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Real time mi_&_interdisciplinary_3


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Teaching Poetry Through Visual & Songs …

Teaching Poetry Through Visual & Songs
SACSS Learning Roundtable

Published in: Education, Technology
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  • 1. An MI (& Interdisciplinary) Approach to Teaching & Learning (Literature) Research based on Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences Sharing by Mohammad Said Rahim Literature & Humanities Dept
  • 2. Apps
    • YouTube HD videos
    • RealPlayer
    • Ultimate-guitar tab
    • Picasa Web Albums
    • Slideshark
  • 3. Theory of Multiple Intelligences (MI)
    • Howard Gardner, Professor at Harvard Graduate School of Education
    • In 1983, Gardner introduced his  Theory of Multiple Intelligences  in a seminal book,  Frames of Mind . 
    • He “argue[d] that human beings have evolved to be able to carry out at least seven separate forms of analysis :”
  • 4. 7 multiple intelligences exhibited by individuals with accurate views of themselves Intrapersonal intelligence 7 as in a salesman or teacher Interpersonal intelligence 6 as in an athlete or dancer Bodily kinesthetic intelligence 5 as in a sculptor or airplane pilot Spatial intelligence 4 as in a composer Musical intelligence 3 as in a scientist Logical-mathematical intelligence 2 as in a poet Linguistic intelligence 1
  • 5. 7 MI ( for visual learners ) http://
  • 6. Latest development
    • More recently Gardner added “naturalist intelligence” to the MI list
    • In his book Intelligence Reframed: Multiple Intelligences for the 21st Century  by Howard Gardner (1999), he also points out that true understanding means the ability to :
      • demonstrate, exhibit, perform, or explain in a variety of forms.
    • Teachers must make this possible by stating
      • “ explicit understanding goals,
      • stipulate the correlated performances of understanding, &
      • share these perspectives with the students."
  • 7. Lesson Approach – MI & Interdisciplinary
    • Background
      • Literature  Unseen Poetry – “ There are reasons and there are seasons ” – poem about the innate beauty and inherent logic of nature
    • Tuning in (ICT)
      • Students watch a High Definition (HD) Time Lapse Video of Winter Night (by mockmoon, )
        • Visual, musical, naturalist
  • 8. Lesson Approach – MI & Interdisciplinary
    • Main Activity I
      • Discussion of Video
        • Prior knowledge – Schema & Cognition
        • Interdisciplinary – Geography & Literature
        • Visual, naturalist, spatial, (logical-mathematical?)
    • Main Activity II
      • Poetry Reading
        • Linguistic, visual, naturalist, intra-personal
  • 9. Lesson Approach – MI & Interdisciplinary
    • Follow-up
      • Written work
        • “ stipulate the correlated performances of understanding” [refer to WS page 2, b(ii)]
    • Post Activity – Ultimate Guitar Tab
      • Song – Vincent (Starry, Starry Night)
        • Musical, linguistic
        • “ demonstrate, exhibit, perform, or explain in a variety of forms”
        • “ share these perspectives with the students”
  • 10. Take the MI test
    • Online MI test: (Birmingham Grid for Learning, BGFL Secondary)
      • Teachers get to know your students better
      • Make students aware of their MI learning style
      • Fun with ICT