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The Legend of Zelda: Chapter Three
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The Legend of Zelda: Chapter Three






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The Legend of Zelda: Chapter Three Presentation Transcript

  • 1. The Legend of Zelda Chapter Three by meadowthayer
  • 2. Welcome back to The Legend of Zelda!In the last chapter you saw our founder Zelda Campbell marry her fiancé Quinten Chen have six children together – Zachary, Zoey, Zola, Zafrina, Zahara, and Zia. This chapter will be about our heir and the spares.And without further adieu let’s find out who our heir is, shall we?
  • 3. Zola is our heiress for generation Z! She wasactually tied with her twin sister, Zoey, but tobreak the tie I changed my vote.
  • 4. This is the house that Zola will be living inwhile she is in college.
  • 5. The first thing Zola did was declare a major in physics because she rolledthe want to declare that major, and also it helps her with her lifetime wantof becoming mad scientist.Then, she wrote her first of many term papers.
  • 6. Do you guys remember Skylar Wendland? He was one of the guys Zelda had befriended before she autonomously chose Quinten. Well, even though he looks a lot like her father I decided to let Zola be with him.Unfortunately, things aren’t going sowell and she was shot down for hervery first kiss.
  • 7. A few hours later though, she tries again andthis time she succeeds in getting her very firstkiss with Skylar.
  • 8. A few days after sharing their first kiss, they fell in love and got engaged. Tocelebrate their engagement, they shared their very first woohoo together.
  • 9. And just like that, Zola hasgraduated from Academie Le Tourwith a 4.0 GPA!Now for an update on the spares!
  • 10. After Zachary dropped out of college,he moved into a small beach housedown the street from his parents.The first thing he did was build asand castle, and then being thesecondary grilled cheese aspirationsim he is, enjoyed grilled cheese forbreakfast.
  • 11. When he was a teenager, Zachary had become best friends with MeadowThayer. I had originally planned to send her to college with him, but Iforgot so I am just using boolprop to move her in and age her up!After doing so, and giving her a make over, she looks beautiful.Personality: 4/4/4/7/6Primary Aspiration: FamilySecondary Aspiration: RomanceLifetime Want: Graduate 3 Kids from College
  • 12. It looks like that attraction that was presentwhen they were teenagers is still there, becausethey instantly shared their first kiss togetherand fell in love.
  • 13. Zachary proposed to Meadow ontheir private beach. She gladlyaccepted his proposal.Since they are both family sims, theygot married right away.
  • 14. It looks like Zach’s father raised him well, because just like Quinten would do for Zelda, Zach follows Meadow around to give her back massages.However, he also does the dishes bylicking them clean. I know hismother didn’t teach him that traitbecause Zelda had 10 neat points.
  • 15. Of course, with two family sims it’s obviousthat they’re going to want babies. So Meadowis expecting their first child.I’m limiting the spares to one pregnancy because goodY names are really hard to find.
  • 16. Soon Meadow was going into laborwith her first child!She gave birth to a baby boy that hashis Mom’s and Grandpa’s blondehair and his Mom’s blue eyes.His name is Yoda.
  • 17. He is definitely Zachary’s child, because eventhough you can’t see it well here, he made thesame face Zachary made when he was fed hisfirst bottle.
  • 18. Soon it’s already time for Yoda to become a toddler!He aged into a very handsome toddler. He looks more like Zachary, and hasthe family eye shape!Personality: 2/3/9/10/1
  • 19. Zachary and Meadow are both veryactive in teaching Yoda theimportant things.In fact, Meadow rolled up the wantto teach him to talk and Zacharyrolled up the want to teach him towalk, so it worked out perfectly.
  • 20. Of course, they don’t stay young forever, and soon it’s time for Yoda tocelebrate another birthday! I think he aged into a really adorable child.
  • 21. And that’s it for Zachary’s life.
  • 22. Zoey ended up moving into a duplex, she livesin the one on the right.
  • 23. Being the romance sim she is, she spends herdays (and nights) kissing and woohooing with abunch of people.
  • 24. She had no desire to ever get married or havechildren, so she decided to adopt a cat instead.Her name is Heidi.And that’s it for Zoey’s life.
  • 25. Zafrina moved into a house built bymaxis (I changed the exterior paint).Since she’s also a grilled cheesesecondary, she enjoyed some grilledcheese for dinner on her first night.Though, unlike her brother she usedthe dishwasher to clean her dishes.
  • 26. Zafrina fell in love with Jason Menonvery quickly and after they sharedtheir first kiss, they immediately gotengaged and Jason moved in.
  • 27. While giving him his make-over, I changed hishair to match his eyebrows.Personality: 6/5/8/3/3Primary Aspiration: FortuneSecondary Aspiration: FamilyLifetime Want: Become Business Tycoon
  • 28. Zafrina and Jason had a nice private weddingin their living room.
  • 29. It wasn’t long before Zafrina and Jason wereexpecting their first child either since Jasonwas a secondary family aspiration.
  • 30. Soon Zafrina was going into laborwith her first and only child!She had twin boys – Yogi and York!Yogi has blonde hair and brown eyes.York has black hair and brown eyes.
  • 31. Luckily the twins were really good babies, andZafrina and Jason were really good parents.
  • 32. The twins first birthday arrived very quickly and they aged into veryadorable toddlers.
  • 33. Yogi looks a lot like his father but is super adorable. He also got 10 neat points from his Grandma Zelda. Personality: 10/3/9/3/3York also looks like Jason, probablymore than his brother. However,he’s very sloppy.Personality: 1/8/9/2/10
  • 34. And before you know it, it’s time forthe twins to become children!They aged into very handsome youngmen. I think now, Yogi looks a lotlike his Grandpa Quinten.
  • 35. And that’s it for Zafrina’s life!
  • 36. Zahara moved into a house built by maxis, butheavily modified by me because I added asecond story to it.
  • 37. Zahara had built up relationship with a simnamed Zion Hunicke. It wasn’t long beforethey shared their first kiss together, and soonafter their first woohoo.
  • 38. Unfortunately, Zahara later found out theirwoohoo had led to a pregnancy. Since she wasa primary knowledge and secondary romance,this wasn’t what she planned. Her career wasat the top of her list of things to do.
  • 39. But soon, Zahara was going intolabor.She gave birth to a baby girl thatlooks more like her father thanZahara.Her name is Yolanda.
  • 40. Zahara used her few days of leave from work todecide what she was going to do. She had abutler, but she didn’t want to leave her babyalone with him. And she actually loved being amother.
  • 41. “Zoey, I don’t know what I’m going to do!”“I could always move in with you. I mean, I love my niece I just neverwanted kids of my own. Plus it’d be nice not living alone.”“Really? That would be a great help!”
  • 42. Thanks to Zoey moving in Zahara was able to keep working, and soon theywere celebrating Yolanda’s first birthday!She grew up into a super adorable toddler, you can tell Aunt Zoey dressedher though since she’s wearing hot pink.Personality: 6/10/6/1/7
  • 43. Yolanda got lots of attention fromboth her mother and her Aunt.Everyone in the house loved her.Except for maybe Heidi, who didn’tseem to enjoy the constant hugsfrom Yolanda.
  • 44. Zahara finally reached the top of the sciencecareer and became a mad scientist!Her new lifetime want is to become hand ofposeidon.
  • 45. Now that she was at the top of her career, Zahara had even more time tospend with her daughter. Including her childhood birthday!You can see now, she favors her father quite a lot.
  • 46. And that is where we’ll leave Zahara and Zoey’slives.
  • 47. Zia also moved into a house built by Maxis. AllI really changed on hers was the fencing andpainting.
  • 48. Even though he was the town slob,Zia fell in love with Bill Pederson.They had great chemistry, so it was aquick build on their relationship, andsoon they were getting engaged.
  • 49. After a make-over (and a My Little Pony shirt),Bill looks much better.Personality: 0/6/0/5/6Primary Aspiration: PleasureSecondary Aspiration: FamilyLifetime Want: Have 50 1st Dates
  • 50. Just like all of her siblings before, Zia and Billgot married in their living room.
  • 51. Since Zia and Bill were both secondary familyaspirations, the couple were ecstatic when theyfound out they were expecting their first child!
  • 52. After getting home from work in herundies, Zia went into labor!She had twin boys – Yates and Yossi.Both boys have black hair and browneyes.
  • 53. Despite being a slob, Bill is a great father. AndZia is a fantastic mother.
  • 54. The twins first birthday arrived veryquickly and they aged into veryadorable toddlers.Of course, now that they’re toddlersthat means they have skills they needto learn!
  • 55. Yates looks more like his father than Zia. Personality: 5/6/9/5/6Yossi however favors his mother.Personality: 1/6/10/7/8
  • 56. Zia was lucky and found her dream job on herfirst day of moving in, so it was no surprisewhen she achieved her first lifetime want!Her new lifetime want is to become a celebritychef!
  • 57. But Yates and Yossi’s birthdayarrived before she was able to find aposition in the culinary career.The boys aged into adorable childrenand thankfully neither of them gotBill’s nose.
  • 58. And that’s where we’ll leave Zia’s life, and thischapter!
  • 59. I hope you enjoyed the third chapter!I’m very pleased with how the spares lives turned out and they all had very cute children so I’m sure that Zola will as well. Stay tuned to see the next chapter and see how Zola’s life back home turns out! Haleigh (meadowthayer)