SUNY Ulster - OIT Accomplishments And Planning (2003 4)


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  • SUNY Ulster - OIT Accomplishments And Planning (2003 4)

    1. 1. SUNY Ulster OIT 2003-4 Accomplishments and Planning Overview November 21, 2003 Michael Dobe Executive Director Proprietary and
    2. 2. 2003 Strategic Partnership Update Integrated OIT Leadership Into College Planning  Collegis ED Meets with Exec Staff on Regular Basis  OIT Expenditure Planning Improved Communications With Faculty and Staff (Newsletter and Website) Policy Initiatives - Printing Policy Review of OIT Strategic Plan Consulting Services (Web and Strategic Services Engagement for BPA Consulting) Proprietary and Confidential Page 2
    3. 3. 2003 Overview of Tactical Accomplishments Administrative Systems Networking and Technical Services Multimedia Services Web Services Proprietary and Confidential Page 3
    4. 4. Administrative Systems 2003 Accomplishments OnBase Document Imagining and Management System (Pilot Project in Business Department) VTEA Reporting Continuing Education Contract Course Tracking Program SICAS program implementation Web Registration for Non-Matriculated Students Proprietary and Confidential Page 4
    5. 5. Networking and Technical Services 2003 Accomplishments 1. Initiated Large migration to Windows XP  Upgraded 12 teaching labs; Upgraded Open Labs and Library; Rolled out many new faculty laptops 1. Migrated from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2000  New version running on new server; New server has much higher capacity; Increased reliability and scalability 1. Implemented Network Infrastructure Enhancements 1. New fiber optic line in Vanderlyn Hall; Wireless access deployed to: Open Lab, Cafeteria and Student Lounge 2. Increased perimeter security 1. Implemented new firewall device, secure VPN solution and antispam/ant-virus gateway appliance 3. Made advancements in "High-Tech" areas 1. Deployed new $12,000 GIS server 2. Deployed 21 new XP workstations to GIS lab 3. New high-end, server-based Macintosh environment for Art Proprietary and Confidential Page 5
    6. 6. Multimedia Services 2003 Accomplishments 1. Revamped Editing For DVD Mastering  40th Anniversary DVD  Hamlet Instructional DVD for Faculty Member  All New Arts Programming Mastered To DVD 1. Implemented Smart Technologies  Our First Full Smart Classroom – HAR 125  Other Smart Technology in VAN 255 and BUR 120 1. Installed Library Multimedia Viewing Room 2. Installed Satellite System at the BRC 3. Replenished AV Equipment (SRC and BRC) Proprietary and Confidential Page 6
    7. 7. Web Services 2003 Accomplishments 1. Brought the complete College Catalog online 2. Published demographically targeted reference pages 3. Enhanced the Home page 4. Published Online Alumni Hall of Fame 5. Expansion and additions to Online Services  Online Admissions Application  Online Registration Forms  Online Payment Option Proprietary and Confidential Page 7
    8. 8. 2004 Operational Planning Administrative Systems Networking and Technical Services Multimedia Services Web Services Proprietary and Confidential Page 8
    9. 9. Administrative Systems 2004 Project Planning 1. Banner 6 Upgrade 2. Training Modules Development  Camtasia Video Sessions on CD and Web  Banner Orientation package for new employees 1. Banner Web Enhancements 2. Training for Administrative Users  Corporate Resources, Internal Trainer 1. Improve Information Exchange between Banner and SUNY Ulster homepage  Directories, Schedule, Catalog Proprietary and Confidential Page 9
    10. 10. Networking and Technical Services 2004 Project Planning 1. PC Refresh Plan Continues  Need to become more aggressive  Remaining teaching labs and faculty targeted for Spring 1. Server Enhancements  Three new Banner servers with redundancy  New faculty web server  Replace aging server at the BRC 1. Cisco Networking Upgrades  Renew lease with extended warranty this Spring  Upgrade Core to accept high-bandwidth from servers 1. Relocation of Three Lab Facilities  Relocate HAR102 to HAR203  Relocate VAN240 to HAS217  Relocate BRC116 to BRC206 Proprietary and Confidential Page 10
    11. 11. Multimedia Services 2004 Project Planning 1. Build Additional Smart Classrooms 2. Continue Support of Faculty Multimedia Production 3. Establish Training Procedure for Smart Classrooms 4. Installation of Satellite System at the BRC 5. Implement Refresh Strategy for AV Equipment in the Classroom Proprietary and Confidential Page 11
    12. 12. Web Services 2004 Project Planning 1. Upgrade the site to the newest application platform 2. Publish Departmental Web pages for all departments 3. Logo Enhancements 4. Design and build a new section of the site devoted to the “Online Institute” 5. Rebuild and reorganize the “Transfer and Articulation Agreements” section of the site Proprietary and Confidential Page 12
    13. 13. 2004 OIT Strategic Partnership Continued OIT Involvement in Planning at Exec Staff Level (Capital Planning) Development of New Operational Plan Based on Outcomes of Strategic Plan Review Support College Efforts in Resource Development Continue Efforts to Enhance OIT Policies (ex. Student Group Web Page Policy) Ensure Continuity of Technical Operations in Transition to New Academic Leadership Proprietary and Confidential Page 13
    14. 14. Future Directions Process Redesign Portal Web Redesign (Including Information Architecture) Operationalize OnBase Project Provide Instructional Design Support Proprietary and Confidential Page 14