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Prof dr khawaja amjad saeed

  1. 1. Assignment on Managerial Accounting Researcher Khawaja Amjad Saeed Submitted to: Mr. Nikhil Chandra sheel Lecturer, Managerial Accounting Southeast University Submitted by: Muhammad Shariful Islam ID: 2012010004093 Program: MBA (1 year) Batch: 11th - C Date of submission: April 26, 2012SOUTHEAST UNIVERSITY
  2. 2. Prof. Dr. Khawaja Amjad Saeed is a versatile scholar. He holds two Master Degrees inCommerce (M.Com.) from the University of the Punjab (1959) and in Business Administration(MBA) from the American University of Beirut with Charter from the State of New York, USA(1970). He is a Fellow Member of all the six Professional Institutes of Pakistan, i.e. the Institute ofChartered Accountants of Pakistan (FCA 1966), the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants ofPakistan (FCMA 1971), the Institute of Corporate Secretaries of Pakistan (FICS 1974), the Institute ofMarketing Management (FIMM 1986), the Institute of Taxation Management (FITM 1988), and theInstitute of Chartered Secretaries and Managers (1990). Besides holding a Bachelor Degree in Law(LL.B.) from the University of the Punjab (1976), he is holder of Diplomas in “IndustrialAccountancy” from the British Tutorial Institute, London (1964), in “Project Analysis: Industry andInfrastructure” from the United Nations Asian Institute of Economic Development and Planning,Bangkok (1971) and certificate holder in Teaching of Project Analysis from the EconomicDevelopment Institute of the World Bank, Washington D.C. (1979). He obtained Degree ofPhilosophy in Business Administration (Ph.D.) from California, USA (1981) and contributed doctoraldissertation on “Survey and Analysis of Financial Disclosure in Corporate Sector for Public use: ACase Study from Pakistan”.INTERNATIONAL INTERFACE:He represented Pakistan on the Finance and the Management Accounting Committee of theInternational Federation of Accountants (IFAC) (1988-90) and also presented various papers atnational, regional and international levels. IFAC, New York honored him twice with AppreciationScrolls for his services to Accounting on World Wide Basis. He has participated in severalConferences of Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants (CAPA) and South Asian Federationof Accountants (SAFA). He was President of SAFA for 1997 and Advisor for 1998. He was Presidentof the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (1997-99) and elected Member,Governing Council of IFAC New York (1997-2000). He served as Member, National Council ofICMAP (1976-2005). He has participated in several International Conferences, contributed papers forthe same and has also conducted several research studies including research studies for InternationalLabour Organization (ILO), Geneva, Asian Productivity Organization (APO), Tokyo, King AbdulAziz University, Jeddah, ICFTU, Brussels, TWARO, Tokyo and other International bodies. Duringthe summer of 1984, he was on Visiting Faculty assignment at the University of Hawaii, USA andalso visited twelve top Business Schools of USA. During 1984, he delivered twelve talks inManagement Development Programs in major cities of India under the auspices of the Institute ofCost and Works Accountants of India. He has presented several papers in International Conferencesheld in USA, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, Nepal, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Iran, Australia,Bangladesh, Bhutan, China, France, England,HRM/HRD CONTRIBUTION:He served as Professor and Founder Director of the Institute of Business Administration (IBA),University of the Punjab, Lahore for 23 years. Earlier he taught various courses at honors and masterslevels in Hailey College of Commerce, 3 rd Constituent College of the University of the Punjab,
  3. 3. Lahore for 7 years. He served as Director, Planning and Development in the above University for 20years. He also served as Dean Faculty of Arts for 4 years and as Pro Vice-Chancellor for one and halfyears. He served as President of the Association of Management Development Institutions of SouthAsia (AMDISA) (1993-96). He is the founder President of the Institute of Marketing Management,the Institute of Taxation Management and the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Managers inPakistan. He is ranked one of top seven scholars who made significant contributions in HRM/HRD inPakistan.GLOBAL CONTRIBUTION: AMERICAS North America1. In 1979, while attending an International Seminar on “Project Analysis” at the Economic Development Institute of World Bank, Washington, D.C. delivered several presentations and contributed a case on Pakistan International Airlines.2. Delivered several lectures in East-West Centre, Hawaii in 1984 and was on visiting assignment for six weeks in Pacific and Asian Management Institute, Hawaii University, Honolulu, USA.3. During 1984, visited ten top business schools of USA and had productive interactions with Deans of these schools. These business schools included University of California, Los Angles and Berkley, Stanford University, Harvard University, MIT, New York University, Colombia University, Pennsylvania University, Chicago University, San Francisco University and University of Southern California, Los Angles.4. Visited many States of USA and attended international Conferences/Meetings and made significant contributions during 1984 to 1998.5. Delivered a presentation on “Corporate Management Concept” in Ohio State University, Cleveland, USA in 1986.6. Presented a paper on “Workers Self Management: A case study from Pakistan” in Cornell University, New York State in 1991.7. Delivered a presentation on “Management Education in SAARC Region” in Halifax, Canada to 35 Deans of Business Schools of Canada in 1994.8. Visited Society of Management Accountants in Hamilton in 1994 and had productive meetings with top executives.9. Attended IFAC governing council meeting in New York (1998).10. Attended IFAC Education Committee in New York in 2005 and served as Technical Advisor.11. Attend international conferences on MIS held in Omaha, Nebraska and contributed in plenary sessions.12. Presented a keynote address in the inaugural ceremony of North American Chapter of Alumni Association of the University of the Punjab. (2008).13. Held meeting with experts in World Bank and exchanged views of mutual interest for initiating Dollar Denominated Endowment Fund Program for the University of the Punjab (2008).14. Met Faculty Members of Wichita State University and exchanged views on Academic Developments (2008 and 2009).15. Visited CNN headquarters and exchanged views of mutual interest (2008).16. Visited World Bank for soliciting support from Senior Advisor of World Bank Group for
  4. 4. establishing Dollar Denominated Endowment Fund for the University of the Punjab (2009). Latin America 1. Mexico Contributed a paper for the fourth International Conference in Accounting Education held in Mexico in 1982 under the auspices of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC). 2. Argentina Actively participated and richly contributed in the meeting of Governing Council of IFAC held in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 1999. EUROPE Belgium1. Contributed a research study on “Motivation for Productivity” for International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, Brussels (ICFTU-1983). France1. Participated in the Second European Accounting Conference in Paris in 1985 and also attended meeting of Financial and Management Accounting Committee of IFAC.2. Attended 15th World Congress of Accountants and contributed a paper in the Seminar organized by International Association of Accounting and Research of IFAC (1997). Germany1. Attended IFAC-FMAC meeting in Duseruldof in 1989 and delivered a presentation on “Developments in Management Accounting in Pakistan” to twelve countries representatives.2. In 1998, attended IFAC Governing Council meeting in Berlin and delivered presentation on “Management Accounting Developments in Pakistan”. Spain1. In 1993, participated in the World Management Forum and delivered a presentation on the “Role of AMDISA (Association of Management Development Institutions in South Asia) in Management Developments in South Asia” in Barcelona. Switzerland1. Contributed a research study on “Promotion of Industrial Peace in Pakistan” for ILO, Geneva (1981).2. Contributed another research study entitled “Settlement in Public Service” for ILO (1985).3. Presented a paper on “Export Management Training in Pakistan” for UN-ITC, Geneva (1986). Turkey1. Contributed a paper on “Workers Self Management – A Case Study from Pakistan” for a Conference held in Istanbul in 1987. United Kingdom1. In 1979 and 1988, visited various accounting professional institutes in London.2. In 1986, contributed a case on “Management of Cost and Prices for Exports” in Cambridge. This was later printed by UNITC, Geneva for international circulation and use in export management programs.
  5. 5. 3. I visited U.K and had interactions with several professional institutes and universities. Delivered lectures in several U.K. Universities including Dhuram University where I visited twice. Also visited London Business School and attended a Course on “Strategic Management” held in Dhuram University under the auspices of Commonwealth Secretariat, London (1992). Presented a case study from Pakistan in the area of “Innovation in Management” in Dhuram University in 1993.4. In 1997, visited Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA), Association of Certified Chartered Accountants (ACCA) and School of Finance and Management, London and held discussions on academic and research matters. ASIA1. Extensively visited several countries of Asia and delivered lectures, conducted management development programs, contributed papers and interacted with scholars in 17 Asian Countries which included: Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Hong Kong, India, South Korea, Sri Lanka, Singapore, Japan, UAE, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Nepal, Indonesia, Iran, Maldives and China. AUSTRALIA1. In 1986, chaired technical workshop on “Information Resources” in the 11th CAPA (Confederation of Asian and Pacific Accountants) Conference in Melbourne.2. In 1990, attended IFAC-FMAC meeting in Perth and participated in global developments in the area of Financial and Management Accounting.3. Participated in Convention 1992 of the Australian Society of CPAs. Visited Sydney University and exchanged views on mutual interest. AFRICA & EGYPT  Egypt Visited Egypt in April 1969, met scholars and visited historical places in Cairo & Alexandria. Morocco During 1985, gave presentation in Rabaat, Morocco in IEOSCO – Islamic equivalence of UNESCO.  South Africa In 1999, attended Governing Council Meeting of International Federation of Accountants (IFAC) held in Cape Town, South Africa. Tunisia Delivered a presentation on “Micro Finance in Islam” in an International Conference organizes by SANABAL-Egypt based Origination.
  6. 6. AWARDS:He has been honored with various gold medals and awards at home and abroad. Pakistan EducationForum honored him with National Education Award – 2003 on his Best Research Publications 2002-2003. Besides having seven years of field experience in corporate finance, audit, accounting, taxation,and business management, he has 44 years of full time teaching experience at the master’s level incommerce, business administration and economics and has also extensively taught in professionalexamination courses such as Chartered Accountants, Cost and Management Accountants and Bankers.Several Management Development Programs have been conducted by him at home and abroad. Theinterface of work and contributions has extended to over one hundred countries of the World.Significant awards-1. Devan Metharam Dharmadas Trust Award: The highest recognition for the highest grades in Advanced Accounts in the examination of the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan (1964).2. Charles Earl Bevan Petman Law Prize: The highest recognition for the best grade in a specialized field of Law, from the University of the Punjab, Lahore (1976).3. Writers Guild Award for the best book in Pakistan: Economic Structure of Pakistan (1977).4. Cash Research Award: by the University of Punjab, Lahore (1978).5. Gold Medal: by the University Sports Board, Islamabad for teaching and making contribution in the area management application in sports.6. Gold Medal by Women Association, Faisalabad for contribution made in developing entrepreneurship in women in Pakistan (1990).7. Appreciation Scroll (Twice) by the International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), New York for the contribution made to the accounting profession on world wide basis (1990).8. Swinburne Graduate School of Management, Melbourne, Australia Professor John O. Miller AO Award in recognition of Distinguished Achievement (1999).9. Gold Medal by the Institute of Cost and Management Accountants of Pakistan for meritorious services rendered in promoting Cost and Management Accounting Profession at home and abroad (2000).10. Quaid-e-Azam Gold Medal : For meritorious services to quality education in Management and Commerce Education at home and abroad by Tehrik-e-Istahkam-e-Pakistan Council (2003).11. Best Research Publications Award 2003 by Pakistan Education Forum, Islamabad given in the 9th PEF National Education Award 2003.12. HEC: Distinguished National Professor - Finance by the Higher Education Commission, Ministry of Education, Government of Pakistan, Islamabad.13. Gold Medal: from Nagara Bank, Certral Bank of Malaysia for services rendered in financial Sector (2006).14. Gold Medal: from the Insurance Association of Pakistan, (Lahore Council) for Educational Services to Insurance Industry (2006).15. International Award: for HRM Services on world wide basis from Bangladesh (2009).
  7. 7. PUBLICATIONS:He has authored 32 books in the areas of Income Tax, Auditing, Management, Economy of Pakistan,Corporate Financial Reports, Corporate, Mercantile Laws and Industrial Laws, Financial Institutions,Accounting and Higher Accountancy. He has widely traveled to all continents of the World and hascontributed over 1,000 articles in various journals of national and international repute. Some of hisarticles have been abstracted by the Commerce Clearing House Inc., New York, USA. Beside havingauthored several cases, he has also edited four books on Management Cases (32 Cases), RegionalManagement Cases (29 Cases), Marketing Cases (30 Cases) and Management Cases: An InternationalEdition. His latest contributions are: Economy of Pakistan (2010 Edition) and Strategic Management(2009-10) He has edited two books on Management Cases and Marketing Cases which have beenpublished by Excel Books, New Delhi. Various Chapters of books published in USA, Japan, India,Singapore, Switzerland and many other countries have been contributed by him.CURRENT ASSIGNMENTS:He is working as Management Consultant and is teaching in Business Schools at home and abroad.He has served as Dean Executive Program in Punjab College of Business Administration, ConstituentCollege of University of Central Punjab, Lahore (1999-2003). He served as Adjunct Professor at theGraduate School of Management, Swinburne University of Technology, Australia (1999-2003) andin India as visiting Professor in Institute of Management Technology ranked 10 th in India. He has beenappointed as Adjunct Emeritus Professor of Management in Birla Institute of ManagementTechnology, Greater Nodia, UP, India ranked 7th in India., He is also serving as Professor Emeritus ofApex Group of Management Institutions, Pune, India. At present, he is serving as Principal of HaileyCollege of Banking & Finance, Constituent College of University of the Punjab, Lahore since 2003onward. In March 2010, he was appointed as Professor Emeritus by the University of the Punjab inMarch 2010.