IHC Overview for CAA Initial Accreditation 2012


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Delivered by Dr. Dobe and Dr. Treadway to ERT Sept 2012

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  • Notes: Michael
  • Notes: Michael
  • Notes: Michael
  • Notes: Michael IHC will open in January 2013 and focus on establishing one of the top colleges in the region. We’re committed to academic excellence, we have a US curriculum that's tailored for the Middle East and allows us to build bridges to elite US universities at a lower cost of tuition.
  • Notes: Doug
  • Notes: Doug
  • Notes: Doug
  • Notes: Doug IHC’s unique model allows regional students to take their first two years of a Bachelors program in Dubai and then transfer to elite universities in the US. IHC offers preferential admission to the elite UC system through its partnership with a California community college. Again, our model is for you to spend your first two undergraduate years here in Dubai, followed by two more years at an elite US University. At the end of 4 years, you'll have a Bachelor's Degree from that US university.
  • Notes: Doug Some of these elite institutions that we target include universities in the University of California system. The UC system, with eight universities in the Top 100, is one of the most elite systems in the world. We also target the California State University System, which is the largest university system in the world and targets education that is relevant to their local communities.
  • Notes: Michael The support for our academic model at IHC is broad based. We are licensed by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the UAE, we have a partner college in California, and the US Consulate here in Dubai has been very supportive of our model and our initiative to establish this American-style college. Michael
  • Notes: Michael IHC will open in January 2013 and focus on establishing one of the top colleges in the region. We’re committed to academic excellence, we have a US curriculum that's tailored for the Middle East and allows us to build bridges to elite US universities at a lower cost of tuition.
  • Notes: Michael The b uilding on the left is U-Bora Tower in Business Bay. The image on the right is a draft layout or the 4 2 nd f loor, where the College will be located . Business Bay is a central location near the Dubai Mall, the Burj Khalifa and other food and entertainment venues. From the 42 nd Floor, the views of Jumeira, the Gulf and the city skyline are amazing and there is easy access through the Metro to the rest of Dubai via a Bus service that makes regular runs from U-Bora Tower to the Business Bay Metro station and the Dubai Mall.
  • Notes: Doug
  • Notes: Michael
  • Notes: Doug In the classrooms themselves, we are using furniture that makes it easier to reconfigure the classrooms to accommodate different styles of learning. There’s a new kind of chair referred to as a node chair that allows for easy reconfiguration of the classroom space. In this video you see these chairs in action. At first students are sitting in a classroom in a traditional industrial era setup, listening to the sage on the stage, but suddenly they move their chairs and change the configuration of the room breaking up into smaller groups. The configurations are limitless.. Whereas more traditional furniture locks you in, node chairs allow you to be more flexible.
  • Notes: Michael As you see in this video, a company called Ideapaint makes a paint that after its been applied allows you to write directly on surfaces like walls and tables. Using this paint, we are putting in place a variety of special surfaces you can write on directly. This supports collaboration throughout the facility. It’s one more way that we encourage you to work together and make your learning experience a collaborative and relevant one.
  • Notes: Michael Our Global Classroom Concept, connecting Dubai with the United States for real time collaboration, will be made possible by High Definition video conferencing and Digital Whiteboards, technologies that allow you to work together live with the faculty members and other students in the United States. They’ll see and hear you and you’ll see and hear them, as well as haring the whiteboard half way around the globe.
  • Notes: Michael The node chairs, small group collaboration tables, writeable surfaces and other physical components of the collaborative classroom experience are paired with software known as Google Apps for Education. Your email, documents, presentations, spreadsheets, personal websites, blogs, video files – all of this digital content – it’s all shareable using Google Apps for education. Google’s applications are also tailor made to support the kind of collaboration in software that the physical facilities of IHC make possible in hardware. Here is a video that shows students filling out a form in Google Docs. And then the students are collaborating, working together as many authors of one document. This is happening live. Students are typing this into a web browser and they are able to edit the same document just like sitting in a circle of node chairs and discussing or at a Media:Scape collaboration table or writing on a wall together with Ideapaint. Other students join, and the circle of authors grows with group collaboration that is simply amazing. Add more students and pretty soon you're up to a dozen students, all working live on the same document, presentation, or spreadsheet. And that's the software component of the physical environment we're building for student learning, extending the classroom and connecting the physical spaces in Dubai with the US.
  • Notes: Michael Wrapping all of this together is a software system called Blackboard. Blackboard is the leading course management system in the world and IHC students will be prepared when they transfer to the US where leading schools use this system for all course work. Blackboard is the system where all IHC coursework is done, coursework that is being done from the United States, in Dubai, in this Global Classroom environment. So I will show you and example of some of the things in Blackboard. It’s is a web based system where you log in from anywhere. As long as you've got the credentials, you’re a student at IHC, you log in to your courses and you're able to see what your advisors and your instructors have done and to work with them and with other students to complete your work and achieve your learning objectives. And your advisors can also see the work you are doing and help you with your progress toward your ultimate goal, which is successful transfer to an elite institution in the US. And ultimately getting a bachelor's degree from that school, a school that most likely uses Blackboard as well.
  • Notes: Doug
  • Notes: Doug Our facilities design focuses on building collaborative spaces. Our education is not old style, where all students sit facing the teacher and taking notes. As an IHC student, you will participate in your own 21 st century education. This is the kind of model we are using for our small meeting rooms where you can collaborate with other students and with your instructor. Here is an example, this video shoes a walk through of one of these small group collaboration rooms that we are fitting out with special furniture called Media:Scape. You'll see the people in this meeting come together in the Collaboration Meeting Room. Media:Scape allows them a chance to work together in a group. Anyone can take control of the display from their laptop, and as they work together they can do so with a mac or a pc, they are not limited to a particular kind of computer nor are they limited in terms of the kind of content they can display. Open and connected, sharing amongst students, involving the faculty where appropriate, learning together, coming together. This is the kind of education that prepares you for today’s workplace.
  • Notes: Doug
  • Notes: Michael IHC has hired three directors. Oussama Benrekia is our Director of Human Resources and Administration, Suzannne Ryan is our Director of Admissions and Marketing and Gagan Lalwani is our Director of Finance. We have also hired Dr. Mark Leon as a Mathematics Professor and he will serve as our Director of Quality Assurance.
  • Notes: Michael Here are the direct web links to the source videos.
  • IHC Overview for CAA Initial Accreditation 2012

    1. 1. International Horizons College WELCOME CAA EXTERNAL REVIEW TEAM TEAM MEMBERS: Dr. Jackson Sasser (Chair) Santa Fe College -- USA Dr. Ron Baker Baker Collegiate Consulting -- USA Dr. Thomas Armstrong CAA Commissioner www.ihc-dubai.com
    2. 2. International Horizons College Your Hosts IHC Leadership Team: Dr. Michael Dobe President Dr. Douglas Treadway Provost www.ihc-dubai.com
    3. 3. 42nd Floor Business Bay Dubai, UAE International Horizons College IHC DUBAI  Introduction  Education Model  Meeting Needs of MENASA Region  College Development  Education Delivery  Faculty Development  College and Community www.ihc-dubai.com
    4. 4. Introduction to the College  Commitment to Academic Excellence  US Curriculum for the Middle East  Lower Cost of Tuition Compared to US  Greater Access Bridge to Elite US Institutions  Globally Oriented www.ihc-dubai.com
    5. 5. Academic Background of IHC’s Partners and Advisors The Partners in IHC have benefited from world class education. It is their desire to provide regional students with the same opportunities. www.ihc-dubai.com
    6. 6. IHC Education Model  Liberal Arts General Education Curriculum  21st Century Learning Outcomes  Small Classes, Individual Attention  Recognition of Diverse Learning Styles  Active and Collaborative Teaching Methods  Ongoing Research on Teaching and Learning Efficacy www.ihc-dubai.com
    7. 7. Meeting the Needs of the MENASA Region  Multi-Cultural Learning Environment and Student Services  Mastery of Skills to Succeed in Top Universities  Bridge to Top Universities thru Transfer Agreements  Women’s Studies and Partnerships  Business, Engineering and Pre-Med Programs Emphasis  Summer Study Tours to US after Freshman Year www.ihc-dubai.com
    8. 8. IHC Academic Model – Associates Degree Pathway Program International Horizons College YRS 1-2 in Dubai  Focus on University of California and California State University  Can transfer to any UAE university or other university globally that offers US curriculum Elite US Universities YRS 3-4  IHC students will complete first two years of the Bachelors degree and qualify as third year Junior  Potential to obtain two Associates degrees (UAE and US) www.ihc-dubai.com
    9. 9. IHC Academic Model – Pathway Examples Elite University of California System (8 Universities in US New & World Report Top 100 Universities) and the California State University System  23 universities throughout California  400,000 total students; 47,000 faculty; largest higher education system in US  1,800 undergraduate and graduate programs in over 200 subject areas  CSU prepares 60% of the teachers and 40% of engineers in California and has more graduates in business than all other California universities combined  10 universities (UC San Francisco offers only graduate and professional programs)  170,000 undergraduates – 35,000 entered as transfer students  U.S. News and World Report: 8 universities ranked in Top 100; 6 in Top 50; 2 in Top 20  37 Nobel laureates – more than any other university system in the world UC Berkeley UCLA UC San Diego UC Davis UC Irvine UC Santa Barbara UC Riverside UC MercedUC Santa Cruz University of California – Top 5th Percentile (Berkeley & UCLA Top 1 Percentile) California State University – Top Quartile www.ihc-dubai.com
    10. 10. Support for IHC Academic Model  Licensed Institution by the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research  Accreditation anticipated in Fall 2012  With Accreditation, both Emirati and Expat students are eligible to transfer to any UAE university as well as receive government scholarships  IHC’s partner is a recognized California Community College  IHC students can qualify for an Associates Degree in US through IHC Partner College  IHC students can be qualified for preferential admission to the elite University of California System  IHC has received a letter of support from the US Consulate in Dubai  IHC will work closely with its students to prepare visa applications at time of transfer to US  In rare situation where visa is not granted, IHC students are qualified to transfer to any UAE university to complete Bachelors degree www.ihc-dubai.com
    11. 11. College Development  Start-up Campus Facilities  Long-range New Campus  Technology Emphasis www.ihc-dubai.com
    12. 12. Collaboration Meeting Rooms Faculty Offices Student Lounge Library IT Services Faculty Offices LaboratoryAdministration YR2 17,800 sq. ft./500 student capacity College Layout Phase I (Years 1-3 or 4) – U-Bora Tower Collaboration Classroom Collaboration Classroom  Central Location  Views of City and Arabian Gulf  Proximity to Dubai Mall and other food and entertainment 42nd Floor YR2 www.ihc-dubai.com
    13. 13. Education Delivery  Community College partner for distance learning  University partners for concurrent enrollment and transfer  Counseling and academic advisement  Individualized education plans  Multiple assessments, degree audits progress, learning outcomes delivery www.ihc-dubai.com
    14. 14. The IHC Global Classroom www.ihc-dubai.com
    15. 15. Classroom Design – Furniture that Enhances Collaboration (51 seconds) Collaboration Classrooms EXAMPLE: STEELCASE NODE CHAIRS FURNITURE THAT ALLOWS FOR FLEXIBLE CLASSROOM DESIGN AND IMPROVES COLLABORATIION http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG27XiJgTvw. www.ihc-dubai.com
    16. 16. Classroom Design – Building Material that Encourages Creativity (51 seconds) Collaboration Classrooms EXAMPLE: IDEAPAINT USE CLASSROOM WALL FOR INTERACTIVE LEARNING http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CYC9FSGDkk. www.ihc-dubai.com
    17. 17. Classrooms Without Walls – Video Conferencing in a Global Classroom (51 seconds) Technology – Anytime/Anywhere Learning EXAMPLE: POLYCOM CONNECTING STUDENTS AND INSTRUCTORS IN LIVE LECTURES – THE IHC GLOBAL CLASSROOM WITH STUDENTS IN UAE AND US http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xThi-2EvNs4. www.ihc-dubai.com
    18. 18. Classrooms Without Walls – Local and Global Collaboration (51 seconds) Technology – Anytime/Anywhere Learning GOOGLE DOCS WEB-BASED COLLABORATION AND CONTENT CREATION PLATFORM – ENABLES THE IHC GLOBAL CLASSROOM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo_o5mjUSio. www.ihc-dubai.com
    19. 19. Classrooms Without Walls – Learning Management (51 seconds) Technology – Anytime/Anywhere Learning BLACKBOARD SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE (SAAS) LEARNING MANAGEMENT SYSTEM – ENABLES THE IHC GLOBAL CLASSROOM http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R6QbVflzpU. www.ihc-dubai.com
    20. 20. Faculty Development  PhDs from Top Universities  Ongoing Training for Innovation in Learning  Faculty and Research Exchanges with Other Colleges and Universities  Assessment, teaching to outcomes, feedback and evaluation strategies www.ihc-dubai.com
    21. 21. EXAMPLE: STEELCASE MEDIA:SCAPE FURNITURE WITH INTEGRATED DISPLAYS – ENABLES STUDENTS TO COLLABORATE WITH STUDENTS AND FACULTY IN UAE AND US http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRATg7gJgMo. Facilities Design – Furniture with Integrated Technology (51 seconds) Collaboration Meeting Rooms www.ihc-dubai.com
    22. 22. College and Community  Host Families  Residential College  Community Service Learning and Exchanges  Co-Curricular Activities and Events  Global Citizenship and College Themes  World Forum using Telecom Facilities www.ihc-dubai.com
    23. 23. Thank You IHC PERSONNEL • DIRECTORS • FACULTY www.ihc-dubai.com
    24. 24. Citations Blackboard Learn 9.1 Introduction.wmv, 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6R6QbVflzpU. Google Docs: Campaign Speech, 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo_o5mjUSio. IdeaPaint @ School, 2012. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4CYC9FSGDkk. Introduction to Polycom UC Board, 2011. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xThi-2EvNs4. Media:scape - Commercial, 2009. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZRATg7gJgMo. Node Animation Classroom, 2010. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KG27XiJgTvw. www.ihc-dubai.com