Hist1301 Week 01
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Hist1301 Week 01



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  • Here’s a link to the slides with audio on IHC’s MediaSite: <br /> http://convergent-me.com/Mediasite/Play/9a2d1794d56d4d319ac0ec34b472f9f61d <br />
  • Our Understanding of Contact Between "Us" and "Them" is a Recurring Theme in Hollywood Movies. <br /> The Native Peoples of North America were transformed into an alien race in the recent movie Avatar. Here is the official trailer (2009). <br />
  • Some have pointed out that Avatarbrears a striking resemblance to the Disney classic Pocohontas, as this recent posting to the social media site Mashable.com makes clear in a humorous fashion.   <br /> Here&apos;s the original posting on Mashable <br />
  • The New Chronicle and Good Government (p. 9) <br /> Cuzco and Spain <br />
  • Gathering the Harvest (p. 10) <br /> Aztec agriculture before the Conquest <br />
  • MAP 1.1 Locations of Selected Native American Groups, c. 1500 <br />
  • The Beak Doctor (p. 14) <br />
  • MAP 1.2 Europe and Africa, c. 1492 <br />
  • MAP 1.3 Spanish and Portuguese Possessions in the Americas, to c. 1610 <br />
  • MAP 1.4 Spanish Exploration in North America, 1513–1610 <br />
  • “Yes, We Eat It” (p. 24) <br />
  • MAP 1.5 Atlantic Trade Patterns, in the Early 1700s <br />
  • Strange Cargo (p. 29) <br />
  • MAP 1.6 Slave Exports from West Africa to the Americas in the Eighteenth Century <br />
  • MAP 1.7 North and Central American Colonies, c. 1660 <br />
  • New Amsterdam (p. 35) <br />
  • Pocahontas (p. 42) <br />
  • Civil War (p. 44) <br />

Hist1301 Week 01 Hist1301 Week 01 Presentation Transcript

  • A Meeting of Three Worlds: Europe, Africa, and American Colonization 1492–1680 O ASL LE AS H AB AIL S WIT AV DE N SLI DIO O E! AU IASIT D ME
  • Avatar Trailer (2009)
  • What are the sources of Avatar?
  • Peoples of the New World 1492: Why were the native people in the Americas called Indians? Why do we call these land masses "America"?
  • Centralized Empires in Central and South America
  • Dispersed Societies to the North
  • Eastern Woodland Indians
  • America’s Peoples at Contact
  • The Background to Overseas Expansion: Europe and Africa 1518: Hernan Cortez Expedition to Conquer Mexico for "King, God and Gold"
  • Politics, Religion, and Commerce in Western Europe
  • Society and Trade in West Africa
  • The Invasion of the Americas Begins: Portugal, Spain, and the Need for Labor
  • Overseas Expansion and Conquest
  • The Need for Labor
  • Africa and the American Slave Trade
  • Captivity and the Middle Passage
  • Early Colonization Efforts in North America
  • Exploration
  • The French and Dutch
  • The English Colonial Experience
  • The Roots of English Migration to America
  • Colonizing the Chesapeake
  • Colonizing New England
  • The English Revolution and Its Effects on the Colonies
  • Native Americans: Decline, Resistance and Change
  • Adaptation and Negotiation
  • Resistance and Warfare
  • Coexistence on the Middle Ground