Mobile Video Architecture project


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Mobile Video Architecture project

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Mobile Video Architecture project

  1. 1. OmniEvidence 9000Complete Mobile Video SolutionOmniEvidence 9000 is thetoPublic Safetymobile Broad- based on department preferences such as the vehicle reaching a certain speed, a gun removed from aband Consortium’s answer a completevideo solution. From its inception, mobile video for dock, or the light bar being activated. MMS featuresthe public safety market has faced many obstacles automated wireless upload of all files using a hands-because of the environment and circumstances in free, wireless network via a virtual private networkwhich it operates. What has resulted is a mixture of tunnel. Once uploaded, the files are automaticallydifferent disparate hardware and software products managed by the CMS Flex (Central Managementtrying to solve different problems within the vehicle. System) helping streamline operations and provideOmniEvidence 9000 is a complete integrated system maximum protection for digital evidence.that pulls together a complete solution and makes iteasy to implement, operate and upgrade. OmniEvidence 9000 has many options available, making the solution flexible to fit the needs of anyOmniEvidence 9000 comes complete with a rugge- public safety agency. A 3-axis accelerometer, GPS,dized mobile enclosure with an integrated GPS, 16 USB Cellular modem, additional cameras, andTrigger inputs, Four port USB Hub, 5 Port Ethernet wireless microphone can be added.Switch, Removable SD video storage, and InsightVideo Net’s MMS (Mobile Management System) in- A range of wireless options are available for thecar video software. The system also comes equipped customer’s MDS. Wireless communications allowwith Axis Q7401 H.264 encoders (available for one to the sharing of information such as voice, data andfour cameras). video just as effectively as traditional wired methods, but with more agility and capability. Wireless MeshThe easy-to-use in-car video software, MMS, cap- networks allow personal, vehicle and aircraft from alltures video and audio on either a continuous or categories of incident response teams to formincident-triggered basis. The system provides live multiple mobile networks seamlessly as they arrive.viewing of cameras and review of archived video/audio data. Triggers can be set to begin recording
  2. 2. OmniEvidence 9000Complete Mobile Video SolutionThe wireless options include:2.4/4.9/5.8 802.11 abj; 2.4/5.8 ∙ Optional Wireless Microphones Controllable frame rate and 802.11n (up to 300 Mb); 2.4/4.9 ∙ Optional 3-axis accelerometer bandwidth VBR/CBR H.264MOTOMESHTM and Cellular. For ∙ Optional USB Cellular Modem ∙ Audio input/output: Externalease of installation, the system ∙ Optional (up to) three additional microphone input or line input , comes with a Quad-band antenna zoom cameras Line input levelwith GPS, Cellular, and Dual Wire- ∙ Optional Supported Sensors: ∙ Intelligent video: Video motion less Antennas, all in a small enclo- Biological, Hazardous Gas, detection, active tampering sure. Temperature, Humidity, Motion, alarm, audio detection etc. ∙ Alarm triggers: Intelligent video, Specifications external inputs, video loss, disk Axis Q7401 Encoder full VIDEO ENCODERMobile Management System ∙ Video compression: H.264Hardware Motion JPEG∙ Ruggedized enclosure ∙ Resolution: 176x120 to ∙ 16 Trigger Inputs 720x576∙ Five Port Ethernet Switch ∙ Frame rate H2.64: 30/25 ∙ Four port USB Hub (NTSC/PAL) fps in all∙ Ethernet Video download port resolutions next to driver ∙ Frame rate Motion JPEG: 30/25 ∙ Removable SD Card Video (NTSC/PAL) fps in all resolutions Storage ∙ Video streaming: Multi-stream ∙ Optional GPS H.264 and Motion JPEG 2
  3. 3. OmniEvidence 9000Complete Mobile Video SolutionInsight Video Net MMS (Mobile ∙ Manages standard media file Other optional equipmentManagement System)* formats: AVI, ASF, WVM, MPEG, ∙ 3-Axis Accelerometer∙ H.264 file format MPG, MP4, JPG, BMP, WAV, and ∙ MDC Wireless Interfaces: ∙ Pre-incident recording up to 5 MPG plus proprietary file formats 2.4/5.8/4.9 802.11 abg, 2.4/5.8 minutes using the Extension Matrix. 802.11n (up to 300Mb), 2.4/4.9 ∙ Automated wireless upload to MotomeshTM, Cellular Radios, CMS Flex Optional Trinus Wireless Microphone∙ 248-bit digital signature Trinus PCC-5 26X Zoom Camera∙ Triplex operation: Simultaneously ∙ 26X optical, 12X digital power *MMS software to be installed on view live video, capture video, zoom customer’s existing MDC. and playback video ∙ Image stabilization ∙ Large backlit buttonsInsight Video net CMS Flex ∙ Aluminum body(Central Management System) ∙ One touch Smart zoom∙ Extracts event video based on ∙ Day/night feature with infrared bookmarks and video tags and automatically distributes to Sony IR Miniature Rear Camera assigned storage location. ∙ Highly sensitive 1/3” Sony Super ∙ Reduces storage requirements HAD CCD image sensor∙ Customizable folders and ∙ 380 TVL cabinets for structuring ∙ Auto gain control information based on individual ∙ Backlight compensation needs ∙ Auto white balance∙ Creates digital history with one simple and powerful search Trinus Wireless Microphone query ∙ Digitally coded over 16M∙ DigitalProofTM audit trail report combinations displays who, what, when and ∙ 1000 feet range at the open field where files have been accessed. ∙ Better voice quality∙ Access security ensures access ∙ 20 channels operations (900MHz) is only granted to assigned users 40 channels operation (2400 for viewing specific digital MHz) evidence. ∙ 3 stage output power selectable∙ Helps prevent video and other ∙ Full duplex two-way voice files from being released to the communication media or the internet. ∙ Activates transmitter from receiver 3
  4. 4. Phone: 925-683-5222Fax: 925-369-7269Sales@PublicSafetyBroadband.comwww.PublicSafetyBroadband.comMichael,,925-735-9848