Squeezing Your info[graphics]

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What is an infographic? …

What is an infographic?
How do you create an engaging infographic?
How do you successfully distribute an infographic?
How do you leverage an infographic for a 4-month campaign?

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  • 1. Squeezing Your Info[graphics]
  • 2. Michael Durwin Engine East Who am i? Digital Strategist Early Adopter Designer Boston Social Media Club Secretary Creative/UX Director Google Glass Explorer Web-Mobile-Print-VideoSocial Clients: HBO Microsoft GMC Disney ESPN Amazon ABC Liberty Mutual J Jill Comcast
  • 3. What is an infographic?
  • 4. Knowledge + Graphics = shareable story
  • 5. Russia Campaign of 1812-1813 Charles Joseph Minard 1869
  • 6. Anatomy of an infographic
  • 7. Data Shareability Design Story
  • 8. Cohesive design Quality data Variety of visuals Diagrams, icons, charts YOUR URL Resource attribution
  • 9. Infographics and your marketing
  • 10. Blog Posts Articles Videos Infographics eBooks Digital Magazines Website Copy Product Descriptions Podcasts Newsletters White Papers Research Reports Webinars Slideshows Case Studies Reviews Images Games Memes Awarenes s Consideratio n Conversion
  • 11. Launch your infographic
  • 12. Launch Your website Your blog Newsletter Your social networks Bloggers Influencers Press PR/Marketing vendors
  • 13. Blogger Readers
  • 14. Uncopyright
  • 15. Uncopyright = $135 million
  • 16. Infographics strategy
  • 17. Rethink Reuse= Pinterest Instagram Video Ebooks Webinars
  • 18. Video infographics
  • 19. Infographic tips
  • 20. Tip 1 Leverage A) spread a single bit of content over multiple content forms: tweets, infographics, images B) test content effectiveness C) survey customers about preferred content format D) repurpose and repackage assets and data
  • 21. Tip 2 Launch A) B) C) D) use credible sources create a blog post around your infographic promote with a press release break into screenshots for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest then link back to blog post E) schedule multiple SoMe posts F) no designer to agency? Use visual.ly, Infgr.am, Piktochart (or call me) G) submit to StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, or Digg
  • 22. Tip 3 Distribution submit to infographic aggregators: dailyinfographic.com coolinfographics.com infographicsshowcase.com submitinfographics.com infographicsarchive.com visual.ly infographicjournal.com
  • 23. Tip 4 Promotion submit to press release distributors: PRWeb 1888 Press Release Online PR News Cision Vocus eRelease Free Press Releases PR Fire BigNews 24-7 Press Release
  • 24. Questions what can I answer for you?