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SDLC Agenda (sample)
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SDLC Agenda (sample)


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One of many work sessions that I ran for this particular project. The project was coming to a close here.

One of many work sessions that I ran for this particular project. The project was coming to a close here.

Published in: Business, Technology
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  • 1. System Development Life Cycle Work Session
  • 2. Today’s Agenda • Breakfast • Agenda Overview • Review SDLC “Mission Statement” • Are We Ready? Brief Updates • Work Stream Detail Reviews • TouchPoint Wrap-Up • Plan Next Steps/Future Considerations
  • 3. "To develop a repeatable and consistent process for the System Development Life Cycle (SDLC) for COIS to better meet the business needs of our clients through the quality of the deliverable and through quality of communication between our clients and us and among ourselves." COIS SDLC Mission Statement
  • 4.  Work Stream I - Project Management  Work Stream II - Process  Work Stream III - Data  Work Stream IV - Network/Technology Are We Ready? Brief Updates
  • 5.  Per Work Stream, share Written Materials for examples and general definitions for each deliverable  Guide members through material slowly  Give quiet time to read/digest material as needed  Allow members to discuss TouchPoints   Reach agreement on items to include in final SDLC draft  Table items that need further investigation or a separate meeting Work Stream Detail Review Process
  • 6.  Review all TouchPoints™ discussed  Note those that have been resolved  Note those that have not yet been resolved  If time, explore these TouchPoints again for inconsistencies and see if they can be resolved  For those that have not been resolved, develop an action plan to resolve them TouchPoint™ Wrap-Up
  • 7.  There is a dependency between the Process Decomposition category under the Process workstream and the Conceptual Model (formerly the E/R diagram) under the Data workstream (the former drives the latter).  Training--there has been a wide range of discussion across groups as to where training belongs. (I am documenting meeting notes from the tapes right now & will get back to you with further details on this. There was extensive discussion on this in the large meeting and some additional discussion in the Network/Technology smaller meeting. Suggestions for new deliverable names also emerged from both discussions.).  There was some discussion about potential overlap between the System Test Protocols under Process and the Test Plan under Network/Technology. TouchPoints™ Were These Mentioned?
  • 8. Next Steps  Discuss What’s Left  Develop an Action Plan  Pat Yourself on the Back!
  • 9. Future Considerations  How Do We Combine strategies into one SDLC?  What should the final deliverable look like?  How should we communicate this to the division? Training needed?