Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot


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Season 1, Episode 1: Pilot

  1. 1. The LHKR LegacySeason 1, Episode 1: Pilot By MeadowThayer
  2. 2. Welcome to the LHKR legacy – a joint legacy between four members of the sims forum SiMania – Lydia (hippielayla86), Haleigh (meadowthayer), Katie (ilovereecee) and Roxy (Taube) This legacy is going to be a little bit different than others – it will have 20 generations. The naming theme is going to be television shows. I will tell you more about the special things as we get to them.I’m Haleigh and I’ll be playing the family first! I hope you enjoy the chapter and that you’ll come by and visit us sometime at SiMania!
  3. 3. This is our founder, Sony Sitcom. He’s namedSony after the television set and sitcom is agenre of TV show. Personality: 10/3/6/0/6 Primary Aspiration: Knowledge Secondary Aspiration: Fortune Lifetime Want: Max All Skills
  4. 4. Since Sony’s lifetime want hasnothing to do with a job, I justpicked biology for his major. Afterdeclaring his major he worked on therequired skills necessary for thesemester and then wrote his firstterm paper.
  5. 5. Sony is a fast skiller. After studyingphysiology he maxes out body.Then, because he has 0 seriouspoints he learns logic very fast.Finally, because he has 10 neatpoints he maxes out cleaning.
  6. 6. Sony has finished his freshman year! He goton the dean’s list both semesters and has a 4.0average.
  7. 7. For our legacy we have a special way for choosing ourspouses. We downloaded the “Find-a-Mate CrystalBall” object and for those of you that don’t know whatthat mod is, it shows you 5 of the most eligible simsfor your preferred gender and then you can pick one.We are required to pick a sim of a different skin andhair color than our founder/current heir. If for somereason there is nobody with a different skintone, theymust have a different hair color. Therefore, every heirmust have their own hair color as their turn off.So, let’s see who our founder finds!
  8. 8. He had quite a few good options, but I wasthrilled to see Kaylynn Spitzig. The wholereason our founder has blonde hair andskintone three is because I wanted him tomarry Kaylynn Spitzig, and looks like he willbe!
  9. 9. Sony has maxed out his creativity skill. He’snot even halfway done with college and he’salready halfway to his lifetime want.
  10. 10. When he’s not skilling, I tend to find ourfounder smustling with some of the otherdormies.
  11. 11. Our lovely founder has now completed hissophomore year. He’s halfway done with hiscollege career now!
  12. 12. Sony was only like $300 away fromhaving enough money to move intothe house that I built for my Twilightlegacy and have become in love withusing for my college sims. So I hadhim work in the cafeteria until hehad enough money to move in. Andafter a few hours he did!
  13. 13. Soon after moving in, Sony maxed out hiscooking skill.
  14. 14. Sony, what is wrong with you? You have aperfectly good table inside. Why are you doingyour homework in the snow?“My butt was sweaty.”….okay then.
  15. 15. Sony is now in his senior year. It’s almost timefor him to move home where we can truly getthis legacy started!
  16. 16. A few hours before his last final exam Sonymaxes out mechanical – just one more skillpoint and our lovely founder will bepermaplatinum!
  17. 17. With a sigh of a relief, Sony arrives home fromhis last final exam. He graduated with summacum laude.
  18. 18. I let Sony stay on campus a little longer so hecould work on his skills some more, and soonhe’s maxed out charisma and achieved his firstlifetime want.His new lifetime want is to earn $100,000.
  19. 19. As soon as it was a decent time of day, Sonythrows a graduation party. I’m really excited tostart his life back home!
  20. 20. Sony had only really had time to talk toKaylynn on the phone, but they were bestfriends and so it was no surprise that they wereable to share their first kiss when she arrived.Of course, Sony’s professor thought she shouldphotobomb.
  21. 21. “Kaylynn, I know we haven’t seen each othermuch, but I love you and I want to spend therest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”“Oh my gosh! Yes! Yes! Yes I will marry you!”
  22. 22. And after his party he grew up into the mostugly clothing and headed back home to trulybegin his legacy.Stay tuned for the next chapter.
  23. 23. I’m sorry the chapter was so short, there’s really not that much that happens when you’re playing a knowledge sim through college, lol. But I hope you enjoyed it and I hope you’ll come back and read the future chapters. Until next time!