Essenitil Characteristics for Advancement


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Essenitil Characteristics for Advancement

  1. 1. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement How do you put yourself in the best position for advancement? Knowing what specific steps to take, in order to be promoted as rapidly as possible, is a prominent skill. Many, who aspire to advance, fail to understand the strategies required.
  2. 2. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement Take a close look at those who advance rapidly to the top positions of any organization. If you do, you will be able to answer this key question. What is it that the most successful managers do that enhance their advancement? If you have been in the business world for any length of time, you likely have had a chance to watch the "rising stars" within the organization. Most people see the obvious factors for the rapid rise but over-look the basic skills and actions that enhanced their success. While the reality is that you will find a number of advancement factors, there are five core skills that get you promoted. The first, and starting point, is to evaluate and define your strengths.
  3. 3. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement Every aspiring leader must know their Strengths and Value. Making a realistic and accurate assessment or your current strengths and ability create value is the foundation of your advancement plan. What, exactly are your strengths? What are you capable of contributing given the chance? This in not some off-the-wall concept. If you know what you are good at, believe in your strengths and solidify you belief in "what you want to contribute" to the organization, you will empower your attitude.
  4. 4. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement Once you have identified your strengths and capabilities to contribute to your business unit, the second step is to uncover development needs. What this refers to is finding some areas in your skill, knowledge and capability profile that could be enhance to match the needs of the organization. Those who desire to advance are not finished products. There is always room to strengthen your profile. Finding skills or abilities that match-up with the current and future needs of the company are critical areas fro development
  5. 5. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement Think about this question, where is the company is headed? What skills and abilities will leaders need in the near future, in order to manage the company successfully? For example, suppose that managing and expanding the image and community awareness of the organization is growing in importance. Perhaps finding ways to develop public speaking abilities to a very high level would be a valued skill. Find resources and dive into developing this area. Look for opportunities inside and outside the company to speak on topics that tie into the organizations needs and mission.
  6. 6. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement This is strength assessment and development activities are essential. You are building the most competent talent package possible. This is a self-development activity of the utmost importance. Don't think for one minute that someone else is going to "develop you." You are the manager of your own development. Think of this through the eyes of influential and proven leaders above your level. What would they be looking for in pinpointing a potential rising star for the company? They would look for people who possess key strengths of value to the business. Individuals who are growing and exhibiting a value-added approach to their responsibilities. You have to be this person. You have to create this person.
  7. 7. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement You create an image, let's say a perception, that you are someone special because you have a belief about your strengths and your positive intentions to contribute to the company. This reinforces an element of your professional self esteem that you can add value. You have this strong inner-belief about your value. You believe that you are deserving of recognition for your value, your commitment to earning increased responsibility and advancement. Once you have truly thought through your strengths and capabilities, to add significant value to the organization, and the inner focus to believe that you will contribute and rise to the top, you have the foundation to move to the other fundamental characteristics. They may surprise you...
  8. 8. An Essential Characteristic for Career Advancement To find out what the other characteristics are, Visit