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President's Welcome

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  • Good morninghonored guests: counselors, sponsors, ladies and gentlemen. Welcome to the IHC “Campus in the Sky.” I’m Dr. Michael Dobe, President of the College.
  • It is my pleasure to welcome you to the campus and to now declare the Summit open.
  • I’d like to take a moment to share with you some thoughts on the IHC academic model and how that fits into what we’ll be doing in the next two days <Click>. IHC is a two-year, independent liberal arts college here in Dubai, accredited by the UAE Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research to deliver the Associate of Arts degree program in liberal arts. The College offers concentrations in the fine arts and humanities, social sciences, business, and math and science. We do this to provide pathways <Click> to top schools in the US and throughout the MENASA Region. Academic planning <Click> begins when students apply to the College and continues throughout their two year stay with us in Dubai. <Click> Ongoing counseling is critical to keeping students on track and enabling them to successfully complete their undergraduate education.<Click>After completing two years of study with us, our students are prepared to transfer to complete their bachelor’s degree program in two years at elite universities in the United States as well as top regional institutions. With the foundation in liberal arts that we provide at IHC, students can go on to majors in a dizzying array of specializations, from museum curation to medical sciences, from diplomacy to diverse engineering fields. Representatives from three of our US partner institutions are here today to speak with you. Ms. Christine Treadway joins us from UC Berkeley, Dr. Eugene Murphy from Rutgers and Dr. Gayle Nunley from the University of Vermont. They have all traveled a long way to be with us here this morning and we are deeply grateful for that.
  • If you registered via the website, you would have seen the goals of the summit laid out on the website.During the next two days, the sessions and workshops of the Summit will provide:Resources for counselors to assist students in the admission processes to the elite US universities,Strategies for counselors to assist students with university selection and in choosing their majors/fields of interest,And Help For Supporting Students in Successfully Dealing With The Academic and Personal Challenges of College Life
  • http://www.msjc.edu/PresidentsCorner/Pages/default.aspxA key resource for student success at IHC is the Global Classroom. We’re going to connect now to California, for a brief chat with our founding partner in establishing this "Global Classroom“ at IHC, whichbrings California and Dubai closer together and enables students on both sides of the planet -- literally on the other side of the world -- to get to know each other better and thereby builds a dialogue between cultures.  The Polycom conferencing that we'll be using to bring California into the Summit live is part of that Global Classroom, and so too is the Blackboard system that our students in Dubai use to take the online component of their courses via MSJC, all courses that they are taking with students in California.  The MSJC library collection online is another tremendous resource for IHC students taking courses online with MSJC – as such it is key building block for constructing the Global Classroom. And now to the live video feed from Southern California, where Dr. Roger Shultz, Dr. Pat James and Mr. Micah Orloff are expecting us.
  • IHC Education Summit 2013

    1. 1. President’s Welcome Dr. Michael E. Dobe, Sr. INTERNATIONAL HORIZONS COLLEGE
    3. 3. The IHC Liberal Arts Pathway Model (2+2) Individual Student Academic Plans Ongoing Counseling Helps Students Prepare Transfer to Complete Bachelor’s Degrees at Elite US Universities INTERNATIONAL HORIZONS COLLEGE
    5. 5. Introducing Our California Partner College Dr. Roger Schultz President, MSJC INTERNATIONAL HORIZONS COLLEGE