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I need a fundraiser now!


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  • Individuals donated $229 billion in 2008. Arts received $13 billion in philanthropy representing a 6.4% decline. Individuals represent 31% of ALL income for arts organizations - only earned is more.
  • Transcript

    • 1. I need a fundraiser now! September 10, 2010 MDW Consulting: Comprehensive development services for nonprofits .
    • 2. Introductions
        • What you would like to learn?
        • What are your questions about hiring a fundraiser?
        • What’s your own experience with fundraising?
    • 3. What we will cover?
      • Overview of Philanthropy Today
        • Where does funding come from?
        • How does an organization fundraise?
      • Portfolio View of Revenue
      • Volunteer and Staff Roles in Fundraising
      • Planning
      • Case Study
    • 4. Sources of Philanthropy
      • Americans gave $307.75 billion in 2009. Total giving, when adjusted for inflation, was down 5.7%, the largest drop since tracking began. Giving still totaled $307 billion!
      • Individual giving is 75% of total giving not including bequests.
      • Corporate giving increased 5.5% in 2009 to $14.1 billion. accounting for 4 percent of all charitable giving.
      • Foundations represent only 13% of giving or $38 billion - down 8.9%.
    • 5.  
    • 6.  
    • 7. Divide & Conquer
      • Divide your fundraising efforts using a mix of tools:
        • Giving pyramid
        • Philanthropic Sectors
        • Cultivation continuum
        • Stages of Board Development
      • Identify areas for further growth
      • Create actionable and realistic framework for that area
      • Given that framework, what is the best staffing choice?
    • 8. Analysis
      • What is your organization’s current revenue mix?
      • How do you compare with peer organizations?
      • What has been it’s traditional strengths?
      • How active are the Board and volunteers in fundraising?
      • How did a previous experience turn out with fundraising staff or consultant?
    • 9. Align with Mission
      • Is the organization planning a major capital expansion in the future?
      • What can it do to build on current management and/or Board strengths?
      • How does fundraising and events enhance or detract from your mission?
    • 10. Donor Pyramid Planned Gifts Capital Donor Project Donor Renewed Donor Newly Acquired Donor Patrons & Board Contacts Planned Giving Capital Campaigns Annual Fund Personal Solicitation Phone Solicitation
      • Mass Solicitation
        • Special Events
        • Direct Mail
    • 11. Prospect Migration Capacity Initial Relationship Education Solicitation Gift
    • 12. Campaign Gifts Amount Raised Cost Donor Direct Mail Acquisition: Low revenue comprised of many small gifts. Renewals, Phonathons: Many donors, slight increase in gift sizes. Upgraded Gifts: Selected donors upgrade gift sizes through one-on-one contact . Major Gifts: Gift size increases; cultivation time increases; number of donors decreases Campaign Gifts: Very few donors, very large gifts Comparative Costs and Returns of Interdependent Fundraising Methods
    • 13. Stages of Building a Philanthropic Board “ Giving is important.” “ I will give.” “ I will give again (annually).” “ I will be an ambassador… I will advocate the organization to others.” “ I will ask others to give.” “ I will ask others to become involved.” Ambassador Donor Advocate Volunteer
    • 14. Analysis Plan Implement Evaluate Ideal for Consultant Ideal for Staff Ideal for Consultant Planning Stages
    • 15. Consultant Outsource Staff Campaign Study Campaign Counsel Evaluation Grant Writing Interim Staffing Analysis & Planning Ongoing Board Development Donor Cultivation Gift Acknowledgement Corporate/Foundation Relations Small Events & Appeals Direct Mail Telemarketing Galas Fundraising Tactics
    • 16. Board and Staff Relationship Staff: Transactional Fundraising Board: Relationship Fundraising
    • 17. Cost Estimates by Activity Cost Spectrum High ($1.50) Medium Low ($.12) Acquisition Mailings Special Events Telemarketing Direct Mail (Existing Donors) Sponsorships Planned Giving Major Gifts Capital Campaigns
    • 18. Cost Estimates by Staffing Model
    • 19. Case Study
        • Break-up into groups of 4-5.
        • Discuss the case for 15 minutes.
        • Select leader to present your ideas.
        • Questions:
          • How would you analyze the situation?
          • Would you hire a full-time fundraiser? If so, when?
          • How realistic are the financial goals?
          • What would you focus on?
    • 20. Free Initial Consultation
      • Receive a no-cost 45-minute consultation on any aspect of development - from capital campaigns to staffing.
      • Learn how you can overcome obstacles and improve your fundraising performance. This offer is transferable so feel free to forward it to a colleague.
    • 21. Thank you!