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Netexplo is an independent observatory that studies the impact of digital tech on society and business. It operates with a global network of tech trend spotters, including relationships with the best academic institutions around the world. Netexplo benefits from a special partnership with UNESCO, at which it holds its annual forum in Paris. Finally, Netexplo has developed partnerships with prestigious media, including the New York Times, Folha de S. Paulo and Times of India. Thanks to this comprehensive network, Netexplo has a powerful way to identify new technology trends from around the world.

The Netexplo award winners are selected based on the following criteria: exemplarity, originality and potential impact of the digital innovations. We asked a panel of worldwide new technology experts and influencers to evaluate independently the award winners. This panel of distinguished experts provided their insights which you will find along with a short video and description of each award winner.

The Top 10 Netexplo Award Winners:
*BRCK – Internet everywhere, whatever the conditions
*Clic and Walk - when consumers collect marketing data for companies
*Digital Lollipop - an electronic Chupa Chups that lets you lick a virtual taste
*Jelly - using social networks to answer questions and share knowledge
*Mobile 3D scanner - my mobile becomes a 3D scanner
*Shodan - the search engine for smart devices
*SimSensei - my therapist is an algorithm
*SkinPrint - the birth of "ego-medicine": treatment you create yourself
*Soma Analytics - monitoring and managing the risk of burnout
*Wibbitz - transforming content from text to video

The Ten New Tech Experts:
*Adriana Garcia Martinez, Brazil. Co-founder at Orbitalab, Fellow at Stanford University.
*Erik Hersman, Kenya. Technologist, blogger and commentator who specialises in the impact and application of technology throughout Africa.
*Emiliano Kargieman, Argentina. Founder and CEO at Satellogic, Founder at Aconcagua Ventures and Founder at Core Security Technologies.
*Gerd Leonhard, Switzerland. CEO at The Futures Agency. Media Futurist, Keynote Speaker, Author & Blogger.
*Steven Levy, USA. Senior writer at Wired, author of 7 books.
*Bernard Moon, USA / South Korea. Co-founder & General Partner at SparkLabs Global Ventures, a seed fund. Partner at SparkLabs, a startup accelerator in Korea.
*Dr Shirshendu Mukherjee, Delhi, India. Strategic Advisor for the Wellcome Trust.
*Toby Shapshak, Johannesburg, South Africa. Editor and publisher of Stuff Magazine, Columnist for the Financial Mail, Strategist and Speaker.
*Greg Verdino, USA. Futurist, consultant, author, blogger and keynote speaker.
*Orli Yakuel, Israel. Web Analyst, Blogger and Consultant at Go2web20.

Infographic created by YOPPS Agency - Yael Rozencwajg et Renaud Ramaud.

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