Lived Time: Life beyond clock time


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Lived Time: Life beyond clock time

  1. 1. Lived  time  Life  beyond  clock  time   Mariana  Funes  Coach  and  medita.on  teacher  
  2. 2. We  are  caught  in  a  race…   When  you  are   digging  yourself   in  a  hole  it  is   good  to  stop   The   digging   Our  ideas   about  .me  are   great   killing  us   speed  up   Time  is  a   human   construct  
  3. 3. We can manage time   And  beware  of  ,me  lock   1884  Standard  clock  .me   Clock  .me  is  a  man-­‐made   construct     Detached  from  our  senses   Fragmented   About  breaking  up   And  the  management  of   years,  months,  hours…   “I  only  have  5  minutes  to   give  you”  
  4. 4. We can live time   And  find  all  the  ,me  in  the  world   Connec.on  with  lived   experience   AMen.on  to  the  senses   World  has  a  voice   through  our  ac.ons   Enmeshed  in  our  inner   rhythms   “I  will  meet  you  at  the   .me  the  cows  go   grazing”  
  5. 5. Time is just a metaphor   And  metaphors  have  limita,ons   Is Time is money? We have Time dollars, Time banks, and are Time poor.Time is a non-renewable resource that can be used up, budgeted. Economic model of growth is mapped on to it and we say “there aren‘t enough hours in the day!” Or is Time is a landscape? And wemove through it. Time is fixed and we control how we move through it.Centre of gravity is lived experience. Economic model of sufficiencymapped on to it and we say “I could not find a path to do that”
  6. 6. Attention Deficit Trait   Brain  turns  to  survival  mode  We  are  run  by  emo.ons:   fear,  anxiety,  impa.ence,   irritability,  anger  or  panic   Body  goes  into  red  alert  and   frontal  lobes  lose  their  and  their  ability  to   func.on  func.oning  becomes   ‘black  and  white  thinking’   ‘In  a  fu.le  aMempt  to  do  more  than  is  possible  the  brain  reduces   its  ability  to  think  clearly’  
  7. 7. Solution  upfront   Just  STOP   • Start  saying  yes  to  ongoing  quality  of  mind   S   • Test  different  rhythms  in  your  day     T   • Oversee  consump,on,  consump,on  takes  ,me   o   • Plan  to  preserve  the  inefficiencies  that  remain   p  
  8. 8. There  are  options   ‘Pacman’  mind  or  peace  of  mind     The  clue  is  in  inner   viewing,  train  your   mind  to  single-­‐task.   It  really  is  not  that  good  at  mul.-­‐tasking  
  9. 9. The  time  staircase   Pa,ence,  discipline  and  prac,ce   Pause  and  imagine   you  have   You  live  life  to  the   understood  your   full  in  the  middle   rela.onship  to   of  ongoing  .me   .me  and  it  is   You  find  other   working   ways  to  relate  to   Become  aware  of   .me  beyond   your  current   narrowing  it  down   assump.ons  about   .me  
  10. 10. Time coaching:Your relationship to timeWhat does time mean to you?Tell me more, how is that?And as you say that, what comes to mind?
  11. 11. Train  you  attention   Choosing  to  react  •  Focused  aMen.on:  The  ac.on  of  responding  discretely  to   specific  visual,  auditory  or  physical  s.mula.on.  •  Sustained  aMen.on:  The  act  of  maintaining  consistent   concentra.on  during  ac.vity.  •  aMen.on:  The  ac.ons  of  maintaining  behavioral  or  process  during  or  behavior.  •  aMen.on:  The  ac.on  of  moving  between  tasks   having  different  requirements.   Moments  stand  for  all  in  our  lives   that  we  cannot  control  and  it  is   here  that  we  can  make  a  choice   to  prac6ce  each  day  to  incline   our  mind  to  a8end  
  12. 12. Voluntary Sustained AttentionHow long can we on average, maintain our attention on anunmoving object?Excitation, fragmentation, lethargyAnd then….respite for a second: we focus on realitywithout discursivenessOur minds are like untrained horsesMeditation trains our sense of time
  13. 13. Practice   The  First  Step  up  the  ,me  staircase  •  Catch  yourself  to  be  efficient  and  stop  it:  You  will  hear   yourself  to  terminate  a  conversa.on  because  it  is  not   going  anywhere.    You  will  think  of  calling  a  friend  you  have   not  spoken  to  for  a  while,  and  decide  you  can’t  because  you   have  too  much  to  do.    4  .mes  a  day  when  you  catch  yourself  to  be  efficient  in  this  way  -­‐  just  stop  it  -­‐  allow  yourself   to  be  splendidly  inefficient!  •  Always  ask  :  What  am  I  being  efficient  for?  •   ‘Whatever  is  worthwhile  about  us  is  the  inefficient  part.   Inefficiency  is  where  human  life  exists’    Eduard  LuMwark    
  14. 14. Practice   The  First  Step  up  the  ,me  staircase   Anne   McCrary   Sullivans   aMen.on   prac.ce   -­‐   In   another  homework   assignment,   I   would   ask   them   to   find   a   place  where   there   is   nothing   going   on.   Sit   there   for   ten   minutes  and  record  everything  that  happens.  The  important  thing  is  that   you   stay   with   your   prac.ce   for   the   10   minutes   and  keep  staring.’  
  15. 15. Conquering  Time  Once  and  For  All   Somewhere  Ive  wri-en   So  each  day  I  will  see   The  admonishing  le-ers   TTT.   When  you  see  how  hard  it  is   To  scrub  off  the  grime,   Dont  ever  forget  that   Things  Take  Time.   Piet  Hein   Quoted  in  Unwinding  the  clock  by  Bodil  Jonson.
  16. 16. Conquering  Time  Once  and  For  All   Focus  on  stability   Slow  reading   RepeHHon  and  rouHne   Switch  ‘self  off   Develop  an  a-enHon  span  longer  than  300ms   Learn  to  noHce  what  takes  you  away  from  ‘now’   Accept  the  ‘paradox  of  inefficiency’   .
  17. 17. Slow  reading  1.  Allow  30  minutes  for  this  ac.vity.  Find  a   5.  When  something  strikes  you,  stop.  Repeat  quiet  place  and  a  quiet  mind  to  allow  you  to   that  par.cular  phrase  several  .mes.  Let  it  direct  your  aMen.on  to  a  favourite   sink  into  your  heart.  inspira.onal  text:  use  the  poem  in  the  introduc.on  to  this  retreat  or  find  a  short   6.  Next  is  your  response  -­‐  how  does  this  poem  or  paragraph  that  speaks  to  you   word/phrase  affect  you?  Is  it  a  word/phrase  emo.onally  and/or  spiritually   of  correc.on  or  encouragement?  2.  Focus  on  understanding  and  trust  your   7.  Stay  with  it  un.l  you  have  received  all  the  awareness  will  remove  from  your  mind  and   nourishment  that  is  possible  from  it  heart  all  that  makes  you  to  understanding  this  text.  Find  a  sense  of   8.  Keep  reading  for  the  .me  you  have  giving  yourself  over  to  your  reading.   allowed  following  process  above  each  .me   something  strikes  you.  3.  Ask  those  you  love  past  and  present  to  accompany  you  in  your  reading   9.  End  by  making  some  resolu.on  as  a  result   of  what  you  have  read  4.  Read  a  liMle,  slowly  forming  the  words  with  your  lips,  keeping  your  hearts  alert,   10.  Write  down  anything  that  strikes  you  lefng  the  words  find  their  way  to  your   while  you  read.  heart,  keep  your  mind      
  18. 18. Time coaching:A new relationship to timeSo time is ....What is happening?And how is that?
  19. 19. ‘Quick’  Fixes   Take  a  few  mini-­‐breaks  during  the  day,  concentrate  on  your  breathing   Get  to  meeHngs  early  so  that  you  can  focus  on  self  and  environment   before  others  arrive   Pause  aTer  you  finish  one  task  and  before  beginning  another.  Make   pauses  last  several  minutes   PracHce  mindfulness  by  doing  one  thing  at  a  Hme,  giving  it  your  full   a-enHon.  You  can  try  this  with  a  cup  of  tea  in  the  office.  It  will   shiT  you  focus  and  sharpen  your  a-enHon   Learn  how  to  Hme-­‐shiT  in  the  midst  of  busyness:  whilst  waiHng  for  the   liT,  pay  a-enHon  to  what  is  around  you,  rather  than  feeling  the   rush  and  anxiety  of  tasks  that  are  waiHng   .
  20. 20. For  More  Information        Mariana  Funes:    or           hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://   hMp://­‐animate-­‐the-­‐secret-­‐powers-­‐of-­‐.me                  
  21. 21. Conquering  Time  Once  and  For  All   ‘I  understand  that  my  6me  is  truly  my  6me.  And  even   though  the  pace  of  my  life,  like  everyone  else’s,  is   oBen  directed  by  the  world  around  me,  it  has  become   clear  that  people  have  considerably  more  control   over  their  tempos  than  they  oBen  let  themselves   believe.  And  I  have  come  to  see  another  basic  truth:   that  our  6me  is  our  life.  How  we  construct  and  use   our  6me  defines  the  texture  and  quality  of  our   existence.’  Robert  Levine  in  the  Geography  of  .me   .