PleasureSecondary Aspiration: PopularityLifetime Want: Become Media Magnate
  44. 44. Woohoo, all four girls were accepted intoprivate school!
  45. 45. Yoko and Yumi have both maxed out all of their skills!
  46. 46. Yana has now become an overachiever!
  47. 47. And Zola has achieved her second lifetime want– her third lifetime want is to reach her goldenanniversary.
  48. 48. It’s a quadruple birthday tonight!First up were Zola and Skylar!They aged into stunning elders!And Zola threw an anniversary party– making her achieve another LTW.Next, she wants to graduate 3 kidsfrom college.
  49. 49. Her anniversary party doubled as a birthdayparty for Yoko and Yumi. I apologize for thequality, but I wanted to show you everyoneexcept her twin sister attended. She stayedhome to watch Zahara’s kid, haha.
  50. 50. Her anniversary party doubled as a birthday party for Yoko and Yumi. Iapologize for the quality, but I wanted to show you everyone except her twinsister attended. She stayed home to watch Zahara’s kid, haha. As you cansee, they twins aged into beautiful teenagers!YOKO YUMIPrimary: Family Primary: PopularitySecondary: Pleasure Secondary: KnowledgeLTW: Graduate 3 Kids from College LTW: Become Celebrity Chef
  51. 51. Yasmine Campbell9., FamilyMax All Skills | Become World Class Ballerina
  52. 52. Yana Campbell6., PopularityBecome Media Magnate
  53. 53. Yoko Campbell7., PleasureGraduate 3 Kids From College
  54. 54. Yumi Campbell5., KnowledgeBecome Celebrity Chef
  55. 55. I hope you enjoyed the fourth chapter! I’m very pleased with how generation Y turned out. I’m a littledisappointed none of them got Zelda’s eye shape, but that’s okay. Plus there was a lot of variety, and that’s always good. It’s going to be a tough heir poll, and I still don’t know who I’m voting for! But head on over to either SiMania or BoolProp (or both) and vote for your favorite!Stay tuned next time to see who is heiress and how the spares lives turn out! Haleigh (meadowthayer)