The Hues Legacy - Chapter Five


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The Hues Legacy - Chapter Five

  1. 1. The Hues Legacy Chapter Five “Roses are Red, Olives are Green” by meadowthayer
  2. 2. Welcome back to The Hues Legacy, a joint legacy between me, Haleigh/meadowthayer, and Roxanne/Taube.In the last chapter, I left you guys with a bit of a cliff hanger – Sky was getting ready to go into labor with his alien baby! We also saw him have his first five children.Now, without further adieu let’s see if Sky’s alien baby has the eyes or not!
  3. 3. It’s a little girl with black hair and the Hueseyes. Plus she has a nose so she’s most likelygoing to be cute!Her name is Olive. I broke away from my redtheme because I thought she should have agreen name since she has green skin!
  4. 4. A few hours after his brother, Carmine maxesout all of his skills.Also, I just realized I forgot to mention the reason Iliked this shade of red for his name is because theactor that plays Danny Messer in CSI:NY is namedCarmine Giovinazzo and I have his autograph.
  5. 5. What are you eating Scar?“Macaroni and cheese. I kinda burned it.”Kind of? You seriously burnt it. How do youburn macaroni and cheese THAT bad?
  6. 6. Oh hello gypsy lady bringing us alamp! I wonder who you’re bringingit to.I checked everyone’s memories andnone of them had it, so I decided touse boolprop to make Olive (who isstill an infant) selectable and Ilooked at her memories, SHE is theone who got it. I don’t understandhow. The gypsy must have liked theway she pooped or something.
  7. 7. So, everyone keeps bringing home theRamaswami’s. Sanjay tried to tell a dirty joketo his wife Priya, and they fell out of love.Apparently they have some marital problemsthey need to work out.
  8. 8. Maybe the genie lamp was just an early birthday present for little miss Olivehere because it’s also her birthday Today!She aged into a super adorable toddler, it’s going to be tough to decidebetween her and Rose for heiress. However, Olive is REALLY mean. Like,she has zero nice points.Personality: 8/9/10/0/0
  9. 9. Sky has been spending his days off fishing.He’s not very good at it though, after he finallystopped I checked his inventory and he had 5boots.
  10. 10. Tonight is the triplets teenage birthday! I had them all perfectly by their cakes, but Rose decided to be difficult and go to the other part of the table.Now that he’s a teenager, you can seethat Carmine does have a mixture ofSky and Lilly in him. He’s actuallyquite handsome.Primary: PleasureSecondary: Grilled Cheese
  11. 11. Red also had a good mix of hisparents, but he got a weird nose. Itmust be Lilly’s because it’s pointedweird.Primary: FortuneSecondary: Pleasure Rose is stunning as a teenager. I changed her hair because her old hair made her look less pretty as a teenager. It’s really gonna be tough to choose our heiress. Primary: Romance Secondary: Family
  12. 12. So, I happened to look downstairs to see whatthe family was doing and I found Lilly, Red,and Carmine hanging out in the kitchen withSanjay. Thinks with Priya must be bad becausehe never wants to leave.
  13. 13. So, while Sinjin was taking Olive touse the potty, the grim reaper cameto claim him.Then, while I was making sure Lillydidn’t starve to death Neon died. Imissed her dying because I didn’texpect her to die. I guess shecouldn’t go on without her belovedSinjin.
  14. 14. The next evening, it’s time for a triple birthday! First up, was Olive. Sheaged into a super adorable child I have to say.
  15. 15. Just a candid look at the Hues household:•Sky is serenading Lilly, which is makingScarlet embarrassed.•Carmine is talking to Ruby about beer.•Red is cleaning up Olive’s birthday cake sothat his parents can grow up.
  16. 16. After the beer conversations and the serenading, Sky and Lilly celebratetheir birthday. They both aged into fairly decent looking elders. They’re notbad looking, but they were definitely better looking as adults.
  17. 17. Scarlet has FINALLY maxed out all of herskills. It took her forever!
  18. 18. Meanwhile, Sky has become a bit boastful in hisold age. Now, when he gets home from workthis is what he does.
  19. 19. He also wears hideous outerwear when hegreats the headmaster to get Olive into privateschool with her siblings.
  20. 20. Carmine and Red became overachievers on thesame night. Cool, now we just need Rose tobecome an overachiever as well to please herparents.
  21. 21. Well hello there Neon, I see you haven’t wastedanytime in coming back to haunt your family.“Sinjin’s out too.”Yeah, I saw him but he hasn’t been scaringpeople, you have.
  22. 22. Oh boy. Rose was supposed to be skilling, butinstead I found her checking herself out in themirror. Much to my delight, Neon scared herright after I took this picture.
  23. 23. Rose is finally an overachiever!
  24. 24. Tonight is Ruby’s adult birthday! She aged into a beautiful adult. Thisgeneration definitely turned out lovely.
  25. 25. Sky has achieved his second lifetimewant! His new lifetime want is tohave twenty best friends. Which,isn’t happening with him, I’lleventually try that lifetime want forsomeone though.And then, Olive who has ZERO nicepoints ran out to greet her Dad whenhe got home.
  26. 26. I felt bad that Ruby was a romancesim and never had her first kiss, so Ihad her use the crystal ball and getherself a date.They had three bolts of chemistry, sothings escalated very quickly, andsoon she and Joe Carr were sharingtheir first woohoo together.
  27. 27. Ruby, please tell me you have food poisoning!?
  28. 28. Olive has maxed out all of her skills!
  29. 29. Okay, so it seriously must be a genetic thing.Because now Ruby follows in her parents andgrandparents footsteps and cuddles on thefront lawn.
  30. 30. “So Joe, I was thinking, I really like shinythings. Like, diamond necklaces. Do you thinkyou could buy me one?”“Ruby, we woohooed, it’s not like you’re mygirlfriend or anything. I’m sorry, but no.”
  31. 31. It took her a little longer, but Rose has alsomaxed out all of her skills now.
  32. 32. In addition to cuddling in the front yard,another Hues family tradition is for the eldersims to just relax on their beds all day long.
  33. 33. “I don’t think that I have foodpoisoning.”Clearly, you’re pregnant.“Aw sweetie, you’re carrying my firstgrandbaby, I’m so excited to meetthis little one. Have you told Joeyet?”“No Mom, he made it clear I was justa woohoo buddy.”“Well, you should try telling himanyway, it is his child too afterall.”
  34. 34. Despite being a romance sim, I think Ruby isgoing to be a really good Mom because sheloves reading stories to Olive now that Olivehas free time.
  35. 35. With it almost being time for the baby to be born, Ruby decided it was timeto move out of her parents house and find a place of her own so that she canproperly raise her child and work on a few wants of her own.
  36. 36. She moved into her new home just intime too, because after she got homefrom work that day, she went intolabor.She had a baby boy that she namedRusty.Rusty is named after the color RustyRed.
  37. 37. Ruby took to heart what her Mom said, and decided to invite Joe over. Aftertelling him, she brought him inside to meet his son.
  38. 38. “I know it’s not a diamond necklaceRuby, but I feel horribly for the way Itreated you. And I want to be in yourlife and my son’s life, so will youaccept this diamond ring and marryme?”“Yes Joe I will!“They were married right awaybecause Ruby didn’t fear it yet.
  39. 39. Ruby and Joe were both very active in theirson’s life.
  40. 40. But of course, Ruby was also busy working onher lifetime want! Soon, she reached the top ofthe athletic career making her permaplat.
  41. 41. And even though it wasn’t her plan to havechildren and get married, she was very pleasedwith how her life turned out.
  42. 42. Back at the main house, it’s a double birthday,and the last one in this chapter! Scarlet isbecoming an adult and Olive is becoming ateenager!
  43. 43. Scarlet aged into a beautiful adult I think. She got a good combo of her parents and grandparents genetics.Olive aged beautifully as well.Unfortunately, I realized that sinceshe’s an alien with a nose, she’s gotthe family nose. She’s still cutethough.Primary: FortuneSecondary: Romance
  44. 44. Since Scarlet is an adult, and noteligible for heiress I decided to goahead and play her life too and makethings easier for Roxy!She used the matchmaker ball andmet Venkat Fuchs. Who makesgorgeous kids because I used him inmy queen bee challenge.
  45. 45. After Scarlet fell in love with Venkat,she decided she wanted to move outof her parents house and into a placeof her own so she could start a familywith Ven.The day Ven moved in, they had aprivate little ceremony!
  46. 46. It wasn’t long after the wedding before Scarlet began expecting their firstchild. Venkat of course was thrilled because he was a family sim and hadbeen urging her to try to get pregnant since right after they said their vows.
  47. 47. They ended up having twins! Auburn, on theleft is a little boy with his Mom’s brown hair.And Cerise, on the right is a little girl with herDaddy’s red hair.
  48. 48. And in case you guys are curious, here we havea picture of the two possibilities for heiress!
  49. 49. That concludes this chapter, and it also concludes my turn with thefamily. It’s now time for me to hand the family back over to Roxy (Taube) so she can play the next generation!Stay tuned to see if Roxy and I choose Rose or Olive to carry on the legacy and see an update for the rest of the spares!I definitely enjoyed playing my turn and I look forward to seeing where Roxy takes the family next!