Integrating Social into the Distributed Salesforce Staffing Enterprise


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This is a presentation I did recently at LinkedIn\'s HQ in Mountain View CA to their staffing industry clients. It\'s focused on how to empower the individual salespeople within the org to integrate social into their day to day activity. The goal here is to grow the salespersons business by turning social activity into measurable business outcomes. I look forward to your feedback!

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  • My intro regarding working in Staffing, moving to chicago from Iowa to become a famous improvisor on Saturday night live. My passion or love hate relationship with the staffing industry has been a long journey working with a number of large and small staffing firms including Aquent, Randstad and Vedior to name a few. My passion moved on to social media when I joined the Omnicom’s a large media holding companies only dedicated social media agency the Zocalo Group over 5 years ago. I was at Aon Consulting in the new media and creative strategy group. We where working with fortune 500 companies HR departments helping consulting with them to use social to engage their employee populations on initiatives like health and wellness, recruitment, change management, and employee engagement. After two years I left to start my own conusultancy focused on social business or the use of social beyond the marketing department within companies. I was consulting with large to midsized companies recruitment and sales departments training them on how to use social to recruit top talent, and sell in the B2B space. 7 months ago I teamed up with my former colleague and friend Patrick Rooney who was one of the cofounders of the Zocalo Group after having countless conversations with him regarding the fact that social media had eclipsed marketing and was channel that could very effectively be used to help recruiters, sales and customer service be more successful and productive in their jobs. When we teamed up we determiend that to truly change the way recruiters and sales integrated social into their job could only truly be scalable and sustainable would be to create a technology platform to support the initiative and 4 months later we launched QUEsocial
  • This is a great quote from one of my favorite social media luminaries Seth Godin that really encapsulates my view of social media in todays world. Social media is public after all and that causes many people to be intimidated and afraid to communicate through it. What I’ll walk you through today is how to plan, prepare and develop a strategy to help give you the confidence you need to do your best and make that conscious decision to act that way.
  • This is a video that love to play for people to help articulate the massive shift in communication that has happened in 5 short years. This video really talks about consumer behavior but keep in mind your candidates and clients are all consumers as well and people buy from people they know and trust. it’s going to conintue to play a cirtical role in how you sell and recruit in this highly compeititve marketplace.
  • Here is a list of just some of the social channels in exsistence today so..we are going to talk about…all..
  • Three of these. Focusing heavily on LinkedIn not because I am speaking at their HQ right now but because it can be the most effective free and paid tool in the recruiter and B2B salesperson arsenal. With over 175M users currently and growing rapidly there are many decision makers currently using it to recruit, network, sell and buy.
  • When looking at a recent Hubspot survey on B2B customer acquisition we see LinkedIn as a primary tool in the process. But lets not forget about Facebook and Twitter with over 1 Billion members Facebook is going to be an important channel to recruit and sell as well as Twitter and more transparent blogs.
  • I’d like to lay some FUD on you right now being a improvisor and performer I can’t help but get a little dramatic FUD or Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt is a term I learned in the PR world at Zocalo Group and is applicable to the current staffing marketplace. First we have the statisic that 95% of your clients are using LinkedIn, 58 are using Facebook and 42% are using Twitter to recruit as well and bulding relationships with hard to find passive candidates. The competition is heating up with over 200 staffing firms on the the 5K fastest growing companies in the US. Meanwhile the candidate is very active on social channels and makes for even more opportunity for them to be engaged with even when currently employed.
  • Now is this what your watch looks like? Time every spiraling down down down?
  • If your in sales is this what you are doing? Cold calling, facilitating inerview process and open job orders, traveling to client meetings and managing and trying to grow existing relationships while cold calling even more?
  • Do you have numerous reports and ATS and CRMS to login and enter data throughout your day? Do you have clients calling and emailing to either reschedule meetings and interviews or asking where are my candidates?
  • Here are some common value props I see on staffing websites: Do you have intimate knowledge of your clients culture, a proprietary database of top talent, proclaim your are different, have industry expertise? Build relationships.
  • How do you make this thing stop???
  • Because you are using social media for professional purposes, it’s important to approach it just as you would with anything else in your professional life. If you are giving a presentation, you prepare for it. If you are having a meeting, you prepare for it. If you are meeting with a candidate, you prepare for it by reviewing their resume and background, and maybe checking them out on LinkedIn. Developing a plan for how you will use social media as a tool isn’t time consuming, but it can be the difference between spinning your wheels and seeing tangible results. Really, it takes 10 to 15 minutes to think about and outline how you want to be perceived, where you will focus your efforts, the types of content you share, the conversations you start or join, and how you can most effectively use LinkedIn, Twitter or Facebook.
  • So like your company you as an invidual need to determine your marketing strategy. Sitting down and thinking what are your objectives is it to gain more clients this quarter or to find 10 great user experience candidates for the jobs that are always coming up? Next what do you want to be known for? Are you phenomaneal at customer service or an expert in your industry?
  • My brand is something that I’ve worked on over the years and is focused really on marketing, HR and recruitment and socal media. I have created profiles that also talk about my passions outside of work for instance my twitter profile says love improv comedy and all thignschicago even the winters! I also use a fun picture on my profiles that shows my love of coffee and spy novels. And I use a online tool called Klout which is connected to all of my social channels.which gives me a score of my digital influence, who I influence and what I’m known for which is recruitment and staffing, social media and job search. This tells me in some ways my digital presence aligns well with my business.
  • Now that we have determined our ownable position , how we align our brand with our companies brand we can start to engage and integrate our current job activity with the social channels and target audience we have determined is important to growing our talent and sales community. I’ve come up with these easy to understand analogies for day to day social engagement. Fisthing working out and partying. All of us have either partaken or seen or heard of these three things. Fishing is the day to day process of finding your target audience online to invite into your and grow your social networks on twitter facebook and linkedin. Working out is the daily curating our posting content that is of value to your target audience this isn’t company press releases and job openings this is content that is hlepful or imformative to your audience that creates the perception of you as an leader in your industry. The next and most critical stage of course is partying. So if you’ve determined what you own in the marketplace, you’ve reasearched your target auidnce be it IT, marketing, finance decision makers in an organziation and learned what they like to read and share on their social channels our going to start fishing for them online meanwhile like working out you need to consistenly post the type of content that positions you as a thought leader who is passionate and knowledgable about your business which is workng out.
  • Make is easier to be found and connected with while also being able to post tweets and updates at the same time on LinkedIn.
  • Make it a daily habit of answering one question on LInkedIn’s Q&A
  • Create a linkedin poll takes about an hour and immediately becomes content that you have created which could be valued data for your audience. This is a survey I did while at Aon which was a huge success and created a lot of great opportunites for me. With over 850 votes and 80 comments this survey was a very insightful data point for me and was used regularly with clients. While at paladin I created a linkedin poll asking if your company had a social media policy and a deisgn agency in Chicago responded that they had just created one and a chicago tribune reporter saw the comment and contacted the agency and put them into trib article. That agency ended up becoming a client whose senior leadership I still keep in touch with today.
  • Integrating Social into the Distributed Salesforce Staffing Enterprise

    1. 1. SOCIAL SALESintegrating social into the staffing sales enterprise©2012 QueSocial
    2. 2. equips companies and employees with job-specific e- learning, content and motivation to convert social media activity into measurable business outcomes©2012 QueSocial
    3. 3. social business made easy for “Steve the Sales Guy” Steve registers and completes social policy compliance.Steve can visitthe portal for new Steve completeschallenges, training so hecontent and knows how to find Check out thistraining. content and and effectively share. engage his target 2c audience. He earns points Steve receives for each social sharable content activity. wherever he is – in the office, on ©2012 QueSocial He can share with the go or at the touch of a link. home.
    4. 4. "Many of us are taught to do our best and then let the world decide how to judge us. I think its better to do your best and decide how you want to be judged. And act that way.” – Seth Godin Leading Social Media Blogger and Author©2012 QueSocial
    5. 5. ©2012 QueSocial
    6. 6. SOCIAL MEDIA IS INCREASINGLY IMPORTANT TO THE FABRIC OF AN ORGANIZATION 92% of executives and 82% of No question, marketers are gung-ho millennials believe that work- about social media investments. related web-based apps greatly or somewhat increased their “We want IBM to be a productivity Jive Social Business Index 2011 social business. This is 56% of millennials will not accept much bigger than a job from a company that bans marketing.” social media access from work or Matt Preschern, the vice president of North American demand programs for IBM (Forrester Research 2011) will circumvent this policy. 2011 Cisco Connected World Technology Report©2012 QueSocial
    7. 7. SOCIAL BUSINESS LEADS TO TANGIBLE TOP & BOTTOM LINE BUSINESS IMPACT…McKinsey & Company:organizations whose employeesuse social technologies in theirday-to-day work (vs industry avg)achieve:- larger market share gains- higher operating margins- greater market leadership Source: “How social technologies are extending the organization.” McKinsey & Company. Nov 2011.©2012 QueSocial
    8. 8. ©2012 QueSocial
    9. 9. by the numbers • 175m+ professionals worldwide • LinkedIn counts executives from all 2011 Fortune 500 companies as members • two new members join LinkedIn every second • more than 2 million companies have LinkedIn company pages • 39% of members have manager, director, chief officer or VP in their title©2012 QueSocial
    10. 10. B2B customer acquisition©2012 QueSocial
    11. 11. F.U.D95% of HR professionals • 45% of thosepolled in 2011 said they useLinkedIn; 58 percent use employed were openFacebook. About 42% use to a new jobTwitter. (SHRM 2011) • 86% of active and passive job seekers200 staffing firms on Inc. have a social profileMagazine’s 5,000 fastest-growing private companies • 40% are super socialin the U.S. (Inc. 2011) with over 150 contacts (Jobvite 2011)©2012 QueSocial
    12. 12. your watch?©2012 QueSocial
    13. 13. what are you doing? cold-calling into new/potential clients managing existing relationships and growing existing accounts facilitating interview process with open job orders MORE cold-calling traveling to client meetings and prospecting©2012 QueSocial
    14. 14. your bosses? Your company Your Client©2012 QueSocial
    15. 15. do you? have intimate knowledge of your client’s culture? have a proprietary database? proclaim you are different? have industry build expertise? relationships?©2012 QueSocial
    16. 16. how do you stop this thing?©2012 QueSocial
    17. 17. by planning your approach planning your approach to using social media as a business tool: - doesn’t take a lot of time By failing to - will shape how you are prepare, you are perceived preparing to fail. Benjamin Franklin - where you focus your efforts - what you use to grow, nurture and harness your network©2012 QueSocial
    18. 18. create your marketing plan define your ownable position - what are your objectives? - what do you want to be known for? your - what is your positioning and branding Identify your value proposition? strategy target audience - who is your target audience? - how will you engage? plan your engagement©2012 QueSocial
    19. 19. your brand….©2012 QueSocial
    20. 20. developing and nurturing your network fishing researching and contacting target audience working out consistently developing and sharing content to your target audience partying developing a social presence that is inviting, relevant and conversational©2012 QueSocial
    21. 21. GO develop your FISHING! social networks  connect with people you know  find new people that fit your criteria  look at competitors  look at key influencers and prospects©2012 QueSocial
    22. 22. find people by joining industry groups • use group advanced key word search • typing “marketing” and “chicago” can produce hundreds of groups in your region • opportunities to find prospects who need “help” with a question • create your own group relevant to your target audience©2012 QueSocial
    23. 23. find people by what they’re talking about • use twitter key word search • typing “#cio” and twitter can produce hundreds of people to follow • opportunities to find prospects who need “help” with a question • find influencers who can help promote you©2012 QueSocial
    24. 24. find event attendees and follow conversations • event hashtags connect you to the action and tweeters • are cio’s part of your target audience? google “cio events hashtags” • click on the hashtag i.e. #emcworld and see anyone tweeting about the event©2012 QueSocial
    25. 25. WORKING get into a OUT! groove, see results right content  share the  consistency, consistency, c onsistency = sharing 3-5 times per week  pithy tweets = notice  link accounts©2012 QueSocial
    26. 26. provide a mix of useful and interesting content©2012 QueSocial
    27. 27. highlight industry news CATCHY LANGUAGE INCORPORATE #KEYWORDS always THANK SOMEONE who retweets your post publicly thank NOTABLE PEOPLE who follow you incorporate OTHER COMPANIES twitter handle©2012 QueSocial
    28. 28. connect LinkedIn to twitter to efficiently increase your reach • connect LinkedIn and Twitter settings page on the LinkedIn settings page • tweet through your LinkedIn update • “follow” LinkedIn contacts©2012 QueSocial
    29. 29. answer LinkedIn Q&A • adding value • engaging in 2 way dialogue • thought leadership • networking opportunity©2012 QueSocial
    30. 30. create LinkedIn polls • customized content • Branded content • easy to create and share • engaging research and valued insight©2012 QueSocial
    31. 31. KEYS TO create PARTYING! interesting, releva nt and compelling conversations  create hashtags  ask and answer questions  be confident  abbreviate and be creative©2012 QueSocial
    32. 32. LinkedIn content do’s • update your Status • join targeted LinkedIn groups • confidence counts - be the expert! - be a News Ninja: - Google Alerts “marketing and advertising” - Read and share web articles • update your profile: - 40% more likely to be found on LinkedIn with a 100% updated profile - 90% of info in a LinkedIn company page comes from employee personal profiles • constant Targeted Network Expansion - always invite©2012 QueSocial
    33. 33. how to set-up your own #hashtag 1. search if hashtag is taken 2. if it’s not, own it by starting the thread in your posts 3. include other hashtags to tap into other conversations©2012 QueSocial
    34. 34. ask questions and respond to others on Twitter • Drive dialogue by asking your network questions • Promptly respond to anyone what are your biggest challenges in #IT today? who asks you a question or makes a statement including you in the tweet • Connect two followers through a tweet Hey @cruiter @patrick1rooney-thoughts on todays biggest IT challenges?©2012 QueSocial
    35. 35. social best practices  post content no more than 3x/day  be consistent – at least 2x/week  spark interaction and conversation  provide useful content and links  be transparent  use proper etiquette©2012 QueSocial
    36. 36. doing it right!©2012 QueSocial
    37. 37. • Daily prospecting for new accounts • Growing existing client relationships (new decision makers) • Starting in new market i.e. San Francisco learn the market and make connections • Alumni Group • Founded Central Michigan • Alumni group in May of 2008 • - Currently approaching 10K membership • In 2011, became official CMU • Alumni Group on LinkedIn©2012 QueSocial
    38. 38. • Connect with people after every client visit, networking event or phone call. • Seeing whos viewed your profile is a great prospecting tool. • Following companies can help find proper contacts, see whos left or been hired. • Consistently updating your status with something valuable in target industry. Articles, networking events, job posts, etc. • Log into LinkedIn every morning to see whos viewed me and what new posts are in my feed.©2012 QueSocial
    39. 39. ©2012 QueSocial
    40. 40. “Thank you for being so super-responsive by emailing me after I reached out yesterday. If only more recruiters were like you! And I LOVE your intro video! Such a great touch and good way to present your background and beliefs about your business. I dont know about anyone else, but I definitely appreciated your point about taking time to breathe while "on the job-hunt!” “Hello Loryn, I am NYC based illustrator, “I think that your video is a great designer, animator. I got your email from idea! Where can I sign-up to Linkedin... I am segueing my career record one? ;) I really like it, and towards the wide world of e-learning and it definitely allows people to get was wondering if you dealt with any to know your personality a bit! I companies in that field and if you had any feel like most people want to advice for my pursuit. I like your video on work with people who have cool your LI page, its cute and I too am a huge personalities! So youre right on yoga enthusiast, actually going to hit the target! “ mat right now:)” “Hey there Loryn! I just saw “Saw your video on your video on LinkedIn and LinkedIn. Very wanted to say hello.”©2012 QueSocial cool.”
    41. 41. the future?©2012 QueSocial
    42. 42. not really…this is the future©2012 QueSocial
    43. 43. Nearly 17million people have In 2011 one 500 Tweets perconnected their trillion hits were minute containYouTube account to made to the site a YouTube linkanother socialnetwork likeFacebook, Twitter 100, Orkut, etc. million people share YouTube YouTube socially (via Videos get link, Tweet, more than 3 etc) each billion views week per day There is more video 150 years of uploaded to YouTube YouTube videos in 30 days than the are watched three major US every day on networks created in 60©2012 QueSocial Facebook years of programming
    44. 44. Google +?©2012 QueSocial
    45. 45. ©2012 QueSocial
    46. 46. homework Today: Post an update to your LinkedIn profile and Twitter status with one takeaway you’ve learned from this event. Tomorrow: Begin to strategize what content can be marketed via social channels. Monday: Post content in ten LinkedIn groups Wednesday: Research competition and potential influencers online. Future: Create ongoing strategies and campaigns in step with broader company messages.©2012 QueSocial 46
    47. 47. thank you! mike dwyer managing director @cruiter (312) 235-3034©2012 QueSocial