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Sample slides from KM Overview

  1. 1. Microsoft’s Internal Application of Knowledge Management Is This Where GSK Needs To Go Tomorrow? Margaret Dischler Manager, Application Framework COIT (USA) Elliot Curtis Business Solutions Group Microsoft
  2. 2. Note: this is just a sample of slides taken from a real presentation. The entire presentation deck is too large to upload and some are proprietary, so several of the slides have been dropped.
  3. 3. Topics To Cover  Why does Knowledge Management matter?  What is Knowledge Management?  Knowledge Management at Microsoft  Target knowledge map  KM Framework  Portal Examples  Digital Dashboard and Collaboration Examples  Call To Action
  4. 4. Ideas Have Value $3,623 M $4,364 M -$24 M $3,812 M Book Value Market Capitalization
  5. 5. Barnes & Noble $3,067 M $1,682 M $85 M $2,765 M Revenues Market Capitalization
  6. 6. The State of KM 29.9% 54.4% 77.8% 90.2% 95.7% 0.0% 20.0% 40.0% 60.0% 80.0% 100.0% Have Already (1998) Within the Next Year 1-2 Years From Now 2-4 Years From Now More Than 4 Years From Now PercentofRespondentsUsingKM Source: Delphi Group (1998)
  7. 7. Microsoft’s View What is Knowledge Management? Culture Process Technology Management Discipline People Information Data Effective Use of Intellectual Assets To Generate Long Term Business Value Efficiency Growth New Business Models
  8. 8. Knowledge Management What is KM today? "Leveraging the processes and content of intellectual capital to enhance the organization's ability to achieve its mission." Computer Sciences Corp "Knowledge Management is promoting ongoing business success through the systematic acquisition, synthesis, sharing, and use of information, insights, and experiences." Andersen Consulting "Knowledge Management is a set of practices that allowsenables organizations to better create, understand, and utilize what they know." IBM Consulting Group
  9. 9. Traditional Assets Facilities, Equipment & Capital Knowledge Assets People & Information We Need To Understand: • How knowledge assets are created • How to value a knowledge asset • Knowledge asset lifecycle We Know How To: • Create new assets • Measure asset return • Retire old, devalued assets Knowledge Management Is Derived From Asset Management
  10. 10. The Agricultural Economy
  11. 11. The Industrial Economy
  12. 12. The New Basis of Competition is … Intellect!
  13. 13. Potential knowledgeTacit knowledge Explicit knowledge The Three Types Of Knowledge Collaboration AnalysisContent Mgmt. Tracking Search and delivery People People Information People Data People
  14. 14. Knowledge Management Requires Many Connections To Deliver Value Business Systems Documents Gov’t Agencies Customers Partners Email Multimedia External Sources Voice Mail Colleagues Suppliers
  15. 15. Partners Cultural Change Share Knowledge Reward re-use Capture Knowledge Structure & Organize it Change Operations Technology Is a Small Piece Technology Organization Processes
  16. 16. Corporate Memory KPMG’s KWorld
  17. 17. 1. Collaborative Work (86.4%) 2. Intranet Content Management (77.1%) 3. Intellectual Asset Management (75.2%) 4. Customer Relationship Management (70.2%) 5. Competitive Intelligence (62.8%) 6. Research and Development (61.7) 7. Call Center Support (51.2%) 8. Proposal Development (51.2%) 9. Corporate Portal (43.4%) 10. Operations (34.9%) Most Important KM Applications As Defined by the Knowledge Worker Source: Delphi Group, June 1999
  18. 18. Potential knowledgeTacit knowledge Explicit knowledge Knowledge Management Platform People Information People Data Collaboration AnalysisContent Mgmt. Search & Capture DeliverAnytime, anywhere, any device “Knowledge workers without limits”
  19. 19. Do you have Systems For Learning Is there a framework to encourage and facilitate sharing best practices? How do people find experts in your corp? Can you find the documents that might help in 60 seconds? Can you create a digital feedback loop with customers and employees?
  20. 20. Knowledge Map For KM At MS MSWeb MS-wide Category and Full text search Product Group PGPortal Finance FinWeb Sales & Mktg. InfoWeb Etc. PBSInfo Benefits WinWeb Recruit Corp. Fin.ECUWeb Audit Corporate Portal Specialized/Business Function Portal Sites Departmental sites and Team Workspaces IT ITGWeb WW Ops. LegalHR GNS HelpDesk Team SiteTeam SiteTeam Site OfficeWeb
  21. 21. Microsoft Corporate Portal - MSWeb  Content indexed  Documents 2.2 M  Public folders 2.8 M  232 pages, 265 links  Usage July’99  36,000 unique users  1.5 M hits
  22. 22. Line Of Business Portal - PGPortal  Target users 20,000  Product group sites linked 376  Usage 500 users/day – 3000 Max  376 pages, 411 links
  23. 23. Diverse Financial Systems A/P module (ROSS) 3rd Party Royalties POLOS PSS HR Treasury MAC PAC Canyon Park General Ledger SAP Fixed Assets Module (ROSS) PORTIAExcel Payroll (Ceridian) Payroll upload routine People soft PSS ABC Database (INGRES) MS Sales Selecta OEM/ Licensing Database (INGRES) OEM Licensing FoxPro Headcount Services Billing (INGRES) MAXCIM (NCA) Canyon Park A/R Purchasing Module (ROSS) Fixed Assets MYR (Excel, PPT) MSTS LET BWB CUB MET A/P Sales/COGS Manual entry Subsidiaries MS Sales file MS Sales file MAC PAC (10) Platinum DOS (7) SQL (1) MA CPA CDruid (1) . . .
  24. 24. FinWeb Portal Msft Finance Digital Nervous System SAP R/3 SQL 7.0 SQL Data Warehouses Excel based standard reports MS Reports Excel based query MS Expense MS Market MS Invoice Headtrax OnTarget Budget Workbench
  25. 25. Business Function Web - FinWeb  Potential users 35,000  Documents linked 1200  Usage 2000 users/day  Finance teams supported 50  Links to 130 sites
  26. 26. The Vision: A Digital Nervous System That Integrates Seamlessly To Connect Us At GSK Business Systems Documents Gov’t Agencies Customers Partners Email Multimedia External Sources Voice Mail Colleagues Suppliers
  27. 27. Key Success Drivers for KM  Commitment  Senior executive support  Business owned and driven  Clear goals and objectives  Cultural acceptance of change  Business driven policy & process  More important than technology  Organizational alignment  Clear roles and responsibilities  Defined decision making process  Technology architecture  Common, standards-based platforms  Application framework  Broadband network  Intranet  A consistent vision and passion for technology
  28. 28. KM Landscape – Where Are We at GSK?
  29. 29. "Learning faster than your competitors may be the only sustainable advantage [of a company]" Arie deGeus, Shell Corp.
  30. 30. Call to Action  Find out what GW needs for the long term to stay ahead of the competition in terms of managing knowledge and intellectual assets  Start with most important/highest value business goals from the plc perspective  Choose an infrastructure that can deliver  Start Simple - Go for Tactical Solutions that can be worked into the Longer Term Solutions  Quick hits up front  Iterative Process  Allow time for more Portals to come to life  Have a multi-stage plan and envision information topology for the long term
  31. 31. Q&A