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Steve's powerpoint, 2011

Steve's powerpoint, 2011

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  • 1. The Absent Author by Ron Roy Reviewed by:Steve Choi
  • 2. Chapter 1
    • One day Dink invited his favorite writer
    • Wallis Wallace at Green Lawn.
    • His best friend Josh don't want to come but Dink persuade Josh to go with him.
    • He raced to Book Nook with his friend,Josh and Ruth Rose.
    • Then he saw that the chair that behind the sign WELCOME, WALLIS WALLACE was empty.
    • Where was Wallis Wallace????
  • 3. Chapter 2 Dink went inside to Book Nook. “ Where is he?” whispered to his friend, Tommy Tomko. He said that he don't know They waited a lot of time but they didn't come. They went back to their home with sad face Then Dink thought the letter and suddenly one word come out. Wallace Willis has been kidnapped!!!!!!
  • 4. Chapter 3 Dink,Ruth Rose,and Josh are surprised about that Wallis Wallace was kidnapped. Then they met the writer named Mavis Green. Also she wanted to meet Wallis Wallace. She also had letter so she show to them. They are happy that Mavis Green helped them to find Wallis Wallace. At last, they get Wallis Wallace itinerary from Mr. Paskey.
  • 5. Chapter 4 Mavis Green said that she will buy some ice-cream for Dink,Josh and Ruth Rose . Josh and Mavis ate the green ice-cream and Ruth Rose ate the pink ice-cream. Dink is full so he didn't eat anything. He called New England Airlines and figured out that Wallis Wallace had been aboard Flight 3132 last night. They checked the Lawrence Taxi and the taxi owner said that she picked Wallis Wallace up. Also she said that dropped him off at hotel.
  • 6. Chapter 5 Dink guesses that Wallis Wallace disappeared at the hotel. So he and his group went to the hotel and watch signature. Someone else checked in right after Wallis Wallace. So they checked beside Wallis Wallace's room's signature. It is too messy and smudged. They suggested to call Wallis Wallace to hotel manager. So he called but no one answered. Also hotel manager worried about him.
  • 7. Chapter 6 Hotel manager,Mr. Linkletter said they can't go guest room. However, Mr. Linkletter teach them the person who cleaned the third floor room's address and her name. Her name is Livvy Nugent. Then, Ruth Rose said “I know her”,because she is last her babysitter. Livvy Nugent said that she clean Wallis Wallace room and beside the his room. And she said one room is empty and another room has a sign. The sign said 'Do Not Disturb ' They decided to meet again at 2:00p.m tomorrow, at back the hotel.
  • 8. Chapter 7 Dink is talking about Wallis Wallace. He pretended object to food that his fiend have. Josh and Ruth Rose also agree him. Then, Dink's mother Mrs. Duncan come. Dink thought he can't stop the story and there, but if his mother knows, he will not find Wallis Wallace with Ruth Rose and Josh. So he decided to stop the story at there. Dink worried about his mother,but Mrs. Duncan didn't say anything about him.
  • 9. Chapter 8 Ruth Rose think Wallis Wallace will may be up there. Because she reminded Mavis about the smudged signature for Room 302 and the Do not Disturb sign on the door. Also Mr. Linkletter decide to check the room They went to Wallis Wallace room. Then they all heard the voice. The voice was muffled, but it was definitely yelling “HELP!!!!” Who is inside the room??
  • 10. Chapter 9 Mr. Linkletter unlocked the door. Then they all saw that Wallis Wallace tied at the chair. They rushed to help him. He was surprised that they find him. So he asked them that how can they find him. They said that they just follow his itinerary. Then Ruth Rose suddenly yelled. She was staring the red scarf that Mavis has. “ You are,” She said quietly What did she want to say??
  • 11. Chapter 10 Ruth Rose said that Mavis is Wallis Wallace. Everyone was surprised. Dink said that Wallis Wallace is man. However at Mavis scarf, it said M's. Then she turned the scarf and it said W's. Also Wallis Wallace's favorite color is green. Also Mavis last name is green and she ate the green ice-cream last time.(At chapter 4) Then Mavis tell truth. She is real Wallis Wallace. And that guy who pretended Wallis Wallace is her brother. Wallis Wallace said that she pretended to be kidnapped because she wants to write story about kid who solved problem