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Coach OnDemand™ press release


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Coach Od Press Release

  1. 1. Press Release Interactive Communications Launches Coach OnDemand™ NEW YORK - April 29, 2010 - Interactive Communications, Inc., today introduced Coach OnDemand™, a systematic program that helps firms deliver crisp, focused and consistent short presentations across their wholesaling force. Coach OnDemand™ can be used for virtually any situation that has the potential to increase sales or minimize redemptions, such as new product launches, performance swings, fund closings or portfolio manager changes. "Consistent delivery of information is one the most difficult challenges for wholesaling organizations," says Marty Telles, Interactive's Business Development Manager for Coach OnDemand™. "Firms always have good intentions, but if you have 50 wholesalers, you might get 50 stories. There hasn't been an easy way for them to practice or get feedback." With Coach OnDemand™, wholesalers log onto their computers at a time and place that's convenient for them, review a presentation created by their firm, and then practice specific advisor scenarios using advanced audio/video recording technology to capture their delivery. They can re-record until they are satisfied before sending the video to their manager for coaching. Technology is only part of the story. The core of Coach OnDemand™ is the Criteria Scorecard™, which allows firms to establish specific and customized criteria for a successful delivery. This might include key content points, structure, or non-verbals - whatever the firm wants to emphasize. "Derek Jeter uses specific criteria to improve his game: How he holds the bat, the position of his feet, the arc of his swing," says Mary Anne Doggett, Managing Partner at Interactive Communications, "and if you ask any professional athlete, they live and breathe by analyzing their films. Coach OnDemand™ gives wholesalers that same opportunity." "This approach to coaching also reflects today's economic realities," adds Claudia Fogelin, Managing Partner at Interactive Communications. "It helps firms ensure quality and consistency without taking their wholesalers out of the field for training or requiring divisional managers to be constantly on the road to coach. That saves money." Interactive Communications recommends Coach OnDemand™ for organizations that want their sales force to be able to: • Position their products correctly and effectively. • React quickly to economic or firm news. • Reinforce the brand and articulate why advisors should do business with them. For further information, contact Interactive Communications at 212-838-8500 or email Marty Telles at About Interactive Communications, Inc. Founded in 1994 by Mary Anne Doggett and Claudia Fogelin, Interactive Communications, Inc. is a sales consulting and training firm helping financial services firms design, build, and increase the effectiveness of their distribution organization. Coach OnDemand™ Contact Media Contacts Marty Telles Mary Anne Doggett Claudia Fogelin Business Development Manager Managing Partner Managing Partner 212-838-8500 212-223-8339 212-223-8360 122 East 42nd Street. Suite 3006, New York, NY 10168 Phone 212-838-8500 Website