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  • 1. Create Something Remark[et]able able How to do good content marketing
  • 2. am i? Who Digital Strategist Early Adopter Designer Former Social Media Club Secretary Creative/UX Director Google Glass Explorer Web-Mobile-Print-Video- Social Michael Durwin Fuseideas Clients: HBO Microsoft GMC Disney ESPN Amazon ABC Liberty Mutual J Jill Comcast
  • 3. is content marketing? What
  • 4. Content Marketing Wikipedia: any marketing format that involves the creation and sharing of media and publishing content in order to acquire customers. Synonym: inbound marketing
  • 5. Content Marketing Value + (entertaining/informative) Free hard sell + (boring/vague) Paid
  • 6. Blog Posts Articles Videos Infographics eBooks Digital Magazines Website Copy Product Descriptions Podcasts Newsletters White Papers Research Reports Webinars Slideshows Case Studies Reviews Images Games Memes What Is Content?
  • 7. Your Blog Your Website Other Blogs Partner Websites Facebook LinkedIn YouTube Twitter Google Plus Pinterest Instagram Podcasts App Store Flickr Press Releases Newsletters Dribbble Live Events Publications Where to Put Content?
  • 8. Content Marketing Does Not Try To:
  • 9. Convert Customers Directly Content Marketing Does Not Try To:
  • 10. Acquire Leads Directly Content Marketing Does Not Try To:
  • 11. Make Sales Directly Content Marketing Does Not Try To:
  • 12. Content Marketing Does Try To:
  • 13. Create Familiarity Content Marketing Does Try To:
  • 14. Build Trust Content Marketing Does Try To:
  • 15. Establish Credibility Content Marketing Does Try To:
  • 16. Increase Likability Content Marketing Does Try To:
  • 17. Quality Indicators Social Scores Likes +1s Subscribes Shares Comments Votes Retweets Links Views Mentions Clicks Downloads Plays
  • 18. High Quality & Popular Content Quality Indicators/Social Scores = Website Visits & Search Engine Rankings
  • 19. John Deere 1895 Michelin Guides 1829 Guinness Book of World Records 1955 Content Marketing Is Not New
  • 20. It Just Looks Different Now
  • 21. It Just Looks Different Now
  • 22. It Just Looks Different Now
  • 23. It Just Looks Different Now
  • 24. It Just Looks Different Now
  • 25. use content marketing? Why
  • 26. of consumers are more likely to buy from a company that delivers custom content. 61%
  • 27. Companies with active blogs receive97%More leads
  • 28. of users’ time is spent surfing the Internet on content-led websites.20%
  • 29. marketers are doing content marketing right & wrong How
  • 30. of their marketing budget on content. 42% Companies with less than 10 employees spend
  • 31. of CMOs believe content marketing is the future 78%
  • 32. have a content marketing strategy50%
  • 33. Desired Content Brands vs. Consumers Consumers Brands
  • 34. Office Max Game 36 million visits, 11 million elves shared
  • 35. Centers for Disease Control eBook Web traffic increased 10x Twitter following increased 100x Cost: $0
  • 36. Boston Technologies Landing Page & eBook Landing page with eBook download 5000% increase in leads #1 unpaid Google result 8 man hours, $0, 3 years ago
  • 37. Star Trek Facebook
  • 38. Star Trek Facebook X 5,333,442 potential Likes 2,886,724 potential comments
  • 39. videos and images in press releases increases views by 45% PRNewswire
  • 40. Add images to an article to increase viewing by 94% Skyword
  • 41. videos on landing pages increased conversions by 86%
  • 42. more likely to be shared than links10xVideos Are
  • 43. more popular than links5xImages Are
  • 44. when infographics are added are added 12% Website traffic increased
  • 45. to improving your content marketing Tips
  • 46. Content Formula Quality Content Self- Promotion
  • 47. Tip 1 Leverage A) spread a single bit of content over multiple content forms: tweets, infographics, images B) test content effectiveness C) survey customers about preferred content format D) repurpose and repackage assets and data
  • 48. Tip 2 Infographics A) use credible sources B) create a blog post around your infographic C) promote with a press release D) break into screenshots for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest then link back to blog post E) schedule multiple SoMe posts F) no designer to agency? Use,, Piktochart G) submit to StumbleUpon, Delicious, Reddit, or Digg
  • 49. Tip 2b Infographics A. submit to infographic aggregators:
  • 50. Tip 3 Video A) get a smartphone & video editing apps B) publish on YouTube, Vine, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest C) use screenshots to promote on sites that don't show video thumbnails D) start with HD and scale down E) don't forget the music
  • 51. Tip 4 Images A) a picture is worth 1000 words, say more with less B) ALWAYS include an image with a SoMe post or blog C) get a Flickr account and learn about Creative Commons licensing D) NEVER use images from Google image search E) ALWAYS include image attribution F) use search relevant file names
  • 52. Tip 5 Webinars & Slide Decks A) YOU cannot design B) use interesting titles C) use provocative images D) choose soft sell over hard sell E) create value through problem solving F) don't be afraid to advertise
  • 53. Tip 6 Articles & Blog Posts A) don't overuse keywords B) use provocative titles C) reference your other blog posts and other blogs with links D) include contact info in articles E) use images F) don't forget the subscribe button G) make sure your site/blog allows sharing and comments
  • 54. what can I answer for you? Questions
  • 55. 617.840.2618 Contact
  • 56. what can I answer for you? Infographics