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April Edition of FM Spotlight Magazine

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FM Spotlight Magazine (April)

  1. 1. FMSpotlight April ‘11 Free Entertainment Magazine
  2. 2. EDITOR It’s Heating Up! I                  don’t  know  if  you  are  going  to  believe  what  I  am  about  to  say.    FM  Spotlight  has  become  a   diverse  empire  and  is  about  to  blow  you  away.    A  year  ago  it  was  just  FM  Spotlight  Magazine.    Now   -­ month.  I  can’t  tell  you  how  crazy  excited  I  am!    This  is  a  dream  to  me.    I  don’t  even  use  an  alarm   clock  anymore.    I  wake  up  excited  every  morning  to  go  out  and  do  what  I  love.    The  best  part   -­ FMSpotlight 1 year anniversary Edition reading  this  to  email  me  with  a  time  you  have  seen  me  look  depressed   Follow Me At not  always  like  that  for  me.    I  have  found  happiness  and  want  to  show  FMSPOTLIGHT.COM Mike  Dragosavich March  cover E #11April 2011 ISSU Publishing Spotlight LLC FM  Spotlight  Magazine  is  published  by  Spot-­ Editor light  LLC.    Copyright  2011  FM  Spotlight  Maga-­FMSpotlight Mike Dragosavich zine  &  FM    All  Rights  reserved.   Design No  parts  of  this  periodical  may  be  reproduced   Tina Johnstad / Jordan Dusek without  written  permission  of  FM  Spotlight   Contributors Magazine  &  FM  FM  Spotlight   Max Kurucar / Jenna Aanden Marketing/Sales Magazine  &  FM  will  not  be  held  FM Spotlight is dedicated to helping Karli Rodgers responsible  for  any  errors  or  omissions  found   the community of Fargo-­Moorhead in  the  magazine  or  FM     Molly Clemens enjoy the area’’s entertainment, Spotlight  LLC  accepts  no  liability  for  the  accu-­ molly@fmspotlight.comevents, dining, music, nightlife, and Marketing and Advertising racy  of  statements  made  by  the  advertisers.
  3. 3. EVENTS APRIL Cirque Du Harlem Wookiefoot Soleil - Globetrotters The Venue Dralion Fargodome April 8 Fargodome April 8 April 5-7Fargo Core Big Boy’s Kelli Pickler Con Toys Expo Dakota Magic AmericInn Fargodome Casino April 15-17 April 15-16 April 15 Health & Celtic Women Montgomery Holistic Expo Fargodome Gentry Fargo Civic Center April 21 Shooting Star April 16-17 Casino April 22 Gabriel Spring Brawl Leo Kottke Iglesias Scheels Arena Fargo TheatreFargo Theater April 29 April 30 April 29 Tesla Theory of a Dueces Wild Shooting Star Deadman Dueling Casino Dakota Magic Pianos May 6 Casino The Venue May 13 May 14
  4. 4. Fargo Force Fargo Force Girls Gone vs. Omaha vs. Sioux City Wild Scheels Arena Scheels Arena The Venue April 8 April 9 April 15 Cinderella Fargo Star Walk MS Shooting Star The Venue Bison Sports Casino April 16 Arena April 15 April 16 Battle of the G Love & The 80’s Prom Border Special Sauce Night Dakota Magic Fargo Theater The Venue Casino April 26 April 29 April 23 Parade of Vintage Car Slightly Homes Show Stoopid Various Sites Fargo Civic Center The Venue April 3-May 8 April 30-May 1 May 5To Keep up-‐to-‐date on all events check out
  5. 5. ASK THE BARTENDER Vitals Tarynn’s Drink Picks! Tarynn Sylvester Bartender at Fort Noks Wine Age: 26 Plunger Head Hometown: Plainview, MN Experience: 4 years Exclusive Interview The mean green Charlie Sheen with 1 part Liquid Ice and 1 part rTarynn Sylveste Seagrams 7 Stone CheeryPick up Line? What is your favorite part of bartending? ShotMy friends bet me that I couldnt talk to the hottest It’s so much fun! I love the diversity of customers.girl/guy in the bar…Wanna go get a drink with their Anything from drug dealers to stock brokers! (Laughs) Drinmoney? Zero to Hero k What can a guy do to get your attention? Absolute Wild Tea w/Toast? Show me your tips! HAHA Seriously dont look Sprite ZeroI have known many and liked not a few, desperate. Be con dent and strike up a normal tini MarBut loved only one, and this toast conversation. Con dence (but not cockiness)is to you! is very important. Cucumber Martini 2.5 parts Hendricks GinWhen can we see you at fort Any new products coming out this .5 part dry vermouthnoks? spring? The popular "Jerimiah Weed" Ice-Tea avored Cucumber sliceUsually I am at Noks from Thursdayto Saturday. vodka launched a canned version. It is really refreshing and light. Beer HoegaardenWhy Fort Noks? Pour out half into a glass andIts downtown, it has a patio, its clean and classy Jokeand has a ‘big-city’ feel to it. Noks is a great place A man was drinking at a bar one evening. Every time swirl it around. Then apply theto socialize. It doesnt have loud music or just one he ordered a drink, he would pull a picture out of his rest for foam. It tastes liketype of crowd. You never know what each night will wallet and gaze at it for a moment. "Old girlfriend?" “Fruit Loops!”bring you. the bartender asked."No," the man replied. "Its a picture of my mother-in-law. When she starts to look More at attractive, I know Ive had too much."
  6. 6. $8.75 Lunch Specials Monday-‐Friday Daily Specials served with Chicken, Soup, Side of Rice & Two Cream Cheese Wontons Live Jazz! 3rd Saturday of Every Month 5:30 -‐ 7:30 Now Accepting ReservationsNow Located in the Moorhead Center Mall 218-227-0099
  7. 7. BAND 24SEVEN 24seven Jason Brekhus Guitars & Vocals -‐ Kenmare, ND Joey Muchlinski Bass & Vocals -‐ Jackson, MN Jim Julsrud Drums & Vocals -‐ Moorhead, MN24Seven has been rocking Fargo-‐Moorhead 24/7 since the 90’ssetlist ranging from Keith Urban to Kings of Leon, Outkast to AC/DC, and Sublime to KISS, you will hear a diversity of music simply not heardFavorite place to play in FM: What makes us unique: do, is coming to the show! true to the recording as we can. No style of music is off limits here. Country, rock, metal, Promotion:see a band. I just have a soft spot for those We have to givesmaller bars. Much more, shall we say, it. Also, I think we have some of the best a shout out to Boneskot Design in the area. for doing ourWhy the name: shirts, logos,When the band started in 1999, we were Favorite part about performing in FM: and posters.playing over 300 shows a year. It pretty Awesome guys. Any band out24Seven music. there looking people. Also, I love the comradore of all the for merchandise,How did the band start: bands in the area. We help each other out in a pinch. Everyone is bands, and I just wanted to make a with the killer PA and light show.“supergroup”. I found the best bass player, This year:best guitar player, and best drummer I knew. We already have 8 to 10 street dances lined Website: For More Log ontoThe original members have moved on to other up this summer that we are very excited to fmspotlightcom play. Also, we will be branching out our setlist
  8. 8. DOWNTOWN Bar/Restaurant Q Tell us about the OB Sports Zone? It is a fun sports bar and grill located in the heart of Downtown Fargo Q What do you like about it? It is a really fun and cool place to work. The atmosphere brings in energetic people. Our staff is so friendly and good at what they do.THE Q What’s coming up in April?OB SPORTS April brings baseball and we are excited about being one of the best spots in FM to ZONE watch the Twins! We are also organizing a Twins bus where customers can enter to ride it to a game this summer!Q&A with Q Tell us about the food? Our food makes for the perfect compli-Nate Johnston ment to sports. We have Nathan’sManager for 11 years Ballpark Franks, pizza, signature wings,Fav Beer: Fat Tire wraps, and more!Fav Food: Parmesan Garlic Wings TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY THE WEEKEND 25 CENT WINGS $2 DOMESTIC 30 CENT WINGS COLLEGE DRINK FROM 5-10PM PITCHER WHEN FROM 5-10PM SPECIALS $2 YOU BUY A SELECT DRINKS LARGE PIZZA AND SHOTS
  9. 9. Moler Barber College of Hairstyling All Hair Cuts $ Walk ins Welcome 701-‐232-‐6773 M-‐F 9-‐5 8 16 South 8th St. Fargo, ND 58103Award Winning Tattoo ArtistsOnly APP Body Piercers in North Dakota Check out our website for specials! deadrockstar.netFamily Owned, Inspected, Licensed, & Insured 4501 15th Ave Sw Fargo ND, 58103 701 . 277 . 7100
  10. 10. April 2011Monkey Bar at The Hub Aquarium Apr 2 Sovereign Sect Apr 2-3 That 1 Guy Apr 9 Kipp G & Friends Apr 8 Kinetix w/ Ofosho Apr 14 Jeez Loueez Apr 15-16 Keep Apr 16 The Suit with Apr 22 Keep Ian Johnson Apr 16 Lunar Funk Theory Apr 23 Inside Out Strings Apr 23 DJ Econ Apr 28 Apache DropoutHoliday Inn Spirit Lounge Apr 1-2 Rhyme or Reason Hagge’s Bar Apr 8-9 24Seven Apr 9 Tripwire Apr 15-16 The San Haven Chuckle The Venue at The Hub Apr 22-23 Face for Radio Apr 1 Saving Abel Apr 29-30 Carmen the Cactus Apr 8 WookiefootO’Leary’s Apr 1 Tripwire Rick’s Bar Apr 8 Back for More Apr 1-2 Killerspin Apr 15-16 Carmen the Cactus Apr 8-9 Double Forte Apr 22 Two Days’ Notice Apr 15-16 Final Drive Apr 29 Face for Radio Apr 29-30 Methuselah
  11. 11. Upcoming Live MusicWindbreak Hooligan’s Apr 1 Chase & Ovation: Apr 7 Anthony Chaput Prince Tribute Band Apr 14 Joey & Jason from Apr 2 The Fillers 24Seven Apr 3 Two Days’ Notice Apr 21 Acoustic Music Apr 8 Tune in Tokyo Apr 28 Acoustic Music Apr 9 Safeword Apr 10 8th Hour VFW West Fargo Apr 15 Skyline Apr 1-2 Silverado Apr 16-17 Tripwire Apr 8-9 Troubadour Apr 22-23 The Roosters Apr 15-16 The Shakers Apr 24 October Road Apr 22-23 Triple Play Apr 28 Tripwire & At the Apr 29-30 The Treasures Emporium Jt CigarroBig D’s Apr 1 Strange Daze Apr 1 Tune in Tokyo Apr 2 Our Last Secret Apr 2 Skyline Apr 8 Skyline Apr 8-9 October Road & Apr 12 Open Mic Night Karli Rodgers Apr 16 The Arthurs Apr 15-16 Betty Does Apr 23 3 Legged Monster Apr 22-23 At The Emporium Apr 26 Open Mic Night Apr 29-30 Skyline
  12. 12. ASK THE BEER MAN Name: Rick  Williams Beer tip of the Experience: 5  years  with  D-­‐S  Beverages;  6   month: years  in  the  Service  Industry Pay attention to the tempera- Hometown: Eaton  Rapids,  MI Favorite Beer: Bells  Hopslam,  but  changes   ture of your beer. To achieve full all  the  time Company: D-­‐S  Beverages,  Moorhead  MN. degrees. The colder the beer, the glass. Ask the Beer Guy atExclusive Interview with Steak Rick Williams Drifter Pale Ale Bell’s Porter What Is DS beverages Red Hook ESB D-S Beverages is a beverage distributer located in Moorhead off 1st Ave. We distribute products from Anheuser-Busch, Monster Energy, and over 15 other suppliers, brewers, and importers. Michelob Amber Bock Any new beers to look out for this spring/summer? Seafood Widmer Drop Top Amber Ale Bud Light Golden Wheat Anything D-‐S Beverages Promotions Coming UP? Kirin Ichiban Yes, we are launching our “This is a Bud Town” photo promotion. Anyone can post a photo of them- Landshark Chicken What is a pilsner? Shock Top Explain Wheat Beers? Michelobe Ultra Bud Light Lime Cloudy Wheat beer Old Speckled Hen Beers Bud Light Lime Traditional Bud 2 with yeasty fragrance Rich amber color with a full of the 1 Light with a hint and great taste. smooth flavor complimented by fruity aromas. Month of 100% real lime. Weihenstephan Wheat 3
  13. 13. COVER  STORY   Del  Hofer  and  the  Fargo  Harley-­Davidson   is  grabbing  life  by  the  handlebars  in  their  50th  year  of   business!  Del,  founder  and  owner  has  devoted  his  life  to   Harley-­Davidson,  building  relationships  and  truly  enjoying   the  ride!  His  motto,  “Ride  and  have  Fun,”  is  a  staple  of   how  he  conducts  his  life  and  business. Website: Phone Number: 600 West Main Ave 701-‐277-‐1000 West Fargo, ND
  14. 14. WHO IS DEL HOFER?Fargo’s Del Hofer, Founder/Owner of Fargo Harley-Davidson, wasborn south of Huron, South Dakota. A farm kid until the age of 12,his family relocated into Huron only two blocks from a Harley-Davidson Dealership gearing up his interest in bikes. Del tells usabout his childhood tricks to see the motorcycles, how he fell inlove with the Harley-Davidson, his double honeymoon with thecompany and his wife, and the long open road that lead him to the50 year anniversary of Fargo Harley-Davidson.Del Hofer’s kick start another Harley-Davidson withoutwith Harley-­Davidson: hesitation.“As a kid I would always intention- When I came back from the military Ially drain the air out of my bike tires began working at a motorcycle shop.for a chance to get a peek inside the The guy said to me one day ‘Do youmechanics shop and see all of the want to buy this place?’ I really don’tmotorcycles. Once, during one of really like motorcycles and I did. In Del Hofer on his favor-­my schemes, a big burley guy caught February of ’60 I went to Harley- ite bikes:me and said ‘Hey Kid you wanna Davidson Motorcycle School in “In all the years I have sold Harley-ride?’ I accepted and immediately Milwaukee and that is where my wife Davidson motorcycles, the 50’s and and I took our honeymoon. When I 60’s bikes were the most age 14 and two years later, dropped completed my schooling I moved back There was no electric start and you to Huron where I rented a place for my had to kick start them to get them go-motorcycle. Store for only $24 a month. I was a ing. They were very well made bikesIn the 50s, like everyone else, I was dealer in Huron from ’61 to ’71.” but you always needed to be prepareddrafted and had to sell my motorcycle.It bothered me so much I bought “Hey kid you needed to be a mechanic to ride.” wanna ride?” first bike age 16 -‐ Del’s first trip to Del’s first 1947 Knucklehead Sturgis, age 17 motorcycle sold -‐ 1962 XLCH
  15. 15. COVER  CONTINUEDWhy Fargo?“After 10 years in Huron, one of mygoals was to have a “Nice” Harley-Davidson Dealership. Huron was notthe place for it. My search lead meto Fargo. I called John Davidson,grandson of Harley-Davidson’sfounder, and he lent me his support.August of ’71 my family and I madethe move.”What was your biggest can company and we have an excel- myself! I was the parts guy, thechallenge? lent product. We have a dynamite mechanic, the salesman, everything!“The late 70’s and 80’s were the 78% of the big bike market. And in all Four years down the road I hired mytoughest years of my life. The bad of my years we have not come closeeconomy lead us to diversify our to the quality of our product today.” We have 139 different types of motor-product. We sold everything from cycle options with about 100 in stocksnowmobiles to golf carts. By the Got any funny stories? both new and used. We have the larg-early 80s it was almost a complete “I had a gentleman come in one time est parts and accessories inventorydisaster and we were simply ‘surviv- looking for a motorcycle. When he than any other dealer around becauseing’. With 20% interest rates all of was ready to purchase I went to my of our longevity of business.”our money went straight to the bank.” and ask what name I should put on it. Del Hofer on “ was Brooks the future: more gentlemen came in and it was “Experience has given me a sixth and Dunn.” Brooks and Dunn. -- True story.” sense and I can pretty well foreseeHow is Harley-­ what is going to happen in the future.Davidson right now?   A little Fargo Harley-­ We will continue to be precocious but“Harley-Davidson is a stable Ameri- Davidson History: “When I started I had one employee, and what will come out of this store. Del with his two 1969-‐1970 -‐ Del’s annual birth-‐ son’s Todd and Kory Del racing day ride -‐ February 5, 2011
  16. 16. Our refusal to gouge people for pricesin ’02-’05 when there was a year later, sold that baby a motorcycle. Simply put, we have the knowledge, Del’s Shout out to FARGOlong waiting list for bikes has paid experience and relationships to makeoff tremendously in support of ourbusiness.” us the best!” Any perks for hitting the 50 year bench-­ “ 50 YEARS has absolutely been a won- derful ride. It kept me mark? young, it gave me a “January 26th Harley-Davidson Mo- tor Company came to town and took chance to accomplish myself, family and staff out to dinner. something I’ve always In July, Harley Davidson Motor Com- wanted to do my entire pany is presenting me an award in Anaheim, CA. And August 10th I will life. I never asked be inducted to Sturgis Motorcycle for help and Hall of Fame in Rapid City, SD join- ing others such as Evil Kaneval, Jay accomplished it through Leno, and more.” determination. Life gives What is next, 100 year you an opportunity andWhat separates you Anniversary? you get out of it whatfrom the other (Laughs) “I just want to keep going as you take out of it. Theredealers? long as I can. Two goals I have in life“Experience! Just write down the are to sell R and F. Ride and have are no freebies and younumbers 5-0 and that explains it all. Fun! That’s what life is all about.” should get up every dayFor 50 years we have built awesomerelationships. I have watched custom- and accomplish things and help others. ”ers come in this store with a baby (ac-tual child, not bike) and then 30 years Huron, SD -‐ Del and (First Store) (current store) his wife Renee sit-‐ Fargo, ND -‐ 590 36th Fargo, ND -‐ 600 ting on their bikes. Street South West Main Ave.
  17. 17. Stop in for Lunch 7 Days a week!4265 45th St. s. #161 701-‐365-‐3827 Nightly Drink Specials starting at 8pm! Sing Your Heart Out Upcoming Theme Nights Re dne c k N igh t Beer Pong Sund ays $3 Vodka/Roaring lions every night 1410 9th St. East West Fargo 701-356-7464Check out our Website for Full Calendar and Drink Specials
  18. 18. NEW IN FM Tutti Frutti 4900 S. 13th AVE Find them on Facebook! Sephora Sephora make-up will now be located Sephora.comFM Exposure Productions 218-688-2305 Video and Graphic Productions Fargo Brewing Company Beer Brewing Company Find them on Facebook!Courtesy of Taste of Italy 608 1st Ave Downtown 701-365-0608
  19. 19. DINING GREEK/ ITALIAN ` Santa Lucia Greek & Italian RestauranteFargo-Moorhead has been known for having a great selection of dining. Santa Lucia’s unique Greek/Mediterranean &Italian style restaurant is one of a kind in this area. Located in the heart of Fargo, north of West Acres mall, the Greekstyle atmostphere will ensure a memorable experience. We are pleased to include Santa Lucia this month as our dining feature . The best experience was the blast we had putting this story together! See more photos and information at
  20. 20. and healthy. 2. Award winningExclusive interview Pizza and Ribs. 3. Killer Gyros, with owner: which we make our own Tzatziki Maria Wilson (cucumber) sauce for! 4. Greek Salad 5. For dessert we make ev- Lived in Fargo for 20 Years! erything from scratch including Fav Dish: BBQ Greek Syle our popular greek yogurt. Baby Back RibsFav Wine: Amethystos Merlot What can we look forward to? We are working on putting What is that cheese thatHistory? together a Greek style brunch you light on fire?My parents owned Santa Lucia along with family nights includ- That  is  our  signature  ap-­before I was born. I believe one ing belly dancers. Another fun petizer  called  the  “Greek   tradition we are going to try isout, at age four, was “someday I Greek Plate Breaking. Greeks OPA  Cheese”.  It  is  brought  wanna have my own restaurant!” believe when you are having aI grew up in the business and it’s good time you smash plates toall I know! show that objects mean nothing the  air.    This  is  when  we  all   and we shouldn’t care about yell  “OPA”  which  is  Greek  What makes Santa Lucia anything when we are enjoying for  “WOOHOO”!!    It  is  very   ourselves! “OPA”unique?The fact that it’s not a chain! It’s and  when  one  table  orders  owner, operator, and employees Why should we try Santaare like family. We are all very Lucia? restaurant  follows.passionate about giving our People are smart with what theycustomers a unique dinning put in their bellys today. Greekexperience with food that will food is traditionally consideredmake their taste buds dance! very healthy. On top of that, our - fmspotlight.comSignature dishes? est ingredients and we are family santaluciainc.com1. Chicken Sourlaki (Kabobs). owned with 20 years of businessThis Mediterranean dish is in Fargo. Our atmosphere is fun Santa Luciacooked with lemon, garlic, and and welcoming. 1109 38th St. Solive oil, making it light, tasty, 701-‐281-‐8656
  21. 21. NIGHTLIFE Bar/pub 9 WEST FARGO WELCOMES A NEW NEIGHBORHOOD BAR TO THE GROWING COMMUNITYBar Nine is the FM areas newest Bar/Pub. Located in the popular Prairie Parkway on13th Ave in WestFargo, Bar Nine serves the community with a cozy and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Their “IceRail” is one of a kind in this area and keeps a constant reminder that Bar Nine is about cold beer andgood times! Now open in April and ready for you to try. Follow Bar Nine at 9 What makes Bar Nine Unique? --We worked hard to create a pub style atmosphere that includes nice TVs to entertain our guests. We are not just a sports bar! Also, we feature a custom frost chilled rail. This rail keeps your drinks cold and its the only one around. Finally, we have our signature pizza!Patrick Tweeter, Manager What types of beer do youWhere did the name Bar Nine have on tap and how many?come from? --Our tap selection is a big part of our-- Many people think it has a crazy/deep bar. We have 24 tap lines, with one ofmeaning, but BAR NINE comes from its the most diverse beer line-ups in town.location right o of 9th St. in West Fargo. From classic “blue collar” beers like PBR to the premium domestics like Sam Adams, Fat Tire, Summit EPA, and more.
  22. 22. Our imports consist of Guiness, AmstelLight, Harp, Kokanee, and Dos EquisAmber. We also rotate one tap line ofcraft brews with our beer of the month.What else would you like thecommunity to know about BarNine?--We are a pub style place where groupsand individuals can enjoy the atmo- SPECIALS Monday is $3 Whiskey and Jeremiah Weed drinks Tuesday is 2 for 1 domestic pintssphere, catch sporting events on our 55 Wednesday is mug night. $5 Mugs -‐$3 refills Every Wednesday from 8-‐close.inch LCDs, and still carry on conversa-tions with each other. We have great Thursday is $2.50 morgan and bacardi flavors from 7-‐10.signature pizzas and will be expanding Friday is $4 vodka energy drinks from 8-‐11.our kitchen menu very soon!!!! As a Saturday is $3 bloodys from 12-‐5 and Tea Night with $3 Teas from 8-‐close.West Fargo bar, we are very proud of our Sunday Funday with $3 bloodys and $5 domestic pitchers all day!!!location, but we are con dent we willbring in people from all over! Bar Nine is the FM areas newest Bar/Pub. Located in the popular 13th Ave area in West Fargo, Bar Nine serves the community with a cozy and friendly neighborhood atmosphere. Their “Ice Rail” is one of a kind in this area and keeps a constant reminder that Bar Nine is about cold beer and good times! Now open in April and ready for you to try. Follow more on Bar Nine at
  23. 23. Be SceneFM Spotlight 1 year anniversary
  24. 24. Martini Specials Lunch Daily Sunday Brunch 11-‐2 Steak & Seafood Desserts Oysters (weekends) Dancing Coming Soon1/2 Priced Bottles of Wine Wednesday & Thursday (limited) John American Classics Restaurant & Martini Bar Alexander’s 315 Main Avenue South Moorhead 218.287.5802 Closed Mondays Tue. -‐ Sat. 11-‐10 Sunday 11-‐9
  25. 25. Grand Opening! Lowest Prices In Town (701) 277-‐4991 4900 13th Ave. S Next to AppleBees Buy 5 premium cigars and get one Cigar of equal value FREE! Largest Selection of Hookah and Premium Cigars! $2 OFF $3 Off $4 OFF ($35 or more purchase) ($60 or more purchase) ($90 or more purchase)Limit  one  coupon  per  person,  per  visit.  Not  valid   Limit  one  coupon  per  person,  per  visit.  Not  valid   Limit  one  coupon  per  person,  per  visit.  Not  valid   with  other  offers.  Expires  5/1/11 with  other  offers.  Expires  5/1/11 with  other  offers.  Expires  5/1/11
  26. 26. The  First  and  Best  Sushi  Bar  in  Fargo!                                  Rating  on  Google! Lunch Box: rice, miso soup, house salad, japchae, california roll, gyoza, & shrimp tempura 11-‐3 Mon-‐Sat Free Sushi!1450 25th Street S. Fargo ND 58103 Not valid with any other offer. One per table only Exp. 5/31/11
  27. 27. Buy any regular priced beer or drink and get one FREE!!Exclueds  pitchers  and  discounted  drinks  or  specials.  One  drink  per  person,  per  day. Expires:  5/1/11
  28. 28.   “ I  use  Taxman   for  all  my  tax y   needs.  It’s  eas   and  saves  me money!”Mike Dragosavich Three Convenient LocationsFormer NDSU Football PlayerFounder of FM Spotlight LLC